AMAZING Resuscitations on Bondi Rescue

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We look at the critical situations that have seen Bondi lifeguards performing the most amazing resuscitations and CPR on Bondi Beach. SUBSCRIBE -
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, #resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 17:31


BondiRescue - 8 måneder siden
A reminder that the ocean is beautiful and yet terrifying. A massive shout out to all lifeguards and those who help them in these critical situations. (Please note - some of these situations depict CPR methods that are over 10 years old, check in with your local first aid training centre on the latest resuscitation methods).
Gijs Werf, van der
Gijs Werf, van der - 7 timer siden
@Lynda Fuller what
Lynda Fuller
Lynda Fuller - 8 timer siden
@Gijs Werf, van der just
Bradley Sahit
Bradley Sahit - Dag siden
We chief he aifdjvrgbzovizfdb
Sophie G
Sophie G - Dag siden
Well done
Aaliyah McPherson
Aaliyah McPherson - Dag siden
Noor Aref
Noor Aref - 9 minutter siden
Bro how are the life guards not crying? If I were them, I’d start crying after
sailing 360
sailing 360 - 2 timer siden
I'm crying here guys you boys are really just amazing, well done
Liliana Audas
Liliana Audas - 3 timer siden
i am sorry but why didn't the camera man run to give the defibrillator
HOPEduality - 4 timer siden
The poor anesthesist......he was just trying to help but got hit on the head instead skdjdjjd
Kortney-Anne Cox
Kortney-Anne Cox - 5 timer siden
I am so glad that all of the lifeguards got to the people at the right time . Well done guys
VALRINA - 6 timer siden
14:00 what do you mean he can't detect a pulse, he is moving...
VALRINA - 6 timer siden
Tbh cpr is not a speedrun lol. The anesthiesist gave the right tip lol.
Micia Sherman
Micia Sherman - 6 timer siden
From the title of the video we all knew everyone was gonna be saved, but did anyone else start crying for the guy the was dead for 5 mins or was it just me?
RealOT TripleOG
RealOT TripleOG - 9 timer siden
Now these are the types of heroes that marvel needs to make a movie about.
It’s The Brown family
It’s The Brown family - 11 timer siden
may we take a moment to respect the life guards..not only bondi life guards but all around the world! they go through some rough experiences and some happy times.. but the main thing is they save life’s! and we don’t know how many they save in a day. The things they see would be so difficult.Most people disrespect them so much.They save lives! What is wrong with people. They also take girls shirts of to save them. Not being a pedophile.Now..Let’s take a second and pray. We also need to congratulate them.But most if all.. Rest in peace R.I.P to all the people that have passed away from drowning and not being able to be re-alive. Thank you life guards who have successfully saved lives. But not only that. Trying to safe people. WE LOVE YOU LIFE GUARDS xx! R.I.P to all the people that passed away.
Yo it’s Peyton
Yo it’s Peyton - 11 timer siden
I can watch people literally bring someone back to life but can’t watch someone puke
Trynx - 15 timer siden
That's crazy. These people are literally real life superheros.
X_moonlight_X - 15 timer siden
there dragging a woman out of the water whilst children are laughing
me: are you SeRiOuS right now??
spiderman538 - 18 timer siden
The anesthesiologist was right though, they needed to slow the CPR down 😳
FELITO 21 - 16 timer siden
@spiderman538 That's cool.
spiderman538 - 17 timer siden
@FELITO 21 I’ve been certified in CPR 4 times 🤦🏻‍♀️
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
@spiderman538 mate that song is 11 years old, technique has change.
spiderman538 - 17 timer siden
@FELITO 21 a good reference for the speed is the song “staying alive”
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
Not really. You need to act quick and hard. Maybe just a tiny tiny bit. But it worked so.
Lil Gremlin
Lil Gremlin - 18 timer siden
Y’all talking abt the topless woman but not about the dude who literally got shocked 3 times and was deceased for 4 minutes like y’all sleeping on him. Poor dude smh
ice - 14 timer siden
Lmao straight up
April Heu
April Heu - 19 timer siden
Wow, these guys are the true beach heroes. This made me scared and teary. Awesome job
Katerina Berhami
Katerina Berhami - 19 timer siden
If I was that chick I would marry tom
Alireza ghaderi
Alireza ghaderi - 21 time siden
WOW that is so helpfull
Ek S
Ek S - 23 timer siden
In the US nudity is a bigger deal than other countries like Australia
ice - 14 timer siden
Huh it’s the same bro 🤣
Daily Dose Of Internet
The frickin camera man is just watching ppl almost die
FELITO 21 - 15 timer siden
@Daily Dose Of Internet I mean, im dying so i probably won't mind.
