AWKWARD Lifeguard Rescue Makes Lifeguards Laugh

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A trainee lifeguard pulls off a very...awkward rescue that gets all the lifeguards laughing.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and #lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 02:20


BondiRescue - Måned siden
There's no short supply of awkward rescues at Bondi.... 😳
red.phqbia - 24 dager siden
I’m the 100th like hehehexxdszxoodofoeos
Phx Ford
Phx Ford - Måned siden
I love your videos they're so interesting and cool 🙂🙂🙂
Amelia Kazlo
Amelia Kazlo - Måned siden
Got that right!!
Evellyn Gibbons
Evellyn Gibbons - Måned siden
Alex eaton explores America
Grate vid it made me laugh so hard. Once again I AM FLORIDA'S TOUGHEST SWIMMER
Molly McManus
Molly McManus - 12 dager siden
I'm sorry but is his name taco?? Bro me and that guy would be friends forever😂 I wanna meet someone with the name of Taco 😂
green koko
green koko - 12 dager siden
I saw the thumbnail and I knew they are Indians 😅
Tanauz King
Tanauz King - Måned siden
y’all make me wanna be a lifeguard when I grow up
Vid Quiz
Vid Quiz - Måned siden
I swear, if I ever get rescued my only goal is gonna be to not humiliate myself.
Sereneti Harris
Sereneti Harris - 4 dager siden
Riiii 😭😭
Cassandra - 4 dager siden
Bro same
ed heying
ed heying - Måned siden
Me to. I am addicted to this
weird flex but ok
weird flex but ok - Måned siden
If it's not happening to you then its funny😌
Amelia Trim
Amelia Trim - Måned siden
You wouldn't believe it but I watched your first video it was in 2007 and it was call Paris on the beach
Luke427 - Måned siden
Just in case people didnt know you can watch all seasons for free on the tenplay app
Bree Martin
Bree Martin - Måned siden
Did anybody see the girls top not on
sxdchild - Måned siden
1:56 what is the very awkward laugh 😂
Moomin games
Moomin games - Måned siden
I’m addicted to this show
joel - Måned siden
0:07 ;0
vr 222
vr 222 - Måned siden
1:50 AYOOOO pause
451 - Måned siden
Isaac JB JenJonczyk
Isaac JB JenJonczyk - Måned siden
Fiery Mamba
Fiery Mamba - Måned siden
Bondi lifeguards deserve at least $1,000,000 dollars a year for how many lives they have saved.
oh hi 46
oh hi 46 - Måned siden
these vids are just the best i rlly want to come to bondi beach to come see you but i live in uk 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and it’s basically the other side of the world so u know
93Myrthe - Måned siden
chappo's laughter reallly makes this 10x funnier >
faith strong
faith strong - Måned siden
help me. i am ADDICTED to this channel, the beach, and the lifeguards 😏
Tyler playz Roblox
Tyler playz Roblox - Måned siden
I love how even if it’s tiring and you really don’t wanna go there so amazing they still go out doesn’t matter how anoyyed or how Misty or how cold wow they are really inspirational
HyperFS - Måned siden
Turtle Approved .
Simmo IO
Simmo IO - Måned siden
"3 big guys at third ramp" xD they were tiny!
ftghhj jk
ftghhj jk - Måned siden
And the camera is by is bum
a user
a user - Måned siden
Have you guys considered like a pictogram on the board with the position for head, feet, hands, etc? That might be helpful when communicating
Cloud420 - Måned siden
Sophia Driessen
Sophia Driessen - Måned siden
I'm addicted to this
Alexandré FC
Alexandré FC - Måned siden
I just found this channel as recommendation but I was so much addicted right now even uf some videos are 10 years ago
sophia hendey
sophia hendey - Måned siden
I'm only late because I live on the other side of the world!(England)
The SIMP - Måned siden
Tell me… why do i want to be a life gaurd but i cant swim? 😂
Savannah Mcgrath
Savannah Mcgrath - Måned siden
I love Bondi rescue! They saves life!😊😊😊😊
Ummm Hi??
