Bondi Lifeguards Go to Bali! | Bondi Rescue: Bali - Episode 1 (FULL Episode)

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The Bondi Rescue Lifeguards head to Bali where they will tackle rescues on one of the world's most dangerous tourist beaches. Official full episode! SUBSCRIBE -
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#BondiRescueBali follows a small team of Bondi Rescue lifeguards as they leave the Australian winter and head to work at Bali’s Kuta Beach where the sun is still shining, waves are still pounding and there’s a huge influx of tourists from Australia and all over the world.

Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and #lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 21:38


BondiRescue - 2 måneder siden
Who wants to go to BALI!? Which beach should we make Bondi Rescue at next? (ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!)
David Shad
David Shad - Dag siden
Come to long beach in cali
J Andrews
J Andrews - 2 dager siden
It would be a really different and interesting show if you came to my local beaches in England. Burnham on Sea, Weston Super Mare and Brean are in the Bristol channel which has the 2nd highest tidal range in the world and deadly quicksand. The guys would have to learn totally new skills, as most lifesaving involves rescuing people, cars and animals from the mud and quicksand. You would need to learn how to use a hovercraft. The Bristol channel leads to the River Severn with the 3rd highest tidal range and 260 bores a year which you could try to surf. The weather is usually grim but on a hot day, it is like being in a desert as the tide is so far out.
Patty Spinks
Patty Spinks - 7 dager siden
Indiana Indianapolis
Baking with Muskan
Baking with Muskan - 8 dager siden
India plzzz
NightStrike - 9 dager siden
Last couple days we had a massive swell here in Hawaii. 50ft waves on north shore of Oahu (yes for real) would love to see how the Bondi lifeguards compare to our local boys. We have some of the best lifeguards in the world here.
Lemonade Lily
Lemonade Lily - Dag siden
Finally 2 months early 🗿
W.A. L.
W.A. L. - 4 dager siden
I love the Bali season!🥰🚨‼️
iKyra - 4 dager siden
Bali is indeed amazing✨💫
I wanna go there again when quarantine is overrrrr
I'm stuck here in Borneo/kalimantan😔(i still love it here tho)
I just want a holiday somewhereeeeeeee👁👄👁😭
Shawn Dryslewski
Shawn Dryslewski - 6 dager siden
Is this old like wheres covid
Aruna Denissot
Aruna Denissot - 6 dager siden
oh my god I live in Bali, I always wanted to meet you guys..
Fun With Filzah
Fun With Filzah - 7 dager siden
Oliver Rytting
Oliver Rytting - 8 dager siden
12degrees now thats a hot day in sweden
Yusin Wijaya
Yusin Wijaya - 8 dager siden
Wait no one is using mask and not social distancing
Clayton Ball
Clayton Ball - 9 dager siden
I went to kuda beach when I went to Bali
Leslie Malfoy
Leslie Malfoy - 9 dager siden
I’d drown the second i get there i cant swim for the life of me i barely have tought myself how to swim 😭😭😭😭😭😭😳
Aarniofinne Bitch
Aarniofinne Bitch - 10 dager siden
There’s a litttle dip. *car flies*
Emma Boblitt
Emma Boblitt - 11 dager siden
when was this made?
Emma Boblitt
Emma Boblitt - 11 dager siden
has anyone watched seasons 12, 13, & 14? i couldn’t find them. please help!
Jessica Goodwin
Jessica Goodwin - 11 dager siden
1year late
Mike Lenhardt
Mike Lenhardt - 12 dager siden
Alr my simple American brain is having a hard time understanding why they call Indians Indonesians. Indonesia is an entirely different country, no?
Zach Erwin
Zach Erwin - 12 dager siden
It upsets me that Kuta lifeguards are no where to be seen these days... They all put so much effort in back then. But now there’s over 30 deaths a year caused by disowning
xDanger JTx
xDanger JTx - 16 dager siden
idkw but its just frickin undeveloped back then xD
MaQkl - 17 dager siden
Hard to believe this was filmed 13 years ago! The series in Bali actually got cut after just 4 episodes on Australian Tv but the ones actually on Bondi were very popular.
Jordan - 18 dager siden
OHMYGOD THERE ARE TWO HARRIES??!?!!!??!! Lolololol 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Tips Tricks Kreatif
Tips Tricks Kreatif - 19 dager siden
Wow I love Bali , Im Frim Indonesian ❤️
FootPlaysStuff - 19 dager siden
Jessica Aguirre
Jessica Aguirre - 19 dager siden
I wonder how often Harries brother gets asked to take pictures with someone. 🤔
Raditya Dwisaputra
Raditya Dwisaputra - 19 dager siden
Salam dari bekasi
Anna Collier
Anna Collier - Måned siden
I wonder.. Is there a "bondi rescue addicts anonymous"? Asking for a friend..
