Caught Littering - Lifeguard Teaches Teens A Lesson

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Veteran Bondi lifeguard teaches littering teens to respect the beach.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 02:18


BondiRescue - 3 måneder siden
Don't be a litter bug. Keep our beaches clean ✨🤙
Patricia Heckman
Patricia Heckman - 8 dager siden
@Spencer’s vlog’s ?
Spencer’s vlog’s
Spencer’s vlog’s - 8 dager siden
@Patricia Heckman B
Nathan Lobo
Nathan Lobo - Måned siden
So brave ull guys are
Nathan Lobo
Nathan Lobo - Måned siden
Yes np 😉
Lil kandy
Lil kandy - Måned siden
Abbie Vision
Abbie Vision - 7 timer siden
Good on you h
ABL Quality
ABL Quality - 8 timer siden
it's sad H retired in 2015, he was the main leader
Andreas Tanghøj
Andreas Tanghøj - Dag siden
Young "Men"
AntiSocialFB - 3 dager siden
Honestly i know the world is soft these days H shouldve slapped some sense into those little idiots
Cxncer Crxbs
Cxncer Crxbs - 4 dager siden
People should respect our beaches. Not only is it a hazard to people, who could injure them but also animals.
gamer girl
gamer girl - 5 dager siden
H doesn't play lmao
jessica ashfield
jessica ashfield - 5 dager siden
I love animals I would never liter
Erica Godfrey
Erica Godfrey - 6 dager siden
Hell I would of been like I guess I’ll call the police then mate since you want me to get cut on glass since you won’t pick up your beer bottles
madis adventures
madis adventures - 8 dager siden
0:57 look at that boy with the grey hat
Sara \
Sara \ - 9 dager siden
Lol the lil guy was flirting with the camera😂👀🤦‍♀️
Bnks Vfx
Bnks Vfx - 9 dager siden
The purple guy 😂
Sepi Rabiee
Sepi Rabiee - 10 dager siden
I fucking hate these type of teenagers. They give me cringe 🤢
Anindo Das
Anindo Das - 11 dager siden
Bad parenting example
Cameron Guy
Cameron Guy - 14 dager siden
clean beaches!!
Retro Psych
Retro Psych - 15 dager siden
I cant stand littering. I get that it may also caused by high winds blowing trash out of trashcans and stuff, but I see people throwing trash on the ground right in front of me and I call people out on it. And its not just the beach
Keep your bullshit in your car or at your house
Wooplot - 18 dager siden
When people from western sydney go to bondi
Claire Reynolds
Claire Reynolds - 21 dag siden
Teens these days
Vid Quiz
Vid Quiz - Måned siden
1:43 “Mate, you should be on TV”
Oh wait, you are!
choi qq.
choi qq. - 11 dager siden
Yes !!
Jasmine Lopéz
Jasmine Lopéz - Måned siden
Hey Bondi I don't throw rubbish in the sand if I throw rubbish I always pick up my rubbish and I throw the rubbish in the trash
Jasmine Lopéz
Jasmine Lopéz - Måned siden
Hey boys pick up your rubbish that is not hidden under the sand
Izzy young
Izzy young - Måned siden
They seemed like eshays lol
imogen axon
imogen axon - Måned siden
a w
a w - Måned siden
Omg! These kids are fully sick cuzzz!
Orlixia - Måned siden
At least the lifeguards are doing their job! ❤️
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen - Måned siden
What season and episode is this?
guitarradesusuenos - Måned siden
People like that don't go very far in life. That type of charade gets old quickly.
sTaTTicZ l1fey
sTaTTicZ l1fey - Måned siden
0:58 Bruh xD
aonexbearr - Måned siden
0:57 I swear- that kid has been in every frame and you can tell he’s purposely doing HAHAHA😂😂🤺🤺
Nathan Lobo
Nathan Lobo - Måned siden
Such bad people littering the beach with glass bottles that too
ShannonOCE - Måned siden
My man an Eshay
Skunky Monk
Skunky Monk - Måned siden
Never been a supporter of culling humanity but I can certainly understand the argument, these kids and there parents should be ashamed.
