Brave Young Boy Stung By Painful Sea Urchin

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A young boy puts on a brave face as lifeguards must pull the painful sea urchin spines out one by one from the boy's foot.
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Runtime: 02:16


Mereana Phillips
Mereana Phillips - 22 timer siden
It's called a kina 😭😂
Charlotte Hill
Charlotte Hill - Dag siden
“S’worse than a sea urchin 😀😀”
This child-
I could never 😖
PurpleGamer 123
PurpleGamer 123 - Dag siden
Me: hOw iS hE NoT CrYiNg
Reagan Ishling
Reagan Ishling - 2 dager siden
1:15 why is there a kid watching lol
itsxxunigirl _
itsxxunigirl _ - 2 dager siden
Wait did he say my wife?😂
Roxy Lexy1234
Roxy Lexy1234 - 2 dager siden
my brother got a Urchin in his foot
Alexa - 3 dager siden
Just by watching it i was terrefied he is a brave young boy!!
Saukingalpha - 4 dager siden
Damn even the little kids are badass in Australia
Dank Bobby boy
Dank Bobby boy - 4 dager siden
That boy can be Brock lestners son he’s so strong
Myadunkgamesroblox - 4 dager siden
I would as been in pain I really would have ran away
Drama KK
Drama KK - 5 dager siden
iicritax - 5 dager siden
I have a urchin in my aquarium 😹
Samuelu Filo
Samuelu Filo - 6 dager siden
Good job
Journey Kiwiko
Journey Kiwiko - 7 dager siden
He ain’t crying I’m surprised
FroZen Shadowzz
FroZen Shadowzz - 7 dager siden
BRO das bothing lmao if that hurts than whats a blue bottle like? A bee? Bro that does not hurt
Legend Og
Legend Og - 7 dager siden
Did he say wife??
donut gaming
donut gaming - 7 dager siden
everytime Harrison took out a spike i just flinched a
Tahlia Heycox
Tahlia Heycox - 7 dager siden
Poor little boy :( it must of hurt so bad
Video_Game_Jamie - 7 dager siden
Hi 999
quentin ryder
quentin ryder - 8 dager siden
Chloe choi-sum-
Chloe choi-sum- - 8 dager siden
i got stung by a sea urchin before and my whole foot was covered in these lmao, i think some of the stings are still in my feet but my parents couldn't get them out because they were too into my foot
elif - 8 dager siden
omg poor kid that must’ve hurt soooooo bad
Brielle Pina
Brielle Pina - 10 dager siden
He is so brave
TheJackjones123 - 11 dager siden
I hope he was ok looked painful
Salim Ismail
Salim Ismail - 11 dager siden
that boy in the background tho
Ihaka Wilson
Ihaka Wilson - 11 dager siden
In New Zealand sea urchins are called kina’s
13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why - 12 dager siden
He said my wife
Roblox Among us
Roblox Among us - 13 dager siden
Oh no im glad he wasnt crying
ShrimpyLemon - 13 dager siden
Sea urchin: *stepped on me? STEPPED on me? Are you kidding? This guy was dancing on me*
Alexis Florer
Alexis Florer - 13 dager siden
Everyone in the comments be like that boy is so brave and stuff like that, and I'm like is no one going to say anything about him having a WIFE...🤔🤔🤔 0:34
Elizabeth Woodyard
Elizabeth Woodyard - 13 dager siden
Jessie Harrison I want to work at Bondi rescue I do nippers please let me get the job when I’m older I’m only seven never been to Melbourne speech Bondi
AllBandTrash - 13 dager siden
What a tank! That kid honestly deserves ice cream and a big hug. Also, he said thank you and that’s my favourite thing to hear
Lauren Redman
Lauren Redman - 16 dager siden
0:36 did he just say my wife?!?! ?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
Colorado CC'S
Colorado CC'S - 14 dager siden
No, a wave
Shuka Otake
Shuka Otake - 16 dager siden
