Coronavirus Closes Down Bondi Beach *EXCLUSIVE SEASON 15 CLIP*

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Coronavirus hits Australia forcing the closure of one of the world's most famous beaches in this special clip from Bondi Rescue Season 15.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 03:16


Chad Wood
Chad Wood - Dag siden
And fair bloody play to the ozzies. You did as you were told and suffered the lockdowns and nearly bloody eradicated the virus from the whole country. Well played all of ya
Melissa Barranti
Melissa Barranti - 2 dager siden
Please could some tell me when season 15 comes out on YouTube
Omer Hassan
Omer Hassan - 2 dager siden
“the beach goers cooperate” well Yh it’s Sydney not Florida
Stacy Newton
Stacy Newton - 3 dager siden
Smart thing to do. Be glad when this is over ,but I know what it feels like to lose a loved one due to coronavirus. And my grandma had it but recovered and my uncle and cousin. They did the right thing.well done saved a lot of lives that day
Samuel Slingo
Samuel Slingo - 3 dager siden
I agree with David Eliot
Mya - 3 dager siden
I'm sitting here watching this in national lockdown
Jill Wild
Jill Wild - 6 dager siden
I know right I look how long it was ago my mouth drops
Benjy O'Callaghan
Benjy O'Callaghan - 6 dager siden
Ppl wishing they took it as seriously as Australians did as they now have very few infections. Meanwhile here in the uk it’s a shambles
Dude on his bike
Dude on his bike - 6 dager siden
how long has this show been going on for? i only found it the other day and i thought al the videos were about 10 years old
Dylan - 6 dager siden
This isn’t about saving lives. It’s about submitting to China
Jadden - 6 dager siden
The police man is irresponsible as well. He’s talking about people crowding but he’s standing next to others 😐😂
Tapout70 - 7 dager siden
Covid is a joke it’s not that serious
DravinBarnyard - 7 dager siden
It’s still funny how serious people took this bullshit lol
Brandon Chang
Brandon Chang - 7 dager siden
Masks fellas
who goof
who goof - 7 dager siden
Ok but where is everyone’s masks
who goof
who goof - 6 dager siden
@Emma Roper i was concerned ma'am no need to throw back attitude xoxo
Jack Evans
Jack Evans - 6 dager siden
@Emma Roper they didn’t have an attitude you do though
Emma Roper
Emma Roper - 6 dager siden
this was six months ago my love :) was probs filmed like in march so shush...wiv your attidue
Alena Conrad
Alena Conrad - 7 dager siden
It’s kinda uncomfortable to seeing them do these press conferences talking about how dangerous the virus is with no mask. But perhaps this is so early on that the mask thing still wasn’t really a thing yet.
Koach 777
Koach 777 - 7 dager siden
Can I just say how much I appreciate them taking this pandemic seriously. 🙏thank you Australia
Kathryn Pettus
Kathryn Pettus - 4 dager siden
You need to take it seriously and stop the cause:
James Moran
James Moran - 8 dager siden
Covid is a bunch of bull crap
SurvivalSquirrel - 8 dager siden
Fake pandemic! And almost everyone is falling for it! And even if it was real, why would we kill our economy for a few lives? I would rather take the risk losing my grandparents a few years earlier than risking the jobs of me and my relatives!
SurvivalSquirrel - 7 dager siden
@Kiri Gouldsbrough Go and see how many people die of different diseases! Hundreds of thousands die every day this is just normal! Turn of your TV and stop reading these shit papers and start actually using your braincells!
Kiri Gouldsbrough
Kiri Gouldsbrough - 8 dager siden
Wtaf is wrong with you!! Firstly its real if you really believe its not you must seriously be missing a good few braincells and secondly Its not just a few lives its hundreds of thousands of loved ones, people who have years ahead of them, families to take care of and children who depend on them are DYING. Even if you yourself are at a lower risk of dying from the virus there are also a many long term effects that can come from it long after initial recovery. Peoples lives will always matter more!
mishall - 9 dager siden
hoppo: we cant count all the people
me: harrison can...
Joeros Cabalhug
Joeros Cabalhug - 9 dager siden
Im excited for season 16 i just find this shit now and im fking addicted
Dandadabman 710
Dandadabman 710 - 9 dager siden
U know what guys u don’t know what fucking gonna happen tommorow there can be a fucking war tommorow or a bomb we can all die we can’t live in fear the rest our life’s
Andy Contento
Andy Contento - 10 dager siden
Absolutely the right decision. Personally it gets on my t*ts seeing such irresponsible idiots.
Smiling Silverhand
Smiling Silverhand - 11 dager siden
I gotta comend Australia on how they have handled covid
Immaculate Ngenzebuhuro
Immaculate Ngenzebuhuro - 10 dager siden
In QLD its back some person from the UK came to QLD
Paige - 11 dager siden
Atleast all the irresponsible people are now on YouTube for millions of people to see :) haha
E Wick
E Wick - 14 dager siden
I wish America took covid this seriously.
