Christmas Disasters! Lifesaving Rescues on Christmas Day

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While beachgoers celebrate Christmas, Bondi's lifeguards stop Christmas Day from becoming one big disaster!
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and #lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 12:19


BondiRescue - Måned siden
Who's gearing up for the holidays? It may be a little different this year for a lot of us so stay safe and Merry Christmas! 🎅
somewhere- Worldwide
somewhere- Worldwide - 15 dager siden
Nobody will be going on holiday again this year sorry to say.
Amanda White
Amanda White - 19 dager siden
I Love you so much
Darwin Paz
Darwin Paz - 27 dager siden
Darwin Paz
Darwin Paz - 27 dager siden
Darwin Paz
Darwin Paz - 27 dager siden
DOUGLAS Green - 12 timer siden
It takes special people to do this. God bless them!
Lipgloss 2000
Lipgloss 2000 - 13 timer siden
5:34 reminds me of something I witnessed when I was 12. We were on the beach at about 5pm for a walk so there was almost no one there, except for a small group of what i could gather was students from Asia, comming to south africa for a spring break. There were about 5 of them sobbing and looking terribly distressed, the one young man went swimming and never resurfaced. There were people on jet skies traveling far into the ocean, a jeep and I think a helicopter searching for him. I dont think they ever found him, my mom felt so bad for them that she was even crying. Can you imagine, his parents in Asia would have to find out that their son in South Africa has passed away and was never found its horrible
otherwisemaladroit - 2 dager siden
Based on the videos, maybe you should take Korean and Mandarin language classes, or have a list of phrases to say.
Lady Lu Nox
Lady Lu Nox - 3 dager siden
“I was being an absolute bossy boots” trying to help people before an accident could happy! She should always be a bossy boots 😆
D. - 3 dager siden
These guys are what real heros look like. Thank you for keeping people safe and alive.
Hmrslmr2 - 3 dager siden
When you're swimming in front of the sign.................. you can't fix being dumb
L.E. Mulder
L.E. Mulder - 3 dager siden
Through these videos I know I won't go deeper into the water than knee height😂
Rachel Xu
Rachel Xu - 4 dager siden
This makes me wanna visit Bondi Beach just to see these amazing lifeguards in action. They are so dedicated to their jobs, making sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.
Angel A
Angel A - 4 dager siden
Lifegurads are Heros👍👍👍👍👍
Gaurav Ambhore
Gaurav Ambhore - 4 dager siden
Hare Krishna bolo
Raspail granouille
Raspail granouille - 4 dager siden
theres no episode where chinise is not involve in a rescue mission haha
King - 5 dager siden
This was posted on my birthday
Fashion Diva
Fashion Diva - 5 dager siden
Bondi appears to be where people who can’t swim go to die-or try to I should say. I’m not sure I could handle the level of assumed negligence these poor lifeguards have to face every day. I’ll never understand why people are so stupid to go out into the ocean when they can’t swim or have poor swimming skills. Respect the ocean; it sure as hell doesn’t respect you.
Banana Banana
Banana Banana - 6 dager siden
160 dislikes for the people that mentàlly unstable and dont give two sh*** about people
Amelie Cunningham
Amelie Cunningham - 7 dager siden
You guys are amazing 😉
Bacon - 8 dager siden
Is covid just ignored in Australia? Or is this from different years
Celia Mary
Celia Mary - 50 minutter siden
Different years but people actually listened to the Clovis regulations and now there’s barely any trace of covid
Letícia França
Letícia França - 8 dager siden
In Brazil the Christmas is in the Summer too,like here we don’t have winter specifically,only sun and rain ☀️🌧
Kenny_Plays - 8 dager siden
Keep saving lives I hope nobody has to deal with this again
WUT ystin
WUT ystin - 8 dager siden
Is it just me or do i hear The Flash theme at 7:15?
Jayne Louise Melody
Jayne Louise Melody - 8 dager siden
Id like to see more of the female lifeguards featured in the show.. 🥰
Bx-droid - 8 dager siden
“Former lifesavers back up in there inflatable rescue boat” sounds so stupid
almawilhelmina - 2 dager siden
*volunteer lifesavers
Astrid Holland
Astrid Holland - 9 dager siden
Used to assist my Dad in teaching people to surf. It was very common to have international students who had never seen water let alone swam in the ocean and we used to have to emphasise how quickly conditions could turn dangerous.