Ummm Hi?? - Måned siden
i’m literally gonna go to this beach just to see the lifeguards 😂 i’m fully addicted to this it’s really bad but like keep up the good work
Darcy Bentley
Darcy Bentley - Måned siden
Im coming to Bondi Beach in a month and i really do hope to meet these lifeguards because im addicted to Bondi Rescue
Loudo Co
Loudo Co - Måned siden
If this comment gets 1000 likes and more I’ll subscribe to Bondi
ilovemyhorsie - Måned siden
Ever wonder if someone has just ripped one right in one of the lifeguard's faces?
Tako Meza
Tako Meza - Måned siden
Man that is funny my family and friends call me tako
Marcel Hofstede
Marcel Hofstede - Måned siden
Tinelle Castanada
Tinelle Castanada - Måned siden
Paint a person on the board to make it easy...
mel k
mel k - Måned siden
their laughs are so contagious 😂
Prime Stopper 12
Prime Stopper 12 - Måned siden
I’m kinda disappointed I thought this video would be longer
ImNasha_ McGv
ImNasha_ McGv - Måned siden
I wish I was there :^
Kasey's Korner
Kasey's Korner - Måned siden
Is there a doctor here I think I have an addiction
Monster Rock
Monster Rock - Måned siden
I was just at a beach in Florida and got stung by a bluebottle, it ok but say hi to Jethro for me, and Hoppo
Internet - Måned siden
Has anyone else randomly found this channel and is now addicted?
Tayson Hathorn
Tayson Hathorn - Måned siden
“I just like to see taco in weird positions,” that’s what she said
Whitney Bjerken Star edits
So Bondi rescue is amazing, when an add came on I went to get a snack, I come back and this video has ended, ‘I’m like WHAT!!!’. I addicted to this channel. The Bondi lifeguards are very attractive, maybe that’s why I’m addicted to this channel. Bahahaha ❤️❤️
Daniella Escobedo
Daniella Escobedo - Måned siden
I need to sort my Bondi addiction out. I am suffering a disease called I am addicted to Bondi rescue disease
Evellyn Gibbons
Evellyn Gibbons - Måned siden
Hey I am not late for once
Armariel Gang
Armariel Gang - Måned siden
I been here Seen day one
slipperyhardandcold - Måned siden
Just remember, if you get rescued at Bondi, you're on camera.
Julie Ann
Julie Ann - Måned siden
If I had a board I "may" have gone in
Connor Zmeskal
Connor Zmeskal - Måned siden
I really respect life guards and one of my goals is to become one when I get out of school (Hopefully at Bondi) and I would like to know what the qualifications are to become a Bondi life guard. I have been competitively swimming for 3 years now and would really like to become one. Thanks
Noowah Pierogi
Noowah Pierogi - Måned siden
I love this channel
Manuel Del Toro
Manuel Del Toro - Måned siden
Haha funy
Kristin B
Kristin B - Måned siden
I live this channel I’m addicted
Kristin B
Kristin B - Måned siden
Omega Groudon Erupt Of Destruction
I feel like I would've collapsed because there rules is to much for me to handle no offense.
Fish Bread Tae
Fish Bread Tae - Måned siden
Taco’a face when he sees a big dude in trouble
*instant fear*
german shepherds killer
german shepherds killer - Måned siden
Good helping people 🙂
Aiden Rubini
Aiden Rubini - Måned siden
Keep up the good work you get me addicted to this btw! ❤️
Lotte Daverveld
Lotte Daverveld - Måned siden
It's SO FUNNY to see people struggle SO hard to get on to the board!!🤣🤣
Oliver Ashford
Oliver Ashford - Måned siden
My dream is to be a lifeguard haha
koala games
koala games - Måned siden
Skyler Scott
Skyler Scott - Måned siden
yassoo Abd Elmounam
yassoo Abd Elmounam - Måned siden
اول عربيه هنا 🙋‍♀️ 😂
Eurydice - Måned siden
1:50 bro dont announce ur kink out loud
Izzy S
Izzy S - Måned siden
Great show some awkward times/funny but you still keep going who’s dressing as Santa this year only 23 days to go😂🤣🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️🎄🎅🏻
PiggyMooshie0 - Måned siden
is it bad i want to to and drown myself to meet these amazing folks
Xenia P
Xenia P - Måned siden
When they get on the wrong way....