BramVram - Måned siden
i wish the teens die that day they are so bad at mother earth
Ella Marie
Ella Marie - Måned siden
I’m one of those people who hold up society by putting my rubbish in my pockets until I get to a bin. A because I’m lazy and B because the guilt overwhelms me
Brinds gavarret
Brinds gavarret - Måned siden
Umm I think the teenager on the blue shirt wanted fame because he kept going where the cams went and he smiled and went in front of the camera
jimboslicce c
jimboslicce c - Måned siden
0:56 that Asian kid is creeping hard haha
cam ham
cam ham - Måned siden
The embarrassment
Omar Flores
Omar Flores - Måned siden
At 00:57 lmao
raj pillai
raj pillai - Måned siden
I wouldn't be surprised if one of them yelled 'Eshayyy Brahh'
•Hönëy Lëmøn•
•Hönëy Lëmøn• - Måned siden
Keep clean our beaches ain't mean
Ken /
Ken / - Måned siden
You talk in your sleep?
X_Endless Nightmare_X
X_Endless Nightmare_X - Måned siden
Rude, spoiled lil boys smh! 😤
Ray Maglio
Ray Maglio - Måned siden
Martha And Eva
Martha And Eva - Måned siden
0:57 the kids stare...

He creepy 😁
edbro Aotearoa
edbro Aotearoa - 2 måneder siden
Typical pack mentality. If you can't shove the bottles up their arse or down their throats and you've treated them with respect then turn them against each other. If your older then you should be able to out smart toddlers.
Majella Henry
Majella Henry - 2 måneder siden
EJ Boy
EJ Boy - 2 måneder siden
His name is H the legend
Ali Khan
Ali Khan - 2 måneder siden
Renee Hamel
Renee Hamel - 2 måneder siden
Like why do they think they are so cool to do this, they are so fare from it
paul a
paul a - 2 måneder siden
In a couple of years times they will look back at this video on YouTube and think what idiots we were
aniek - 2 måneder siden
Sienna Peake
Sienna Peake - 2 måneder siden
Good job for saving kids Bess you
Puppy dog lover 851
Puppy dog lover 851 - 2 måneder siden
0:57 that kid tho 😂😂😂😂
ella sunflower
ella sunflower - 2 måneder siden
0:57 😂😂😂😂 THE EYEBROWS GOING UP AND DOWN THO LMAOO thats so me when someones videoing me😂😂
6IXERX - 2 måneder siden
Who else saw that Asian boy
GoozYT - 2 måneder siden
That kid at 0:58
Miss Chievous
Miss Chievous - 2 måneder siden
They must have gotten a shit ton of subscribers the last few months. I am mad I only now just found this show. Lol
TheTardisDreamer - 2 måneder siden
Shame they didn't have police around. They could've gone there and fined the hell out of these morons! I've seen these types of guys get drunk and rowdy on Sydney trains and then get fined by the transport police for having open alcohol. It's hundreds of dollars. You should see their faces. They just about burst into tears. Honestly, by far the best entertainment on the train.
Leticia Milan
Leticia Milan - 2 måneder siden
I find the lifeguard more attractive for being respectful. The young idiot is super unattractive. 🤮 Act like a child and you’ll be treated like one. I know where his life is headed. Can someone say JAIL?
Maddison ASHTON
Maddison ASHTON - 2 måneder siden
0:57 this kid is epic 😭
Jazz Xx
Jazz Xx - 2 måneder siden
'H's eyes are amazing
Tony Guo
Tony Guo - 2 måneder siden
I definitely agree like when people are hanging with friends and they do something wrong they can’t just fix the problem they have to like do it in a way to make there mates laugh
iliketoyeetlasagne - 2 måneder siden
0:57 😂😭
Triple MMM
Triple MMM - 2 måneder siden
one thing i HATE is smartasses
Happy_ Cactus
Happy_ Cactus - 2 måneder siden
What idiots. Hope they see this, they should be ashamed.