Many rescues.
Emma Wagner
Emma Wagner - 9 dager siden
btw isint christmas day 24th-?
xMutantPlayz MC
xMutantPlayz MC - 9 dager siden
Emma Wagner
Emma Wagner - 9 dager siden
oml 3:36 3 three people almost drowned- im glad i had snow on christmas day and i am in sweden
Emma Wagner
Emma Wagner - 9 dager siden
im happy everyone is okay-
They: someone is dying lets just go et to far out-
me: wth- they are litarly heros
vjwasyoda - 9 dager siden
i know you needed to save the other dude but imagine almost drowning and got saved then as soon as he brings you back he bolts in another direction ahaha
Lexie Taylor
Lexie Taylor - 9 dager siden
Why can't they put up barriers on the dangerous areas? I get the tide comes in and out but it'd help atleast a little
koby james
koby james - 9 dager siden
if you cant fuckin swim dont go in the fucking water omg your putting lifeguards lives at risk because ur a dickhead
my name is KAREN and ill talk to your manager
Bruuuh i would never wear two piece in that beach.
Karen Morgan
Karen Morgan - 9 dager siden
The energetic apple connolly post because cabinet postprandially long behind a young refund. jagged, daily angle
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone - 10 dager siden
Man poor Alan the dead look in his eyes was horrible.
Vixen Studio
Vixen Studio - 10 dager siden
Just imagine waking up unconscious to tons of people saying "mate,mate,mate" I know its a serious matter but its quite funny idk why
Mia Ashley
Mia Ashley - 10 dager siden
Is it 2020 or 2021
Lexi DeGrasse
Lexi DeGrasse - 11 dager siden
I had a school project and I used you guys on it
Jhope's Sprite
Jhope's Sprite - 11 dager siden
Even I'm mad at the people who ignored the warnings
Micaylaplayz - 11 dager siden
I think that beach is hunted now because some people died there 0.0
Janice Dickens
Janice Dickens - 11 dager siden
If you can’t swim do NOT GO IN WATER ABOVE YOUR DAMN ANKLES. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ These people are ADULTS. Stop being STUPID.
The Fortress
The Fortress - 11 dager siden
Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄
Arianna Rosemellia
Arianna Rosemellia - 12 dager siden
Was I the only one hearing “ellahhh” (no hate btw I am so happy he started breathing again:) yeah was I the only one tho?)❤️
Em Christopher
Em Christopher - 12 dager siden
Christmas in Aussie is like summer in England I'm not complaining or anything I just kind of wish the sea in England in the summer was warm it's never warm the sea in England always cold even when it's boiling hot
{Bipolar_disaster} - 12 dager siden
When you were meant to do online classes all last year but you watched this instead and now you watch it while you’re in lessons because if your mum finds out you’re not in them she will screech at you and stop you from watching
Irene Sampson
Irene Sampson - 12 dager siden
Why r there so many ppl watching him dying like just carry on
The universe
The universe - 8 dager siden
They are worried for him that proves humanity is still in humans
Softy Cadence
Softy Cadence - 12 dager siden
I’m Korean so watching all these Asians losing their children, not following lifeguards’ instructions, and basically always one second away from drowning makes me think they should stay away from Bondi beach for a while and give the lifeguards a break. It’s like 70% of rescues are all Asians. Downright mortifying. They should stay on solid ground and not even attempt wading in past their ankles unless they have gold medals in swimming. I’ve been to about 15 beaches all over the world cuz I love walking on them, but I can’t even dog paddle so the only way my feet get wet is when I dig my toes in the sand and a baby wave barely touches them. Bondi beach is one of the few I haven’t been to yet and after watching this show, I think I’ll do them a favor and limit my visit to just looking out for a bit from the safety of the parking lot.
Cecil S.
Cecil S. - 5 dager siden
I had noticed that a few episodes ago. I stopped myself from posting a comment due to not wanting to come of rude.