Sophie - Måned siden
2:59 any one elts see the Maccy ds
Jayci Drummond
Jayci Drummond - Måned siden
Why did they go to Bali?
aji kazu
aji kazu - Måned siden
i live here :)
Donyea Cross
Donyea Cross - Måned siden
Wait!!!!! Am I the only one that saw Harries identical twin like is that not crazy
Arachnophilia - Måned siden
I dont want anything I want out. My sentiments exactly!
P.s Thought Harries was married? Not sure his wife would have liked seeing that pretty Russian lass.
Mira? - Måned siden
Tim +62 sini merapat 👌
HippieEra Entertainment
HippieEra Entertainment - Måned siden
harries and his brother are IDENTICAL. i'll drink to that @6:27
Ella Bedard
Ella Bedard - Måned siden
When was this filmed?
Aho90 - Måned siden
Thank you for uploading full episodes for the lockdown. I was hooked after watching a couple of clips lol
Violet Nelson
Violet Nelson - Måned siden
But am sad for them
Violet Nelson
Violet Nelson - Måned siden
It is so funny
Muhammad Akbar
Muhammad Akbar - Måned siden
Ah yes Indonesia
meowzy - Måned siden
Omg this is so interesting
Ronal Erix
Ronal Erix - Måned siden
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Campbell - Måned siden
Wait so are they in bali now??? Or was that along time ago bevause i am in bali
Kranium Knight
Kranium Knight - Måned siden
Why is this suck a old video and it just came out
FloMinho - Måned siden
Idk if u guys see it but this vid was filmed a long time ago -_-
Ms Mills
Ms Mills - Måned siden
They need a jet ski and a couple of ATV's.
Sukma Ahmad
Sukma Ahmad - Måned siden
Welcome in Bali,Indonesia my Bondi Rescue🥰 i'm really love them...
M i n t g r e e n a e s t h e t i c s
17:16 is terrifying
Dhimaz Alvaro
Dhimaz Alvaro - Måned siden
Heeh nyampe di bali toh, sip semangat bro
YOSHI _CLAPZ - Måned siden
People who are failing school
Lady Enchantress Garden and Travel
Yass!! Bali + Boni Rescue team = 💙✔
the boiz
the boiz - Måned siden
I'm confused, I thought Bondi was the most dangerous beach.
Eko Zulmi
Eko Zulmi - Måned siden
welcome to indonesia im subcriber from indonesia
Cheyenne Eagles
Cheyenne Eagles - Måned siden
How old was maxi when this was filmed and how am I only just seeing this lol xxxx
Meownii uwu
Meownii uwu - Måned siden
Hold up, i just got a question for all of you, Do ya know where bali is?
Clue, bali is not apart of australia ;)
Swusie Quesie
Swusie Quesie - Måned siden
They don't even have a green whistle??!! Ar nar!
Meg Smith
Meg Smith - 2 måneder siden
They’re like kids with lollies - lol 😂
But seriously 100 lifeguards?
clearlyrebecca - 24 dager siden
It looks to me like kuta beach is much longer than Bondi, and with no 4 wheelers or other vehicles to help lifeguards get from one end to the other, you need more guys to cover the area. Plus, i'm sure not all 100 are on duty at once. :)
Alexa Osborne
Alexa Osborne - 2 måneder siden
Omg the intro was such a vibeeeeeeeee 😂❤️❤️
Kyn S
Kyn S - 2 måneder siden
I’m sorry but if it was me I would never go to the beach there
LlamaOnMars - 2 måneder siden
Im so lucky to have gotten the privelage to have experienced this beautiful place first hand. I hope many others cn too.
Angelica Amora
Angelica Amora - 2 måneder siden
I'm just glad and happy they brought back the original intro soundtrack 😩❤️
Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero - 2 måneder siden
I remember going to a beach in Bali and someone was drowning, since I work as a lifeguard I managed to save her
bubble isback
bubble isback - 2 måneder siden
When was this recorded? Im confused
Anita - Måned siden
A v long tone ago
Jasmine Namata
Jasmine Namata - 2 måneder siden
The culture of a country can make the experience but for Tom who’s never been to Asia I’m sure it’s super overwhelming and a culture shock
Jasmine Namata
Jasmine Namata - 2 måneder siden
I watched this when it aired a few years ago and I just realized Harries is a twin LOL
Anita - Måned siden
Arif Aliyah
Arif Aliyah - 2 måneder siden
Hello ,official Bondi rescue ,im form Indonesian , im subscribe your Channel , this is my favorite YouTube channel, terima kasih official Bondi rescue , form Indonesia 🙏🙏
Stef stef
Stef stef - 2 måneder siden
Now the Bondi Lifeguards are finally the pale ones
Calvin Sutton
Calvin Sutton - 2 måneder siden
Jouana Farlin Seva
Jouana Farlin Seva - 2 måneder siden
Finally a full Bali ep! Watching it again, I still feel Tom's confusion! hahaha.. But he gets it in the end.. :)
Suha Khandaker
Suha Khandaker - 2 måneder siden
wHaT aBoUt eMiLy!?!