Daily Dose Of Internet
Daily Dose Of Internet - 15 timer siden
@FELITO 21 wdym and if u drowned and took in a lot of water would u want a giant mic and camera in ur face
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
deversent - Dag siden
One way to know if there is spinal injury on a male is they will leave limp to hard on just a fyi for anyone that runs into this type of issue
ron st onge
ron st onge - Dag siden
straight up heros
lookintothesky123 - Dag siden
Somebody phone the ambo mate
dylan haney
dylan haney - Dag siden
These dudes are badass
jackson payne
jackson payne - Dag siden
jackson payne
jackson payne - Dag siden
they literally saved that mans life
BigPaaryna - Dag siden
Not a single comment being mad about the topless chick, yet 99% of comments are smth about them xd
Share.Reez - Dag siden
Dear Diary, it's 2021, covid 2.0, lockdown is still in effect, it's 1am in the morning, I'm on YouTube and now watching amazing Australia men save the lives of both men and women on a beach. I am now an addict.
Shelley Rogers
Shelley Rogers - Dag siden
I’ve been an ER nurse for 22 yrs and you folks are amazing!
Danni - Dag siden
I must say, as an RN, these guys are GREAT...Perfect medical decisions and their skills are exceptional.
I wonder what/how much training they get?
Kat2873 - Dag siden
You never keep them face up in the sky they will drown
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
Ikr you can't do CPR sideways.
Laura Found
Laura Found - Dag siden
They know what they're doing lol
Putri Syakilla
Putri Syakilla - Dag siden
breathe baby breathe🤧
Sugar Dalit
Sugar Dalit - Dag siden
This is so addicting!!!!!
Gabriela Duarte Longo
Gabriela Duarte Longo - Dag siden
I know it was probably necessary, but I felt so uncomfortable when they took that woman’s top and so many people were watching.. she must’ve felt very embarrassed when she realized
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
If it was me, i wouldn't care. I think that being alive matters more than a few people watching your top.
Betty Pickle
Betty Pickle - Dag siden
You Aussie are a strong bunch!
シJuliette - Dag siden
Who else has never seen lifeguards more serious than them. I love how they have fun yet take their jobs so seriously
Edit: 5:52 are those kids looking?!
Athan R
Athan R - Dag siden
Man the last two brought me to tears.
Tristam Mayes
Tristam Mayes - Dag siden
Asians shouldn’t be in the sea lol it’s clearly not for them.
FELITO 21 - 14 timer siden
@Tristam Mayes epic.
Tristam Mayes
Tristam Mayes - 15 timer siden
@FELITO 21 yea I know lol
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
You're so cool.
G'mamba Ruben
G'mamba Ruben - Dag siden
We asians are trouble when it comes to water i guess
D Ma
D Ma - Dag siden
can't asian people swim or why are most of the people here drowning asian?
Hope Maglente
Hope Maglente - 22 timer siden
im pretty sure a lot of them are tourists bc australia isn't too far from asia (or just china), but idk, I just saw that on a different comment
Chey Neigh
Chey Neigh - Dag siden
Man, people become accident vultures.
Retro - Dag siden
I might just don't go to the beach anymore why would I really
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
Because it's fun, accident happens when ignorance takes over. If you stay safe you will be safe.
Lisa Wag_
Lisa Wag_ - Dag siden
Why is everybody standing around them. The Lifeguards have to work peacfully not with people that are looking what they do
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
I keep seeing people commenting this, but wouldn't it be weird if people just kept doing whatever they're doing? I mean tf are they supposed to do? "Ah shit mate hes dying... Anyways so yesterday I burn my toast" See what I mean?
jose maria alonso gamo
arent there any doctors on the beach as members of the public?