Iza The poopie
Iza The poopie - 2 måneder siden
His nickname is literally “H”
jam lam
jam lam - 2 måneder siden
choi qq.
choi qq. - 11 dager siden
Natedog5103 - 2 måneder siden
It would have been so funny if the kid who stepped in the bottle broke the bottle and cut his foot
lol is you ded?
lol is you ded? - 2 måneder siden
Mario says: pick up your trash and throw it
Luigi says: you bury the glass you eat the glass
Putra Adnyana
Putra Adnyana - 2 måneder siden
They r exist overseas 😂
Extreme Saltwater Fishing
Extreme Saltwater Fishing - 2 måneder siden
I sear if that man though that beer on a Beach I will Grab the Beer And Though it at his head
Joshua Tokam
Joshua Tokam - 2 måneder siden
The lifesaver looks like a bodybuilder
Gaming with Thick Pigeon
Gaming with Thick Pigeon - 2 måneder siden
Ok ✅
Scott Bailey
Scott Bailey - 2 måneder siden
Why do these programs repeat the same sentences over and over
Maya Bachour
Maya Bachour - 2 måneder siden
People litter because ages are bad people but literally it’s not a good thing nobody should be doing that because if someone steps on a glass they can break or they can have a glass through there but it’s very dangerous
Josh_plays 33
Josh_plays 33 - 2 måneder siden
It literally cost 0 dollars to not litter
Madeline O’Connor
Madeline O’Connor - 2 måneder siden
Okay but why does one of them like 12 ?? LMAO 😂
Nicola Crossley
Nicola Crossley - 2 måneder siden
00:58 a kid walks in front of a camera and checks himself out😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂
Hank_plumb498 123
Hank_plumb498 123 - 2 måneder siden
Yo those teens are so mean and H did what he could have done
Jeffrey Oppenheim
Jeffrey Oppenheim - 2 måneder siden
I’d slap the taste out of this punks
Sarah Letkemann
Sarah Letkemann - 2 måneder siden
It's a shame that there's really no one in Gen Z that has respect anymore. I am in 9th grade and there is no respect for anyone anymore. I hate Gen Z . . . its the worst.
Brody Grahame
Brody Grahame - 2 måneder siden
the way he looks into the cam
Brody Grahame
Brody Grahame - 2 måneder siden
that kid tho
Ali Madi
Ali Madi - 2 måneder siden
Why did they not arrest them?
Steven - 2 måneder siden
They are trash as well
Acorn - 2 måneder siden
"Do ya talk in your sleep?" shutdown.
Sporting Bullies Australia
Sporting Bullies Australia - 2 måneder siden
We call them “flops”
Эбигейл - 2 måneder siden
Wait don't people get a 500,000 fine if they litter? If so sue those countless idiots
Bailey - 2 måneder siden
I am a month late but not 5 years 😂
MrTicker69 - 2 måneder siden
Get him fuckin slapped
Ignorant fucker
cottonxtails - 2 måneder siden
It's not that hard to just walk over to the bin when you leave the beach
Milla Hulse
Milla Hulse - 2 måneder siden
Hi Bondi I am one of your biggest fans and I would love it if you could like my comment
Isaac Tourand
Isaac Tourand - 2 måneder siden
H is the best guy to be dealing with them, he don't take shit from no one
BeatlesandStones - 2 måneder siden
Fucking animals. Cant stand littering. Should be huge fines for this behavior.
《 Night 》
《 Night 》 - 2 måneder siden
Meetthewoo - 2 måneder siden
Nick Smith
Nick Smith - 2 måneder siden
Poor parenting...
Dana Sabastion
Dana Sabastion - 2 måneder siden
H man is the best!!!!!!!!
Sidi Rashid
Sidi Rashid - 2 måneder siden
I'm glad they are not of my generation. Idiots .
King Killer - Vlogs
King Killer - Vlogs - 2 måneder siden
H attitude is really good and teach them wrong! You can’t put it in the sand not okay H you are my G