ATTACKED at Bondi Beach

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Surfer punch ups, assaulted teens and a brutal gang attack - these are some of the worst attacks seen on Bondi Rescue.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, #resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 11:55


BondiRescue - 6 måneder siden
Who ever thought being a lifeguard was this intense?! (Maybe the writers of Baywatch? 😆) Our guys and gals down at Bondi deal with a lot OUT of the water as well as in it (including pervs 😧 -
Mario - 8 timer siden
You guys have enough to deal with in addition to being security. Unreal
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - 17 timer siden
Gia Rivers-Alemanno
Gia Rivers-Alemanno - 4 dager siden
omg bondi rescue
Mohammad Heydari
Mohammad Heydari - 8 dager siden
相沢モリー - 10 dager siden
Hey Bondi guys I just wanted to let you guys know I've gotten my dream residency as a flight doctor and Infectious Diseases specialist Thanks you the courage your show has given me since when I first started watching in late April of 2011 has made me have the confidence to shoot for my dreams ありがとう
putther - 8 minutter siden
6:45 look at the gtr r33
Dreamy-The-Protogen - 4 timer siden
Is that a Nissan Skyline r33?
Airaf Pathan
Airaf Pathan - 5 timer siden
This is even more addictive than netflix or anne maries songs😂😂😂by the way hit like if u r lying on bed seeing the video in half screen and reading comments like ke

By the thanks for tapping more .💜
Builder Trick
Builder Trick - 6 timer siden
this is as addicting as the smithsonian channel plane crashes
Zombie Slaya
Zombie Slaya - 6 timer siden
Not gonna lie I have a feeling that the guy who got jumped on the beach was in some kind of trouble
robert henderson
robert henderson - 7 timer siden
Imagine being on the beach minding your own business and some guy who just felt harming someone walks up to you and punches you and then trys to act like their in the right by saying " you deserved it ".
Lonely Luna
Lonely Luna - 7 timer siden
Moral of the story:

If you see a surfing man with one boot on

*Book it the other way.*
TwoShortty - 7 timer siden
Anyone else see the r32 skyline? Nah, probably just me, selective vision😂
Con Pop
Con Pop - 7 timer siden
I just came across this on yt and im addicted now
Mervin Harley Baniqued
Mervin Harley Baniqued - 8 timer siden
Okey guys um this is a wierd question but i just started watching this today and im adicted and i think u discovered this channel to and ur adicted now 🤔🤔🤔
adoriee - 9 timer siden
The video on the computer was 14 Jan 2009 😳
Zach Walz
Zach Walz - 9 timer siden
This is literally “Where’s Waldo”
LA Raine
LA Raine - 9 timer siden
11:01 that’s what she said 😜
LA Raine
LA Raine - 9 timer siden
“We have to be 100% sure that we’ve got the right guy.”
It’s a shame the first cops didn’t think the same .
Holly-Ann - 9 timer siden
Did they ever find any of the attackers tho?!
Kevin Salyers
Kevin Salyers - 9 timer siden
Do they ever bust them lol
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - 10 timer siden
“This is really a dog act..”
Colleen P
Colleen P - 10 timer siden
From what was stated in the video, it seems it's not common for someone to be attacked on the beach. Does Australia not have many attacks against other people? That's an unfortunate everyday occurance in the U.S. especially being "gang" related.
Brandon - 13 timer siden
10:40 (Five men ganged up on him.) Witness: It was unbelievable. I have never seen anything like it.... Um, you've never seen a John Wick movie? haha.
Lewii Productions
Lewii Productions - 13 timer siden
Only bondi coppers wear tns
Jake Palmiero
Jake Palmiero - 15 timer siden
The first witness was really pleasing to the eye
OG Lynch
OG Lynch - 16 timer siden
Need to know who that blue eyed girl is absolute dream
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer - 16 timer siden
Me after Discovering This Channel : *i Will Watch Your Career With Great Interest!*
Tyson Madding
Tyson Madding - 17 timer siden
I'm assuming a stick is a stabbing
Camille Hyatt
Camille Hyatt - 18 timer siden
Hey bondi rescue i wanted to say i love your videos and it would mean the world to me if you replied! :)
C.C.M - 19 timer siden
Locating a single man at the beach is like playing a game of Where's Waldo
C.C.M - 7 timer siden
@Saitama Forever not intentional. And it's possible that millions can have the same opinion
Saitama Forever
Saitama Forever - 12 timer siden
You and I know that this comment is stolen
fleur pouvior
fleur pouvior - 20 timer siden
I have come to join the 'this just randomly came across recommended and now I'm hooked' squad.
As someone who lives in a top 5 most dangerous city, its very calming to watch a world where this isn't just a normal trip to the grocery.
Rona Mona
Rona Mona - 20 timer siden
Maybe there should be police presence onsite during busy periods fulltime becos it's so busy. Police / lifesaver
Meena S
Meena S - 20 timer siden
Wait what happened
Ash Carroll
Ash Carroll - 21 time siden
Bro I found this channel today and I'm addicted
Troy - 21 time siden
Is attacking another 'human' that unusual?
Oh my...
jade tito
jade tito - 22 timer siden
Same they didn’t catch anybody
Elijah Cannon
Elijah Cannon - 23 timer siden
Love the Packers Hat. Go Pack Go
Alice Jarry
Alice Jarry - 23 timer siden
Did they end up finding the group of guys who attacked that one guy??
L BOY11 - 23 timer siden
bruh that gang is just stupid
Pentagon 7877
Pentagon 7877 - Dag siden
That guy who got beat up looks like Oscar Issac
Anshuman - Dag siden
I can't believe that none of the guys that were guilty were caught....
FrankDughTank - Dag siden
6:17 someone is giving the finger in the background
Jenny_Wolf - Dag siden
Does anyone know what ended up happening with the last guy? Did they find out who and why they beat him up?
Daniel Rawlinson
Daniel Rawlinson - Dag siden
Someone's attacked another human... eh..
Monkey Slasher
Monkey Slasher - Dag siden
I am so done with people who go around looking for violence. I have this policy. Peace. Live and let live. You come to me with violence, you find it in its most merciless form. Whether or not you survive it, you're on God's good grace.
Goldy Berkowitz
Goldy Berkowitz - Dag siden
As an American from NY its interesting to see cops in shorts and caps and with such a friendly demeanor😳 I'd move to Australia just because the way this show represents Australia fr!
Pikachu Very calm
Pikachu Very calm - Dag siden
6:42 Damn beautiful car. Wish they were sold in America too. Sadly not.
AintWorried BoutNothing
6:35 he would of KO’d both of those boys with one punch
Maduwa Sinera
Maduwa Sinera - Dag siden
Just a reminder the beach is not safe you can find rapist killers etc
Djangus Rinestone
Djangus Rinestone - Dag siden
I'm sorry but an assault was in progress. No one does shit until one person calls the police. You arrive when the guys are gone and everything is over. That shit ain't right bro. What if he died. Then that's on the lifeguards. U don't just sit there and call the cops. Fucking moronic.
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy - Dag siden
This is so much more addicting when you’re also a beach lifeguard haha
Brayden de Koning
Brayden de Koning - Dag siden
6:55 Mans walked right by
Ayumu-senpaii - Dag siden
Once your arrested you can't be unarrested which sucks.
Dean Gulston
Dean Gulston - Dag siden
It shows that no matter how nice a place is, there is always at least one crazy person out there.
Tammy Hart
Tammy Hart - Dag siden
Would love to be able to buy one of the Life Guard shirts!! These ladies and gentlemen are amazing!!
Krto Slovenija
Krto Slovenija - Dag siden
4:00 you can really see how soft kids are these day the guy in blue shirt looks like the biggest bitch i ever saw, you probably didnt got slaped for no reason. And i hate these kind of people that are just wasting peoples time.
Chimène - Dag siden
6:04 they are Dutch lmao
delcabo - Dag siden
what kind of third world country is this in?....Somalian beaches sounds safer....
John Ha
John Ha - Dag siden
It would be smarter and more economical if there was a police station at the beach ......
Life guards job is not to be distracted from the water with police matters OR the life guards get authorization to arrest people directly and have a few staff that do the paper seems like a bunch of them are occupied by just be near the action.....prioritize!
eliza 38
eliza 38 - Dag siden
Not to be insensitive but did that man who got attacked remind y’all of Massimo?
Michael Howard
Michael Howard - Dag siden
Anyone else see that r32?
OFficial Bandit
OFficial Bandit - Dag siden
It’s funny that everybody on that beach is a Rat 💀and they not even ratting the right person
JACK WILKIN - Dag siden
Madelyn Weathers
Madelyn Weathers - Dag siden
I get so frustrated when they don’t catch the attackers 😡
Smart Michael
Smart Michael - Dag siden
I know right.
heather Miller
heather Miller - Dag siden
It warms my heart to see all the people who were looking after the last guy before the police or anyone even got there
Dragon Willow
Dragon Willow - Dag siden
This show has more drama and a teen movie
Dan L
Dan L - 2 dager siden
9:25 the tatas on that broad
Dan L
Dan L - 2 dager siden
If the witness was his chick then he took home the real prize. Forget the lawsuit
Jogee - 2 dager siden
8:49 I love this , so specific , you never know , she may have seen aliens before😂
Nate Dennis
Nate Dennis - 2 dager siden
As an Australian it's weird to find people that have never seen this classic show I've seen this most of my life
tilda a
tilda a - 3 timer siden
lmao im australian and this is my first time seeing it
Keri Shortell
Keri Shortell - 2 dager siden
This channel is getting me through lockdown 🙌
Maddie Cheney
Maddie Cheney - 2 dager siden
At 6:55 did they walk past the guy?
Remedios Ordinado
Remedios Ordinado - 2 dager siden
This is addicted
Memelord 2.0
Memelord 2.0 - 2 dager siden
That guy PISSED me off
mina - 2 dager siden
I've watched this channel for about 2 years and im so happy more people are addicted lmaooo
FN.Frosty - 3 dager siden
6:56 is that superwog that walks past lmao in the long white pants
Breno CM
Breno CM - 3 dager siden
6:40 *is that a supra?*
MRN Pilot
MRN Pilot - 3 dager siden
Paulboy - 3 dager siden
I wish this came out on TV in the States. This stuff is good & addicting to watch. I'm glad a stumbled across it in YouTube.
loner_wolf 479
loner_wolf 479 - 3 dager siden
Zeus Von Rafiel
Zeus Von Rafiel - 3 dager siden
If the citizens still had their guns this event probably would not have happened or it could have been stopped short.
Sy Nc
Sy Nc - 3 dager siden
Bondi Lifeguards should be issued with guns, pepper spray, or taser to protect themselves and others
GracielilIcon - 3 dager siden
I watched these videos so many times it’s so interesting
Falvey Vlogs!
Falvey Vlogs! - 3 dager siden
I know I’m addicted like this comment if you live in New Zealand /Australia’s neighbor
H2O Beach Boy
H2O Beach Boy - 4 dager siden
Do you guys know if he is ok
Bomber Chucha
Bomber Chucha - 4 dager siden
is no one going to talk about the skyline at 6:38
Amelie Dicks
Amelie Dicks - 4 dager siden
help it’s 2am and I’m binge watching this channel and anime
Willem Hirsch
Willem Hirsch - 23 timer siden
Woah me tooo
BigNick3012 - 4 dager siden
Just goes to show that people are good Samaritans. If I saw a someone attacked or lying on the ground I'd immediately help them no question about it
ッッ『 Anime beezzz』
ッッ『 Anime beezzz』 - 4 dager siden
I’m so happy that bondi beach rescue is helping us live I’m so shocked that people hurt people like this like it’s horrible like the third one like OMG I’m still SHAKING like REALLY I live in Gold Coast tho so yeah but one ima visit bondi beach and I bet something like this is gonna happen… BUT you know what? There’s bad people EVERY where we go so we don’t have to worry JUST like about how lucky we are and OTHERS are :)