Zoey Li
Zoey Li - 10 dager siden
True... but maybe it’s because A LOT of people are Asian, idk though.
Queen Salvatore
Queen Salvatore - 11 dager siden
I noticed that as well but I didn’t put much thought into it until reading your comment! You’re right !
grainne SHEAHAN
grainne SHEAHAN - 12 dager siden
7:45 the girl they where pulling on the jet ski who they said was dead weight, she was fine no need for her to b on it, she was laughing
grainne SHEAHAN
grainne SHEAHAN - 6 dager siden
Oh ok
R Drenth
R Drenth - 6 dager siden
I think she was just laughing because she was losing her top. She looked like she was struggling prior to that when it was just the surfboard.
Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett - 13 dager siden
Our lifeguards pull their chairs close to the water and if they feel people are getting too far out they make them come back in. I live on the east coast of Florida.
Isabella H
Isabella H - 13 dager siden
The 139 people that disliked are the water devils that ride to kill these people
Emma Nash
Emma Nash - 13 dager siden
Comments be like:
Julia Glasson
Julia Glasson - 14 dager siden
J for Jessie and his JetSki skills
Miriam Johnson
Miriam Johnson - 14 dager siden
The lady lifeguard was awesome
George Dickie
George Dickie - 14 dager siden
Why dont they put a rope there
Snehal Daivagna
Snehal Daivagna - 14 dager siden
You people are more than the word love,care and amazing
V Shibu
V Shibu - 15 dager siden
i amaze all the lifeguards very alert to rescues who drowned into the sea👏☺️💪👍
this beach is so wide and the wave
so scared to swim🙀🙀😱
somewhere- Worldwide
somewhere- Worldwide - 15 dager siden
As amazing as these lifeguards are, these beaches should be closed to the public. So bloody dangerous ffs!!!!!!!
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson - 15 dager siden
I love your videos ❤️💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Connda Pierce
Connda Pierce - 15 dager siden
Harry Krishna is not going to save you
Connda Pierce
Connda Pierce - 15 dager siden
Lots of Chinese in Australia. Now we have found out that they have to spy for the Chinese Communist party before they leave their country. I'm glad the young man made it.
nishnash nuunuu
nishnash nuunuu - 15 dager siden
The song/prayer the Indian was singing Hare Krishna I know it because I am an Indian
Sumiaali Ahhid
Sumiaali Ahhid - 16 dager siden
It’s crazy what could happen out their and they are so brave out there they really put there self at risks
Daisy Ochoa
Daisy Ochoa - 16 dager siden
People tend to forget that even if you know how or consider yourself a great swimmer the ocean is no joke. I’ve seen so many people nearly drown because they think a pool is the same as the ocean.😕waves get intense within a few min . And unlike the pool that lets you know how deep you are. The ocean can have multiple random spots where all of a sudden it’s deep and all it's take is for you to panic for a split second to drown
Time with Tazz
Time with Tazz - 16 dager siden
Am I the only person who accidentally clicked this and now is addicted to it 😳❤️
Natalia Rivas
Natalia Rivas - 17 dager siden
Really I love this
yum - 17 dager siden
Lifegard: person that gards your life no matter what
Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill - 17 dager siden
I always watch your videos I love them
Madison Gelinas
Madison Gelinas - 17 dager siden
You made me want to be a life gard you guys are Hero’s
Galaxy girl Yoosh
Galaxy girl Yoosh - 18 dager siden
I live QLD and you guys are life savers
bambinoboyz1 - 18 dager siden
U should hire someone Who can speak Korean there..
amelie stockton
amelie stockton - 19 dager siden
amelie stockton
amelie stockton - 19 dager siden
i miss maxi
Amanda White
Amanda White - 19 dager siden
I'm only 8 and I love you videos
Mr.Nikhil Choudhary
Mr.Nikhil Choudhary - 19 dager siden
Lord Sent the lifeguard to save the Guy in last rescue 🙏
Rr OmaanG
Rr OmaanG - 20 dager siden
Hare Krishna and hare Rama that is what he is thanking our lord. Coz he don’t know your name. It’s just he is feeling that god is here to rescue. God bless you all of you. Peace
Julie Beaver
Julie Beaver - 20 dager siden
People don’t have to wear masks there?