Hi my older brothers are life guards so sometimes I come to work with them and so far ive learnt how to Swim,run really fast and Call 000 but when a teen Boy got stung by the same thing I'm like "What.....What the Heck is that?" So my Brother Pulled out his phone and showed me a Picture then our mum rang so my older brother,Logan said "Ohh Can you take that I need to pull em out" so I took the Phone and I was Just Stand Next to my older brother when I heard that My mum had Cancer and had Just Died 3 minutes ago I ran inside of The Tower and Started Crying and 1 of Logans Friends said to me "Ay dude you Kay? I saw you Crying" so I told that my mum had died then Logans Friend Said "oh I'll tell him Uhh do you think You can Pull em Out there like little black Sticks" so Logan Went inside and I pulled them Out and The boy was like "You look like your 10 years old" so I to!d him "uhh I AM 10 years old" so the boy said "Do you know how to do this?" So I told him "uhh yeah I learn how to swim,Run fast, call 000 and Pull things out"
Ollipop08 - 16 dager siden
I scream when I stub my toe but if this happened to me we would all be deaf and it would cause an earthquake
Chrissie - 17 dager siden
I have been stun by a sea urchin in Barbados that the needle was in the corner of my foot
Màddiè Thè ćat lády
Màddiè Thè ćat lády - 17 dager siden
I can’t believe this kid is so brave!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are to for risking this being fake
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Lilly Carter
Lilly Carter - 18 dager siden
This poor boy I feel so bad for him
romy - 18 dager siden
i’m 17 and i cry when i stub my toe.
Ange Love
Ange Love - 19 dager siden
Poor kid, they could've at least given him the green whistle lol
Styers Oden
Styers Oden - 19 dager siden
I have stepped on 3 Sea Urchins and the one was way way worse than that
Saphara Kelegama
Saphara Kelegama - 20 dager siden
When the little boy got hurt I heard him say “My wife”
Samah Hmza
Samah Hmza - 21 dag siden
Did the boy talk about his wife?????
Samah Hmza
Samah Hmza - 14 dager siden
@Mia oh ok thats just me being ✨deaf✨
Mia - 14 dager siden
he said a wave
Kathryn And Maggie
Kathryn And Maggie - 23 dager siden
“He didn’t complain once abt the pain” as he’s abt to cry.
Connor Fermin
Connor Fermin - 25 dager siden
Cameron: stands on a sea urchin and doesn’t complain once
Me: dies in Roblox and has a total tantrum
DomTheBomb - 25 dager siden
He’s so calm
I would be freaking out
Scarlett Leach
Scarlett Leach - 26 dager siden
I would be bursting my eyes out so brave
Mia Mills
Mia Mills - 26 dager siden
Oh I could never
Lance Valler
Lance Valler - 27 dager siden
My name is Cameron to
Maria Tufuga
Maria Tufuga - 27 dager siden
I will save yous guys i eat sea urchins
mentzy on YouTube
mentzy on YouTube - 28 dager siden
I swear he said "Then me and my wife"
sereńe_ x
sereńe_ x - 28 dager siden
is it just me or does Cameron and Harrison look kind of alike 😳
Nateli Fabre
Nateli Fabre - 28 dager siden
This is one brave kid did not even cry 😲
God's gift to women
God's gift to women - 29 dager siden
Cameron U legend U give me hope that kids aren't all whimpy spoilt 💩
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson - 29 dager siden
Well done Cameron
Isa Raevdal
Isa Raevdal - 29 dager siden
Cameron actually reminds me of Make Mermaids bc he also look like Zachs friend😅🤣🤭
Ruben Gamiz
Ruben Gamiz - 29 dager siden
His wife??.
Big Walla
Big Walla - Måned siden
i remember my first time seeing them in rock pools here in ireland, i always thought they werent in ireland i thought they were only in warmer countries
Remedy_Beats 7
Remedy_Beats 7 - Måned siden
Why didn’t they just use the green whistle?
shaquille oatmeal
shaquille oatmeal - Måned siden
why didn’t they give him the green whistle?