L a v e n d e r
L a v e n d e r - Dag siden
Can people calm down they need to take her top off to give cpr I’m also a girl and I would rather be topless than dead
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
Bea Hamilton
Bea Hamilton - Dag siden
Bea Hamilton
Bea Hamilton - Dag siden
Who’s your favourite lifeguard
FollowMyJourney - Dag siden
Dam got mt pulse racing! Heros
dercie Guterres
dercie Guterres - Dag siden
I never go tO the bech because I Will sick
Ava Sheehan
Ava Sheehan - Dag siden
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
Jorge Torres Franco
Jorge Torres Franco - 2 dager siden
I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of Korean people drowning
xGreenFN - 2 dager siden
Where do I find the show
Gab Lex
Gab Lex - 2 dager siden
last dude was completely gone, if the 3rd defib fails the time to restart for a 4th one will be too late.. He needs to tat a big 3 in his forehead
Niamh Prendergast
Niamh Prendergast - 2 dager siden
the first one is amazing tho,loads of people dragged them out
jennifer lee
jennifer lee - 2 dager siden
You life guards are heros. You all try your best to save peoples lives i love you all
linny fee
linny fee - 2 dager siden
I will never understand how people can be so disrespectfull and watch people fighting for their life like you cannot help? Then leave!
linny fee
linny fee - 16 timer siden
@FELITO 21 i mean all the other people that are just too curious and don't know the person
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
Ah yes my mate is dying. Anyways let's go get a few drinks.
Liza D
Liza D - 2 dager siden
Corey's compressions are waaaaaay too slow
Maxime Moreira
Maxime Moreira - 2 dager siden
Real heroes
onlyaudreyb - 2 dager siden
they should really hire someone who speaks korean or Cantonese or you know.. something
Tony Rock
Tony Rock - 2 dager siden
No, if the heart stops you don't use the defibulator. You shock in tachycardia.
mari feliz
mari feliz - 2 dager siden
i don't think it's bad to watch. I think it is helpful for awareness and education. The apes are basically inevitable because they are very interested in their own people ☺️
J Vega
J Vega - 2 dager siden
These life guards are amazing
Natalie Landeros
Natalie Landeros - 2 dager siden
You guys are truly miracle workers. Thank you for keeping everyone safe on the beach.🙏
Johnny Guerrero
Johnny Guerrero - 2 dager siden
thank you all for what yall do
Trade And Invest
Trade And Invest - 2 dager siden
10:23 imagine going 12 years of school and residency to become an anesthesiologist so this bloke could tell him back up bro we've done this a lot of times lmaoooo
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
I mean he's right, plus, if something would have gone wrong, he would have been blame.
K1 006
K1 006 - 2 dager siden
Just know that if a person had asthma, it would be more likely for them to die.
HotDogBuns - 2 dager siden
Man dying and everyone is
“Wooo” “clap clap”
Ethan - 18 timer siden
i think they are celebrating that their alive and clapping for the lifeguards
K1 006
K1 006 - 2 dager siden
Yep I saw that one people are just disrespectful man
Simon Vuille
Simon Vuille - 2 dager siden
Damn people, have the decency to not surround someone who nearly died, it ain't a show
FELITO 21 - 17 timer siden
Again, wouldn't it be weirder if people just kept walking like nothing is happening. Is basic human nature.
ItsImanzCraft - 2 dager siden
I love this vids in 19 Jan 2021 i just addicted to it
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah - 2 dager siden
every patient was Chinese
BOLT Army - 2 dager siden
I think it is insulting to have a massive camera in her face and she almost dead.
Lucias fer
Lucias fer - 3 dager siden
Great job
Amy Strutt
Amy Strutt - 3 dager siden
Would hate to wake up and see I had an audience
Carlos Garcia Sanchez
Carlos Garcia Sanchez - 3 dager siden
This people are heroes
Shenaya Birkel
Shenaya Birkel - 3 dager siden
Its actually horrible that people gather around to watch someone either live or die. Wtf. Like give them moment and lifeguards some privacy in this intense moment. People gathering around and making a scene of the situation is just so sad and disrespectful. That’s the last thing a person in distress wants to wake up to, after they already realize what just happened.
Macnugget5 •
Macnugget5 • - 3 dager siden
Why are they like always Asians?!! Asians can’t swim
Steffi Haich
Steffi Haich - 3 dager siden
Why haven’t they got an ambulance station situated at Bondi to cover eastern suburbs beaches ... From Randwick to Bondi when it’s a matter of life n death .. living in Sydney .. these are always tourists , mostly Asians that drown or need recuss.. why would they tempt the water if they can’t swim.. I’m sorry but these people are extremely silly and risk others lives trying to save there life .. These lifesaver are so unselfish and risk there own lives for others..
Carole Clark
Carole Clark - 3 dager siden
The guy that was clinically dead the lifeguards are all gods they keep bringing people back to life.
Victime creative
Victime creative - 3 dager siden
You can actually feel the feeling of losing someone.
