Deaf Woman Has Seizure - Refuses Treatment

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Lifeguards respond to a woman having a seizure on the beach. Matters are complicated when lifeguards discover the woman is deaf and refusing medical help.
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Runtime: 03:18


Abby O
Abby O - Time siden
Emil Sosnin
Emil Sosnin - 8 timer siden
I wonder what percentage of subscribers are or were lifeguards.
sleepy spider
sleepy spider - 2 dager siden
I love Bondi rescue and I do want to go to Bondi Beach but I live in perth
madyshades - 2 dager siden
Schools should teach sign language for situations like this, especially lifeguards
Jade See
Jade See - 2 dager siden
Hi Bondi,
I've been watching since forever and I just wanted to say,
Thank you for entertaining me with these videos. I respect that you are saving so many people's lives and I hope you are doing well in 2021.
Elizabeth - 2 dager siden
I'm so addicted watching bondi rescue👽
Minniexchannie - 3 dager siden
istg, schools should be teaching sign language, it will be easier for us to communicate with deaf people and it will also be easier for deaf people to understand us
GraffitiTurtle - 3 dager siden
If I was deaf I’d never go to the beach alone, then again I’d probably be too afraid to go anywhere alone
Corintha Michelin
Corintha Michelin - 7 dager siden
I have question why don't I have a question they have a piece of paper since she's deaf they can she can see but she's deaf
Honey Bears
Honey Bears - 10 dager siden
I really won’t to meet harision from bondie
VictoriaW - 11 dager siden
2:12 me every second of the day
Katie Locke
Katie Locke - 12 dager siden
Presley Boland
Presley Boland - 13 dager siden
My first seizure I was completely shirtless in bed and I woke up to like 5 very attractive paramedics and I was ✨traumatized✨
breege mcauley
breege mcauley - 14 dager siden
Why is she so angry🤔🤔
AstheticAvocado - 17 dager siden
I feel so bad☹
Nur Aaisyah
Nur Aaisyah - 22 dager siden
I watch BondiRescue all day cuz I love to watch them helping people
なたこ - 28 dager siden
Maddy Fan of Home Free
Maddy Fan of Home Free - 29 dager siden
I am 3 months late.
catherine carden
catherine carden - 29 dager siden
So in my Math class there is a boy and he is deaf and so we have a special teacher who can do sigh language but I still talk to him but I’m surprised that he knows what I’m saying when I don’t know sigh laughing 😁.... His name is Deyang and he’s my best never mind that I meant BFF.
Complexity - Måned siden
Jennifer Sherfey
Jennifer Sherfey - Måned siden
I’m not as late
Cxnfused - Måned siden
they could’ve gotten paper and written what they were saying but ohwell :/ lol
Maya Alarcon
Maya Alarcon - Måned siden
You guys should learn sign language
ᴅɪʀᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴᴇʀ sǫᴜᴀᴅ
I just finished a bondi rescue video... and went to another bondi rescue video🙂
Roblox Frendz
Roblox Frendz - Måned siden
See y’all in 5 years when this is on reccomended
Amy Brownless
Amy Brownless - Måned siden
My favs are Harrison Tommy and jethro
Shania Collier
Shania Collier - Måned siden
The new
Mia _youknow
Mia _youknow - Måned siden
I love bondi but I live in LA🥺❤️
Sophie Frankis
Sophie Frankis - Måned siden
She probably has some existing mental issues as well. The way she didn't want to be touched or fussed over an was trying to get away reminded me of how I used to act as a child, since I have autism. Maybe something close to that. Or maybe she just wanted to be left, who knows.
Emily 123
Emily 123 - 2 måneder siden
I binged watched this and now I'm atticted
J-Lee Pablo
J-Lee Pablo - 2 måneder siden
What the fuck
Itsjustthebear - 2 måneder siden
My whole life is bondi beach
Laiba Ghaffor
Laiba Ghaffor - 2 måneder siden
16 hours u must be CRAZY😦😦😦
xxx_lucy lou_xxx
xxx_lucy lou_xxx - 2 måneder siden
I never regret watching this it has been so helpful I helped someone when they were struggling to breathe thank to u tysm!!!!😊
Maisie Kahan
Maisie Kahan - 6 dager siden
Thats good well done for saving someone 👏 👍 😀 👌 😊
Affan Dhaulagiri Dendi Ramdani
Affan Dhaulagiri Dendi Ramdani - 2 måneder siden
I know sign language when i was 4 or 5 my mom teached me sign language and now im doing good in sign language like so fun
aliyah reid
aliyah reid - 2 måneder siden
Life guards doctors and paramedics should all have to learn sign
Matt Wallace
Matt Wallace - 2 måneder siden
This is honestly kinda fucked, in all honesty
she was most likely scared
minimal communication
not giving her any space, either
given the situation, its understandable. Although, I feel like they approached the situation too harshly/aggressively
AlayUSSR _
AlayUSSR _ - 2 måneder siden
They way they picked her up tho-
Life of a Lumberjack
Life of a Lumberjack - 2 måneder siden
seng saephan
seng saephan - 2 måneder siden
Haven’t been this early since I didn’t have to wear a mask in public
Ruby Matthews
Ruby Matthews - 2 måneder siden
I love this channel
Ruby Matthews
Ruby Matthews - 2 måneder siden
Cat Woman
Cat Woman - 2 måneder siden
How irresponsible is her family...