Slytherin_15 - Måned siden
“Oh your a special one!” 😂
speedy_cloudzz - Måned siden
Can we take some thing that the kid said wife
Galaxy 123
Galaxy 123 - Måned siden
The kid literally said “my wife” what the fuzz
Honeycomb Lovers
Honeycomb Lovers - Måned siden
Did he say my wife- 🤨😳
Jessica Baez
Jessica Baez - Måned siden
He so brave
Marisa Wilhite
Marisa Wilhite - Måned siden
Wait how is he so brave omg
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou - Måned siden
catherine carden
catherine carden - Måned siden
Poor boy! But he’s very very brave!
Emily Moores
Emily Moores - Måned siden
That boy is so blimmin brave
TheUltimateGeordie - Måned siden
the life guards missed the opportunity should have said "hi ill be your sea urchin today" full on dad joke but would have been worth it
Nadia Martinez
Nadia Martinez - Måned siden
lol he was on camera so he couldn’t cry
Khushi Naran
Khushi Naran - Måned siden
GAYLE - Måned siden
i thought sea urchins are deadly
MYSTERY T[-]H PIZAS - Måned siden
Twyla Beachy
Twyla Beachy - Måned siden
The spine removal looks satisfying, yet it looks really painful.
*John 3:16*
*"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life. "*
India Platts
India Platts - Måned siden
“ sea urchins are worse then blue bottles”
My dad “ I have stood on 7. You are lucky kid”
Sami Lora
Sami Lora - Måned siden
my ad steped one 1 sea urchin it was well just no
EK E - Måned siden
Omg wow this boy is so brave! I would be crying 😭 and screaming! You are such a WARRIOR!
Micheal Wolfe
Micheal Wolfe - Måned siden
He is so brave
Madeline Westmeyer
Madeline Westmeyer - Måned siden
Ok I swear he said he had A WIFE if you listen carefully you can hear
Cambrie Ledingham
Cambrie Ledingham - Måned siden
Bailey, he was kinda cute too
JJ Eggwards
JJ Eggwards - Måned siden
So I’m maori and we don’t call em sea erchins we call em kinnas
Trakyra Jackson
Trakyra Jackson - Måned siden
Now I’m scared to go to the beach now lol like if u agree
Maddison ASHTON
Maddison ASHTON - Måned siden
Bro I’d be screaming my head off to the point you could hear me from the other side of the world
Olivia Schiewe
Olivia Schiewe - Måned siden
Why is no one talking about the fact that he said his wife took him over
Charlee Helgeson
Charlee Helgeson - Måned siden
I hate those things he’s way more calmer and at first I wanted to go to bondi beach but I don’t think so know!
sxdchild - Måned siden
I mean ive dropped a grill knife on my foot and it went all the way through and that pain was so painful but sea urchin seems like it hurts like hell
Emily Peacock
Emily Peacock - Måned siden
Lol I've stood on one of those on holiday... bloody hurts 😂😣
butterfly sammy
butterfly sammy - Måned siden
sea urchin: *broken broken broken broken*
301 Amith Suresh
301 Amith Suresh - Måned siden
This is the kinda job I wanna do in future.. instead of becoming a corporate slave
Carly Fansler
Carly Fansler - Måned siden
That areOK
Brody D
Brody D - Måned siden
Hi I loved your blogs
Deep Tip
Deep Tip - Måned siden
I bet he is showing his mates this
Nur alesha
Nur alesha - Måned siden
He said his wife im confused
SumSum88 Cutie
SumSum88 Cutie - Måned siden
Do u ever look at a comment and say 👁👄👁 I wish I wrote that beacause it happens to me all the time
playing with Teja
playing with Teja - Måned siden
Me and my bff did not know what is a sea urchin.
Where do you guys lifegrard what contry
Troy Timinzi
Troy Timinzi - Måned siden
Troy Timinzi
Troy Timinzi - Måned siden
Hannah Doherty
Hannah Doherty - Måned siden
Give him the magic the lengendary green whistle
Xotic FN
Xotic FN - Måned siden
But may we please admire the fact that this kid have a flipping wife and he’s like thirteen