Man I can't imagine how the family feels when one is brought back to life, or the one that came back to life.
Great job lifeguards
William Bate5
William Bate5 - 3 dager siden
I would never think I would be addicted to a lifegaurd show
Penguin Kebab
Penguin Kebab - 3 dager siden
Can Asians not swim or something? I could swear they were all Korean/Japanese or whatever in this
Florian Volk
Florian Volk - 3 dager siden
Jesus christ the fucking onlookers. They should get fined
SoakRogue - 3 dager siden
This is amazing to see what such serious business lifeguarding is, they truely are fucking legends!!!
Jessica - 3 dager siden
I understand people being curious but for everyone to be so nosy and just standing there is obnoxious.
dun dun
dun dun - Dag siden
Get that, but then again were watching too. I think some are just want to know if they are going to be okay
Maddey_da_savage - 3 dager siden
All those men standing there should be ashamed of themselves they’re just perverts thinking they get a free show when something serious is actually happening they should be a shame 🙄😒. Also I hate how nearly half the people in the whole beach have to crowd around them and watch like geez give them space chill
Christi Len
Christi Len - 3 dager siden
Now this made me wanna go to Australia to see these awesome real life superheroes 😂
Queen Salvatore
Queen Salvatore - 3 dager siden
The last one was insane! You could see the color coming back to him when his heart started !
Inibrasium the first
Inibrasium the first - 3 dager siden
6:36. They should have said "welcome back"
William - 3 dager siden
Instead of gawking like a deer in headlights, can some fucko from the crowd walk up with a towel and obstruct the crowds view
Felix Kernot
Felix Kernot - 3 dager siden
I cried on every one
I love you guys so much thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!
Afiq Zul
Afiq Zul - 3 dager siden
They are all heroes.
C boppin326
C boppin326 - 3 dager siden
It makes me so angry how the people crowd around. Like go get help there could be a doctor or a paramedic nearby but no they all stand around like a deer in headlights. Have they no shame? I hope they all see this and feel embarrassed at how ridiculous they look.
She talks to Angels
She talks to Angels - 3 dager siden
Defibrillators don’t start a stopped heart.
They’re only if you have a heartbeat or electrical impulses still going to your heart.
I learned this firsthand when my son was in cardiac arrest and CPR wasn’t working, The next step was a needle into his shin bone marrow (inter-Osteal) with epinephrine and his heart beat was finally brought back.
Then with near drownings & cardiac arrest just 3 to 4 minutes is enough for anoxic brain injury. Very common with near drownings of only a few minutes.
Drowning is also the number one killer of children under five and #3 of kids 5-12.
I’d like to leave one more thing if you’re still reading this.
So many children drowned because they have those puddle jumpers on their arms(floatees) which makes them think they can float so when they go back in the pool without them (without parent seeing) they don’t make the connection that the floaty’s aren’t on anymore and they will sink.
Drowning is silent,
there’s no struggle,
Only 30 seconds the time it takes for you to realize your child isn’t next to you or to check a text,
That’s how fast it is.
Parents must picture water as looking like a loaded gun.
fernando martins
fernando martins - 3 dager siden
Any doctor here? Most of these "resus" ppl are going to die later on, right?
kate carter
kate carter - 3 dager siden
id rather die then have everyone see my tits
yav sokchenda
yav sokchenda - 3 dager siden
Jack the roblox gamer
Jack the roblox gamer - 3 dager siden
im getting a job here next week
Dragon - 8 timer siden
Jack the roblox gamer
Jack the roblox gamer - 20 timer siden
@Dragon yes
Dragon - Dag siden
Are u going in Bondi rescue
Justin Perry
Justin Perry - 3 dager siden
All it takes is one gulp of water, and your in a world of hurt
Grace Oliver
Grace Oliver - 3 dager siden
I’m sorry but these people are dying and the crowd is like ooo let’s watch this women die that’s so rude like🤬thank god we have life guards!
Grenade Popcorn
Grenade Popcorn - Time siden
But your watching a vid of people dying?
Kiri Gouldsbrough
Kiri Gouldsbrough - 12 timer siden
I'm sorry but what are you doing watching this video with that logic
ttt kk
ttt kk - Dag siden
I guess if they act like nothing happened and would be minding their own business, I think it would look more disrespectful
Kathryn Pettus
Kathryn Pettus - Dag siden
But you like people dying and even pay for it:
Fuzzy vibe
Fuzzy vibe - 3 dager siden
Amazing life guards. Great comms. Great teamwork. Fast action