Ivy Raven
Ivy Raven - 4 dager siden
I rlly wanna be a life guard when I grow up :D
Jana Gwynn
Jana Gwynn - 4 dager siden
. I got stung by a jellyfish it doesn’t hurt and it was from my shoulder to my fingertip sooo
Ollve Branch
Ollve Branch - 5 dager siden
Sounds like the most dangerous beach in the world. I think I’ll stick to Margate.
Sophia Reinoso
Sophia Reinoso - 5 dager siden
Kyle - 5 dager siden
“ten of thousands of people”.... righhtt 😂
FewFriesShort - 3 dager siden
Have you been to Bondi during peak season? It gets hectic
Rose - 5 dager siden
I want to go there but I’m scared......
Shayli Gharravi
Shayli Gharravi - 5 dager siden
Did you guys catch the guys that were beating up the man? (The last one)
Zakhia Williams
Zakhia Williams - 5 dager siden
i just found this channel today and i refuse to stop watching
xenouementx - 5 dager siden
"they attacked a HUMAN"
me, an american: what else are they suppose to attack?????
Okay boomerBS
Okay boomerBS - 4 dager siden
Russian bear
Ressiemar Patilao
Ressiemar Patilao - 5 dager siden
Can anyone tell me what pervs means cuz everyone is saying it in the comments underneath there comments
Breanna Hope
Breanna Hope - 6 dager siden
Arrested in you bathing suit? Do they make you sit on a towel? I hope if I get arrested in Bondi they let me put a shirt on first lol
Bännylicious - 6 dager siden
So apparently a bunch of videos from this channel got recommended to me out of the blue, today. All I can say is that I'm not disappointed. I'm borderline hooked
Paige Lawson
Paige Lawson - 6 dager siden
OMG just started watching this and im literally addicted
That's INSTRESTING - 6 dager siden
Man : what you wear during duty ?
Guy :under wear 😎😎
Aruna Daftary
Aruna Daftary - 7 dager siden
i found out about bondi beach today