Donut Squad
Donut Squad - 2 måneder siden
Who loves the life guards ☻︎☻︎☻︎
Ziana Bolek
Ziana Bolek - 2 måneder siden
o im deaf too i know sign languages. but i wish i was hearing, alot of people make fun of me cause im deaf-
also like if u agree they should have a deaf livegaurd that knows how to sign and that might be me! i wanna be a livegaurd when i grow up,rn im 8 years old.
ShinyBrain - 2 måneder siden
why the hell does she not have a translater
KKPlays !
KKPlays ! - 2 måneder siden
Guys are the best Youtubers ever love your vid‘s I was watching your videosfrom 9 o’clock to 12
Temami Chawngthu
Temami Chawngthu - 2 måneder siden
I'm deaf and you're not understand she share sign language .... but please teach American sign language with help of it our deaf people play with ocean swimming to far......
Please get American sign language with help who deaf people's not okay and want understand
Natalie Bedford
Natalie Bedford - 2 måneder siden
As much as I love learning another country's language at school, I swear we should learn our own first.
If every school taught their second language as ausland, times like this would be much easier. Communication is key!
Christian Colbert
Christian Colbert - 2 måneder siden
I feel bad for the lady
Mandy Elsdon
Mandy Elsdon - 2 måneder siden
Me neither
•• - 2 måneder siden
I feel like emt or doctors should learn at least a lil sign language
• s ã l t •
• s ã l t • - 2 måneder siden
all of u guys are hero's u save people and animals ! Stay strong . Your all amazing !
lara - 2 måneder siden
my mom had seizures a few months ago. She was lucky I was home at this moment, but I was scared for her life. This strange loud "snoring" sound deep from the lad's lungs gave me flashbacks. So scary! In between seizures she was so agitated and also refused treatment due to the memory loss and not knowing the full extent of what the body just experienced
King Produciton
King Produciton - 2 måneder siden
ayo is this how juice looked when he passed away
Honey Grace Escartin
Honey Grace Escartin - 2 måneder siden
its been 4 days, I love watching BondiRescueee ☺😂
M. - 3 måneder siden
lets all say rip to my wifi because i KNOW im gonna spend all night watching these 👁👄👁
UniSpaceLlama 13
UniSpaceLlama 13 - 3 måneder siden
I feel that everyone should know the basics of sign language in case of something like this.
0lvia Levy
0lvia Levy - 3 måneder siden
Am now month late but at least not years
Saniya Kareem
Saniya Kareem - 3 måneder siden
I feel like a Supergirl after watching them rescue her.
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith - 3 måneder siden
I never regret spending 16 hours on YouTube a day watching bondi rescue
neha mck
neha mck - 3 måneder siden
yay I’m finally not 7 years late👍
Sandra Soluna
Sandra Soluna - 3 måneder siden
Bondi is the best I watch them every day
White Out
White Out - 3 måneder siden
I watch for one day and I cannot stop watching bondi rescue 😅
Happy CK
Happy CK - 3 måneder siden
Love your videos!
Tori Vlogs
Tori Vlogs - 3 måneder siden
Fun fact this was posted on my 13th birthday 🙃
Deadly_ Bones
Deadly_ Bones - 3 måneder siden
Well..... No one ever regrets watching Bondi rescues.....Its so internaining plus its adventurous, I Love It🤟🏻
Destinee Wilke
Destinee Wilke - 3 måneder siden
never regret spending 16 hours on youtube a day watching Bondi rescue 🙈
Jimins_ Lost_Jams
Jimins_ Lost_Jams - 3 måneder siden
I don’t spend 20 hours just watching bondi rescue...and I don’t spend the other four hours watching more bondi beach because I love it so much...
Anycraics - 3 måneder siden
Here lad Im from North of Ireland not Northern Ireland I'm from donegal and my family is always in the surf here and I was down at a rescue the last day rip but I was like to my dad who used to be a lifeguard now surflifesaving coach do they have a Defib from the hut and asking how many ambos where there and he was like what do ya mean lad I've Puck up so much slang.