Me: Watch Bondi Rescue and learn.
Amy Sine
Amy Sine - Måned siden
I'm addicted to this show and I'm sorry but I have to laugh at your name being taco
the aviation master
the aviation master - Måned siden
Me too
Beneath Envy
Beneath Envy - Måned siden
Not 6 years late yaaaaaay
Ellie - Måned siden
Aubree - Måned siden
hElLo :D
flying dutchman
flying dutchman - Måned siden
The dislikes are from the people that don't swim between the flags
hugh_mungus 01
hugh_mungus 01 - Måned siden
@flying dutchman he got booted because of his attitude i.e. he wanted to go surfing 1 day when the surf was up, all he did all day when he was on duty was sook 'I want to go surf'
flying dutchman
flying dutchman - Måned siden
@hugh_mungus 01 why do you call Taco a twat? Be came across pretty sympathetic imho
hugh_mungus 01
hugh_mungus 01 - Måned siden
Nah, the dislikes are because of taco. Glad they showed that twat the door
simon foxwell
simon foxwell - Måned siden
iiSaturnSilk - Måned siden
fun fact: the first person doesn’t always comment.. 😉
Hani - Måned siden
kk Martial
kk Martial - Måned siden
Savannah Mcgrath
Savannah Mcgrath - Måned siden
Crimson Prince
Crimson Prince - Måned siden
Thank u
Hilde & Addie Wallander
Hilde & Addie Wallander - Måned siden
to many thing happen that are so funny :)
Anu Ash
Anu Ash - Måned siden
You ok
Sally Thompson
Sally Thompson - Måned siden
7 min early and I love this channel I'm to addicted to it
Lunar Fn
Lunar Fn - Måned siden
Wait...Impossible i'm not 5 years late!
Aubrey Merwine
Aubrey Merwine - Måned siden
Lemee join the sea of comments

Get it⚓🐟🌊
Mytristan Gaming
Mytristan Gaming - Måned siden
sarah choi
sarah choi - Måned siden
love y'all
Hilda Morales
Hilda Morales - Måned siden
Soon I will be one year older and one year I hope I can go meet all of the life guards on Bondi beach 😊
Awsome pop Queen
Awsome pop Queen - Måned siden
Hannah - Måned siden
my favourite show i have watched every episode :)
scarlett - Måned siden
who runs the bondi beach channel? like im actually curious
Miles _03
Miles _03 - Måned siden
I have an addiction...

To Bondi!!!! Lol
Lucie Liefooghe
Lucie Liefooghe - Måned siden
I think that putting a sticker on the board to show how people should lay might avoid some awkwardness
Chelse Stroud
Chelse Stroud - Måned siden
could help with language barriers too as they get many visitors from other countries
Lucie Liefooghe
Lucie Liefooghe - Måned siden
@rockleehair:/ yeah and it could add some confusion on laying on your back or face down
rockleehair:/ - Måned siden
i dont think people will look at it bc they are too panic 😅. well maybe some of the will
Maja- - Måned siden
T.Watcher - Måned siden
Good idea
White SnowCone
White SnowCone - Måned siden
Aston :]
Aston :] - Måned siden
Do u reply @bondirescue
John Bee
John Bee - Måned siden
I’m way to addicted
Paxton Steed
Paxton Steed - Måned siden
Karlie B
Karlie B - Måned siden
Eck!!! i LOVE bondi rescue!!!!!
Alexandra Draghia
Alexandra Draghia - Måned siden
I love this so much, and it helps me a lot with my anxiety❤
ItspronouncedAngela - Måned siden
finally not 7 years late
MaxHacker08 - Måned siden
Anyone else binge watching these during this time?
Alyce Schultz
Alyce Schultz - Måned siden
For some reason last night I thought of this jethros song should be dude (looks like a lady) by Aerosmith I love you bondi rescue cheers from America
23k Gxld
23k Gxld - Måned siden