Adreyan van Niekerk
Adreyan van Niekerk - 2 måneder siden
I use to watch this show with my mom and then I forgot about it and since last year I can not get enough of it :))😁
Lexi - 2 måneder siden
How long ago was this?
By the way love Bondi rescue 💕
imo Xx
imo Xx - 2 måneder siden
STorMzZ - 2 måneder siden
I love Harries public relation as you said ahha 14:57
ruals - 2 måneder siden
When was this originally filmed?
Silmi ghefira Rezkita
Silmi ghefira Rezkita - 2 måneder siden
I am Indonesian and I was shocked to see this video until I realized it was recorded 10 years ago lol
Bali is now floating guys and it has become good so you don't worry about going to Bali
Joj - 2 måneder siden
12:31 this attraction in Indonesia we called it "topeng monyet" and now it's already banned in Indonesia
Meiko Mei
Meiko Mei - 2 måneder siden
Meiko Mei
Meiko Mei - 2 måneder siden
where are the shorts?🤦🏻‍♀️
Henry Ros
Henry Ros - 2 måneder siden
Harries in a Speedo 🤣💀
RoundBear - 2 måneder siden
Who the youngest person you’ve saved?
MIDDIEWRESTLING - 2 måneder siden
You guys are okay but you 😟 - 2 måneder siden
Amazing Work 👍
Darryll Ingham
Darryll Ingham - 2 måneder siden
seen all bondi rescue shows but this was films a few years ago because maxi still had braces and that curly hair
Bonnie Engh
Bonnie Engh - 2 måneder siden
Yay! More Bondi! (New Beach, same amazing life-saving crew.) Plus new life savers! So awesome to see people serving others! Thanks for posting!
Ari Khushalani
Ari Khushalani - 2 måneder siden
I love this
Pizza_Pasta Dib
Pizza_Pasta Dib - 2 måneder siden
This had kept me happy through the 6-7 hours of school I have everyday :)
charlidamelio _fp
charlidamelio _fp - 2 måneder siden
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee - 2 måneder siden
Tom has to go to a lot of places in Asia. He doesn't know what he's missing out on. Asia is a beautiful and wonderful place.
user6960 _
user6960 _ - 2 måneder siden
01:10 the cutest things ever
Sebastian Schmid
Sebastian Schmid - 2 måneder siden
Wow you are so amazing people i want to be a lifeguard when im older cool videos
Innes Jackson
Innes Jackson - 2 måneder siden
You shouldn't help the turtles into the water it's part of their development to walk to the ocean only usually help them when you need to 👌
wE FoRgOt tHe bUtTaH ಠ_ಠ
wE FoRgOt tHe bUtTaH ಠ_ಠ - 2 måneder siden
"Haha, sometimes, we don't understand eachother."
Every international K-pop fan, ever.
Jasmine - 3 dager siden
8Manかどわき - 2 måneder siden
Love From Indonesia!🇮🇩
Pineapple road
Pineapple road - 2 måneder siden
I think my brain has been stored upside down again
I somehow thought Bali was in Australia, and then I was confused by the weird ambulance
It took me longer than I am willing to admit to realise my error
pirikapirirara poporinapeperuto
pirikapirirara poporinapeperuto - 2 måneder siden
emma McConachie
emma McConachie - 2 måneder siden
who saw the McDonald's sign at 3 min
AC squad
AC squad - 2 måneder siden
I love love love love love love love you guys
Guppy Galaxy
Guppy Galaxy - 2 måneder siden
When was this filmed
Itsdanielson *
Itsdanielson * - 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about Harry’s brother and how they’re identical 6:26
marko papadakis
marko papadakis - 2 måneder siden
Yaaaas the Old intro ❤️
Lyla Niemyer
Lyla Niemyer - 2 måneder siden
The monkey was to cute🥺
Nina Meyer
Nina Meyer - 2 måneder siden
Nordsee in Germany. But sometimes the water completely disappears😂
tiara putri
tiara putri - 2 måneder siden
This is Bali Indonesia, right?
pirikapirirara poporinapeperuto
pirikapirirara poporinapeperuto - 2 måneder siden