Scoot Every day
Scoot Every day - 3 måneder siden
Vivian Chan
Vivian Chan - 3 måneder siden
I have to watch Bondi rescue because they help people and they are very nice and I keep watching a day tonight to midnight but my eyes are not good so that’s why I can only meet I can only watch it for morning and night
Coming To Getcha BOI
Coming To Getcha BOI - 3 måneder siden
She probably just doesn't wanna pay for it.
my name
my name - 3 måneder siden
Australia has free healthcare
Moo I'm
Moo I'm - 3 måneder siden
You could see why she wanted to pull her top up tho... 4 strange men staring at her and since she’s deaf she doesn’t know why
chunky.chinchilla - 3 måneder siden
It’s official. I’m addicted. But tbh it’s inspired me to start training to be a lifeguard. It’s really cool how these guys save lives. And I’m only 10 but that gives me more time to train so.
Jasonups5 - 3 måneder siden
Great video, I have Brain Cancer and had my first seizure couple months ago actually 23-28 of them. Was in hospital for 5days and now I take seizure meds till my last day here. Great video and if you have seizures please go to the Dr.
Yep. - 3 måneder siden
Death or not she has no right to slap paramedics....
Rubys Life
Rubys Life - 3 måneder siden
Sammy Thomas
Sammy Thomas - 3 måneder siden
HonestlyAnna - 3 måneder siden
Wish I could be there for her with my signing knowledge.
lil mqlio
lil mqlio - 3 måneder siden
Who else is addicted to this channel?
Maddie Woodall
Maddie Woodall - 3 måneder siden
It’s hard for me to watch seizure because that’s how my god died 😭😭😭😭😭
Grace Wardle
Grace Wardle - 3 måneder siden
I don’t have seizures but I’m deaf and have to two hearing aids
Flamin Dragon
Flamin Dragon - 3 måneder siden
That is so kind of u
Larry Littleton
Larry Littleton - 3 måneder siden
They should have a list of interpreters to call when emergencies like this come up. Not just sign language, but other languages as well. The cost of an interpreter is minimal compared to the life it may save.
Ailani Jaspers
Ailani Jaspers - 3 måneder siden
I think this is just sad for the lady, most people need to know sign languaga!
Tomo and Hiro Otake
Tomo and Hiro Otake - 3 måneder siden
My brother, Elijah Is a Lifeguard and had to deal with this and I was with him because i didn't have a mum and my dad was at school yes school he's a teen dad anyways I had to come with him and My brother is like "dose any know some sign language *Turns around and see's me eating his Lunch* Ellie(Me)Thats my lunch that dad gave me it not for you" Me:"Sorry*Gives his lunch box back*" Elijah:"Ellie? Do you know any Sign language" Me:"Yes but I only a bit and I'm pretty sure that It won't work" Elijah:"Why?" Me:"because the only sign language i know is I'm stupid" Elijah:"Oh *Starts to Laugh* okay do you have any Other ideas boy" Me:"I DO!" Elijah:"What is it little one?" Me:"*Run off and runs into the tower grabs my pen and my Note book and Comes back* We write Word instead of saying them like*Write's "Hi I'm Ellie I'm 10 years old"*" Elijah:"Oh yeah good idea Ellie *Kisses my Head*"
Payten q
Payten q - 3 måneder siden
I don’t understand why she’s alone
Quick and Easy Drawings
Quick and Easy Drawings - 3 måneder siden
Use this as a “put on Netflix button” !
Preeti Kajale
Preeti Kajale - 3 måneder siden
you all are doing such a great job i cant explain....
candy boo
candy boo - 3 måneder siden
I started watching your video 12:00 next time i check the clock it was 04:00
Wheezy - 3 måneder siden
WTAF "We can't force her into the Ambo" two minutes later they forcefully drag her into the ambulance. I mean they can stop her from entering the beach as a danger to herself.
Lexi - 3 måneder siden
I love Bondi rescue, I have been watching it since I was little 😁☺️😊
Tony Carney
Tony Carney - 3 måneder siden
I’m deaf
Aravind Ruthprabhu
Aravind Ruthprabhu - 4 måneder siden
The bystander at 0:30 is damn sexy man. Am I the only one who thought so?
Veronica Nguyen
Veronica Nguyen - 4 måneder siden
Ariaxql l
Ariaxql l - 4 måneder siden
They gonna notice me?I love the show especially the sharks I just want see it not the people that grt hurt
Lucia - 4 måneder siden
OMG! I love you guys! One day I want to be a Bondi lifguird, I've always wanted to meet you guys.
Ruby - 4 måneder siden
she a cranky old lady
peach - 4 måneder siden
@Ruby ik
Ruby - 4 måneder siden
peach well they shouldve have wrote that in the caption
peach - 4 måneder siden
@Ruby cuz she has issuessss
Ruby - 4 måneder siden
peach ik, it was just a joke... and those peop,w where trying to help her but u saw the way she refused
peach - 4 måneder siden
Shes not crankY shes deaf and has some issues :(
Toxicbanana z
Toxicbanana z - 4 måneder siden
Spending hours watching BondiRescue is the best decision I have ever made
Captain Teeko
Captain Teeko - 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or washer perdo say my flailing and moving about possibly mean Shes on the spectrum? I don’t wanna assume autism but something didn’t seem “right” about how she acted but at least she’s alright