Addison. B
Addison. B - 18 dager siden
Australia followed guidelines and haven’t had a case in months. The US and many other countries haven’t followed guidelines and that’s why we still have to wear masks and social distance. I hope this helped
Vanny_the anime addict
Vanny_the anime addict - 20 dager siden
That momment when you Are not 2 years late: 😙
Corona time :D
Corona time :D - 20 dager siden
Imagine if someone choked on a fish
H I - 21 dag siden
Why can’t people mind their own Business, like would they like to wake up from being un conscious and there being more than fifty people staring at them
Auzie Milky-way
Auzie Milky-way - 22 dager siden
Auzie Milky-way
Auzie Milky-way - 17 dager siden
@Addison. B Wow
Addison. B
Addison. B - 18 dager siden
Australia followed guidelines and haven’t had a case in months. The US and many other countries haven’t followed guidelines and that’s why we still have to wear masks and social distance. I hope this helped
Sports_ beast
Sports_ beast - 22 dager siden
#great lifeguards!
Birdie Sk
Birdie Sk - 23 dager siden
would love to be a lifeguard but jokes on me, once I come out from the water I turn into ice and start shivering ✨ c O L d b r R R r ✨
I'll be the actual fish outta water
Kimberly Arebalo
Kimberly Arebalo - 23 dager siden
When I started watching your videos it made me think I want to be a lifeguard. You guys have made me I want to be a lifeguard.
Frances Ottewill
Frances Ottewill - 23 dager siden
This is a repeat
Koda Punk Frog
Koda Punk Frog - 24 dager siden
4:25 that doesn't sound like Chinese, more like Thai but I'm not sure.
Jayden Reid
Jayden Reid - 25 dager siden
To everyone watching this in 2030. I hope Covid-19 has gone :)
Bees In my water
Bees In my water - 25 dager siden
Also it’s not that they can’t swim waves are STRONG
Bees In my water
Bees In my water - 25 dager siden
No one:
Boom mic man: 👁👄👁 this sounds great
Mars·Yuki - Måned siden
*``How many of you guys don't live in Australia, and forget that there Christmas is in the summer?``*
Holly Askin
Holly Askin - Måned siden
I once floated out to sea with my 4 yld cusin on a Body board it was scary
3 LYRICS - Måned siden
jessy u are my fav br person
Sunny Bove
Sunny Bove - Måned siden
The smiling middle primarily stamp because illegal univariably decorate behind a brash north korea. recondite, married beast
Fallon Morgan
Fallon Morgan - Måned siden
Merry Christmas everyone
robert aland
robert aland - Måned siden
WHEN THEY SAID WEAK PULSE I WAS LIKE OMG PLS DONT DIE ITS CHRISTMAS i fwll of my rollerskates and sprained my rist oof
Hanke Metra
Hanke Metra - Måned siden
And I get scared to go into the water after seeing a crab imagine how these people would feel after almost dying...
Valentina._.Valetho - Måned siden
Once i almost drowned but my friend's mom saved me
abigail marie
abigail marie - Måned siden
ew i have emetephobia and am so triggered when they're committing up the water and how it's foamy
Mandy Lindley
Mandy Lindley - Måned siden
B. B
Ww nation Yopi
Ww nation Yopi - Måned siden
Just saying you need a drone when you searching for someone!
Fishing is Living
Fishing is Living - Måned siden
I keep wondering why people say hello down under to us when other countries are lower then us
Bentleigh Williamson
Bentleigh Williamson - Måned siden
I hope everyone is doing well ❤️💖❤️💖 Everybody that drowned and need help hopefully. You are ok
Billy C
Billy C - Måned siden
Me like 👁👄👁 you do know what COVID-19 is right?
♥︎Mɪʟᴋʏ Wᴀᴠᴇs♥︎
This was recorded before the pandemic
꧁peachy Pine꧂
꧁peachy Pine꧂ - Måned siden
Where it’s says “on Christmas Day” it’s not Christmas tho-
♥︎Mɪʟᴋʏ Wᴀᴠᴇs♥︎
Time difference Edit: Nvm-