Today (January 13, 2021), Australia had 16 cases, and the USA had 230,476 cases. This is so difficult to just sit back and watch every other country acknowledging the severity of this virus and taking steps to reduce transmission, while the USA does nothing. Trump is probably out golfing. January 20th can't come soon enough.😌
Wolf Brookhaven
Wolf Brookhaven - 18 dager siden
Please wear a mask and stay away for people this is not a joke l learn it the hard way l was in the hospital for a MONTH it’s bad please stay safe and say home
Wolf Brookhaven
Wolf Brookhaven - 16 dager siden
@rapaki68 am 22
Gamer Gals
Gamer Gals - 27 dager siden
Me trying to find the best bondi video
Rodney Preston
Rodney Preston - 29 dager siden
The crowded viola indirectly crush because design histomorphometrically separate pace a drab mailbox. defective, hurt chime
Brock 11
Brock 11 - 29 dager siden
I feel weird watching an episode from 2020 rather than from 2006-2010
Dachdog - Måned siden
And No one wears a mask. Government workers condemning the people as irresponsible, yet being in a crowd without masks. SMH
Kendra French
Kendra French - Måned siden
Fresh ocean air is exactly what people need. Forcing people into a hermit lifestyle will cost more lives than the actual virus ever could.
Teddy Alpha
Teddy Alpha - Måned siden
Hoppo: We cant count every single person on the beach
Me: Harrisons done it before, and he's gonna do it again
Lila Unger
Lila Unger - Måned siden
Wait is it closed forever? I don’t want it to be closed forever I love bondi
The_Horse361 Show
The_Horse361 Show - Måned siden
"Most irresponsible thing I've seen" whilst standing there with no mask and all the other bullshit they are told to do
Nathan Lobo
Nathan Lobo - Måned siden
I’m so sad the best beach in Australia is closed
B9588 - Måned siden
Imagine if Americans listened or cared about others this much
Alan Gaming
Alan Gaming - Måned siden
We need the almighty Harrison and it clicker
Maddie Oastler
Maddie Oastler - Måned siden
Watching this in self isolation knowing Australia is case free 😭😭😭😭
Stewart Read
Stewart Read - Måned siden
Is cv-l9 sea born? Wow didn't know that.. Idiotic planks..
G G - Måned siden
People in the comments actually happy with the fact police will arrest people for going to the beach. Foolish.
1H Munesar Rajiv
1H Munesar Rajiv - Måned siden
Akash Saha
Akash Saha - Måned siden
This covid has made the work of the life guards even harder wearing masks and maintaining distancing under the hot sun
Twiglet - Måned siden
Covid sucks
Cryptonics - 2 måneder siden
Well that’s a statement from your prime minister who left your country for a vacation
taylor - 2 måneder siden
as soon as covid is gone my parents are taking me to Australia Sydney so i can go to bondi i have wanted to go for 4 years and as soon as covid is FULLY gone im coming to bondi
Alicia Swinney
Alicia Swinney - 2 måneder siden
We need Harrison's clicker again
Frankie Fontecchio
Frankie Fontecchio - 2 måneder siden
Absolutely ridiculous alot of bad people have found out how much more of our rights they can steal without people putting up a fight
Joshua Worgan
Joshua Worgan - 2 måneder siden
Harrison Can Count M! 🤣😜 500's 2 Easy 4 Him, He Can Do Over 17 Hundred!
Alaina Chamberlain
Alaina Chamberlain - 2 måneder siden
Harrison goes out to count the people during the pandemic: 1..........2...........and that it
isabella katipa
isabella katipa - 2 måneder siden
Idk but this video just reassured me that bondi rescue is still around and isn't just a couple of archived videos from like 11 years ago😅
Jenna Bowker
Jenna Bowker - 2 måneder siden
Of course my school shuts down literally a week later after we started going back and no words can describe how upset I am
Arrange - 2 måneder siden
oof thats tuff
Talia._Dancer001 - 2 måneder siden
What’s funny is that I was actually on time for season 15 because I started watching this show during COVID and it has saved me I have nearly watched every episode in just 7 months! (Fan from the uk) 💙 can’t wait for season 16!!
Stanpix34 - 3 måneder siden
from what i see no one were masks lol
perkelepower - 3 måneder siden
0:57 that blurred person, is that Santa on holiday?
The OutlawGunner
The OutlawGunner - 3 måneder siden
Avi Yemini is definitely my favorite Australian. He fights for all of your freedoms. Closing everything down like that is unacceptable.
Jūlīañ ÆZ¿‽
Jūlīañ ÆZ¿‽ - 3 måneder siden
The patrol man and the women haves no mask;-;
Jenna Bowker
Jenna Bowker - 3 måneder siden
I'm so over the Corona virus by now.

Also me: Why can't it just end?
Bobbie Rose
Bobbie Rose - 3 måneder siden
kylie koponia
kylie koponia - 3 måneder siden
you realise everyone at that beach is white
hugh_mungus 01
hugh_mungus 01 - 3 måneder siden
have a look at the other Bondi rescue vids, all asians being rescued
JEREMY SHERROD - 3 måneder siden
Should’ve just hit the shark alarm they would’ve got out
Dani Layne
Dani Layne - 3 måneder siden
Frick you corona
holly 《》
holly 《》 - 3 måneder siden
Harrison's time to shine
Liverpool Potter
Liverpool Potter - 3 måneder siden
I’m so shocked Backpackets aren’t getting the blame.
Bush Justice
Bush Justice - 3 måneder siden
Have absolutely no interest in bondi beach..bleeccchh...used to beaches with no one on them
CEB IS PSYCHO - 3 måneder siden
I love you guys so much
CEB IS PSYCHO - 3 måneder siden
CEB IS PSYCHO - 3 måneder siden
I love you guys so much
Richard&Diane Creaser
Richard&Diane Creaser - 3 måneder siden
Lyra Siega
Lyra Siega - 3 måneder siden
I'll definitely have an Australian accent later when I take in calls 😂😂
Adriel M
Adriel M - 3 måneder siden
If i was in Australia i would make a law where you could rent a piece of the beach to yourself and only you are aloud
Truth & Justice For All
Truth & Justice For All - 3 måneder siden
Safest place to be. Outside on the beach, fresh air, sunshine etc. total hoax
Tilly Grant
Tilly Grant - 3 måneder siden
' you cant count everyone?'
Harrison: Hold my board
nycdweller - 3 måneder siden
Thanks China
Edmund M
Edmund M - 3 måneder siden
Anyone wonder if they get paid for being lifeguards and characters on a reality tv show 🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Dempster
Brandon Dempster - 3 måneder siden
They dont get paid for the bondi rescue rtv show but they get paid to be lifeguards as there job
HonestlyAnna - 3 måneder siden
This show is still going??? XD
Neira - 3 måneder siden
I feel like its good...just imagine all the sunscreen going into that ocean day in and day out to harm corals and also with people losing plastic goggles and anything to harm wildlife
Matt playz
Matt playz - 3 måneder siden
Let’s just say we all can’t wait for 2021
Anna Kistler
Anna Kistler - 3 måneder siden
australia took this extremely seriously. if you didn’t wear a mask you’d get in literally so much trouble from the gov i can’t even explain. the gov shouldve shut the beach down the second covid got here, rather than blame it on the people.
NolanPlaysYT - 4 måneder siden
Americans: 36 degrees... fahrenheit?
missteary - 4 måneder siden
Crowded beach plus strong waves
Thats gonna kill me
Fox Flowers ASMR
Fox Flowers ASMR - 4 måneder siden
Nick Apenianski
Nick Apenianski - 4 måneder siden
What episode of season 15 is this video
Nancy Garcia
Nancy Garcia - 4 måneder siden
2 month late but the virus haven't killed a lot of people so its not really serious in US we get to choose what we do since we free so i don't really need to follow rules......
hugh_mungus 01
hugh_mungus 01 - 3 måneder siden
the western country with the most people in prison? = U.S.A. your media keeps telling you your sooo free. Reality tells a different story.
OnceIWasKovic - 4 måneder siden
Keep telling yourselves that you're free like the delusional fucks you are. Your nation is metaphorically and literally on fire whilst the state wields unparalleled resources for mass surveillance, policing and military force.
Annabel Robinson
Annabel Robinson - 4 måneder siden
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bbbbooooonnndddiii
Carissa Magracia
Carissa Magracia - 4 måneder siden
Its much better if bondi beach is in lockdown because people will not be sick because of corona virus
Sophie Quarry
Sophie Quarry - 4 måneder siden
Covid pls go
Angelina Nguyen
Angelina Nguyen - 4 måneder siden
TofuTeo - 4 måneder siden
Maybe they could've enlisted Harrison to count and ensure the number of visitors was under 500
Phoebe Grigor
Phoebe Grigor - 4 måneder siden
1:43 pretty spooky seeing how they set up Bondi during WWII with the barbed wire
I LOVE MANATEES ! - 4 måneder siden
Ana Corrales
Ana Corrales - 4 måneder siden
The Norris nuts don’t Evan where there masks and they live in Australia 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
Abiel Abiel
Abiel Abiel - 5 måneder siden
I love dogs
I love dogs - 5 måneder siden
I was at the beach having a party when they closed it😭
Alexandra Clark
Alexandra Clark - 5 måneder siden
Hoppo does not age, need to rewatch every single season now 😂
Melissa Love
Melissa Love - 5 måneder siden
Nice to see everyone comply. :)
Nightmereia - 5 måneder siden
we are the same here in richards bay as life guards too
Jay 'd
Jay 'd - 5 måneder siden
Can I ask where I can watch the re runs so far? I found the YouTube channel but I don’t know where to watch it on tv
Nahlia Howlett
Nahlia Howlett - 5 måneder siden
Me from nyc watching this asking does anyone even have a mask 😷