Drowning Swimmer Can't Stay On Lifeguard Rescue Board

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Bondi lifeguard Quinn struggles to get a desperate swimmer back to shore when he keeps tipping the rescue board.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 02:27


Klinsman Nunes
Klinsman Nunes - 2 måneder siden
i don't know why Indians don't understand its not GANGA our the Arabian sea or bay of Bengal which are very calm and that is bondi they just jump in
Heather Lynsey
Heather Lynsey - 2 måneder siden
My man why are you in the water if you cannot swim??
Hien Trinh
Hien Trinh - 3 måneder siden
Bet you I’m a worst swimmer
Shelley Mourer
Shelley Mourer - 4 måneder siden
Love those 3, laughing at the end. I’m glad he’s ok
Alda Laily
Alda Laily - 4 måneder siden
One video lead to another lol
Captain Teeko
Captain Teeko - 4 måneder siden
He’s dead for sure this time of his wife ever sees this video
Jerrbear26 - 4 måneder siden
Going to a body of water? Learn to swim, lesson learned.
NotGhostly - 4 måneder siden
Imagine being such a horrible swimmer you can barely keep your head out the water then being too fat to be saved by a normal board
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 - 4 måneder siden
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Benjamin Navarro
Benjamin Navarro - 4 måneder siden
he said he had lots of stomach hhaha
Mixail Karpenko
Mixail Karpenko - 4 måneder siden
I was always wanted to be a lifeguard when I was little but now I now that I’m am going to be a lifeguard definitely
MercyfulVick V
MercyfulVick V - 4 måneder siden
This beach is not for swimming...they should know better
IBRAH ROTICH - 4 måneder siden
You didn't show us the stomach😂😂
Joana P
Joana P - 5 måneder siden
Lol his smile at the end😆
Ren Amsden
Ren Amsden - 5 måneder siden
The guy watching this like 👁👄👁
fatnsassy 99
fatnsassy 99 - 5 måneder siden
Why do ppl go in the ocean n don't even know how to swim? Stupid n careless.....
Sharon Sharn
Sharon Sharn - 5 måneder siden
Feel so sorry for the guy, thank God he was ok..
XxsunflowertiediexX Roblox
XxsunflowertiediexX Roblox - 5 måneder siden
You guys are amazing at your job! Keep up the Great work stay brave and strong remember this💗💖💗💖💗💖
Underrated-G.O.A.T - 5 måneder siden
0:53 so much stomach 😂
EdiTz Is Goat On PS4
EdiTz Is Goat On PS4 - 5 måneder siden
xXØHAìzlęyØXx ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
“What she don’t know, don’t hurt her. HAHAHA”
Me: she gonna have a panic attack when she finds ouuuuuut~
Firanbona Jara
Firanbona Jara - 5 måneder siden
Eva Memaj
Eva Memaj - 5 måneder siden
I wanna be a lifeguard 😂😂
Smallsmudger XXXTENTACION - 5 måneder siden
I love this show its the best and hole shit mate you people are so likely that you are there to help them
soniaustralie - 5 måneder siden
He had so much belly he couldn’t stay on the surf board that was rescuing him.... sad ! And of course he couldn’t swim neither ... some people really test their luck.
Kaitlyn Hynd
Kaitlyn Hynd - 5 måneder siden
He’s worst than my dad at swimming 😂😂
squigwards peepee
squigwards peepee - 5 måneder siden
His belly 😭
Em - 5 måneder siden
This channel makes me want to become a lifeguard
Ellie - 5 måneder siden
I went to a beach and there were no lifgards we looked everywhere we were going to give them some chocolate there were none
Badra Dualeh
Badra Dualeh - 5 måneder siden
I wonder if they ever accidentally hit someone over the head with the surfboard whilst trying to rescue them?
Elijah Acevedo
Elijah Acevedo - 5 måneder siden
I used to like going to the beach... not anymore...
KorkEdits - 5 måneder siden
This why BondiRescue beach is popular I wish I was there staying in the sun getting roast while drawing on my iPad
Gaming With Emily
Gaming With Emily - 5 måneder siden
Gaming With Emily
Gaming With Emily - 5 måneder siden
Taylor Tamayo
Taylor Tamayo - 6 måneder siden
Jacob Sartorius
Jacob Sartorius - 6 måneder siden
If he can’t swim why go in the ocean stay in the bloody shallow end mate?!
aliciaa fairyy
aliciaa fairyy - 6 måneder siden
omg can we take one moment for these people they rescue us when we risk our lives in nature no matter how dangerous
Am in Ariverse's
Am in Ariverse's - 6 måneder siden
Seriously, if you can't swim, don't tempt yourself to go any further. Just stay at a place where you can handle yourself real good. Thank god he got to live another day tho😊
Roman A.
Roman A. - 6 måneder siden
The mother in law watching this video 👁👄👁
Gabriella’s Tale
Gabriella’s Tale - 6 måneder siden
Why did I find this channel now , I needed something like this during quarantine to watch
HeyitzMia - 6 måneder siden
there was a video of them in 2007 and i was not even alive i was born in 2010
Chloe Unicorn
Chloe Unicorn - 6 måneder siden
I. Love cliff jumping and being on the beach
Jason Bogart
Jason Bogart - 6 måneder siden
This show is soooo good I just starded watching it lol. When I grow up im being a life guard😂
I’M UK - 6 måneder siden
His belly kept him afloat.
Sandra And her dogs
Sandra And her dogs - 6 måneder siden
Can we just think about the traumas the life guards could have of this?
Tryful ツ
Tryful ツ - 6 måneder siden
Tbh I thought life guards are lazy and not doing their job. but now I Know life guards are life savers!! 😇💂❤️❤️
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo - 6 måneder siden
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo - 6 måneder siden
OMG is he OK?
Daisy Zehtabi
Daisy Zehtabi - 6 måneder siden
Congrats on getting 1 million subscribers!! You have gained an crazy amount of subscribers in the last couple of months! I'm a huge fan! Please reply to me I would really appreciate it! I'm sorry for not buying any merch yet...😥 I'm hopefully getting your blue 💙 Bondi rescue hoodie on Christmas. I'm a huge fan you are my favourite YouTubers! ♥️😆🎉🎂
shin Kobari
shin Kobari - 6 måneder siden
I died when he said he was too heavy to handle🤣🤣😭😭😭
Axsa Hayat
Axsa Hayat - 6 måneder siden
I love how there has been the same commentator for more than 10 years lol.
Shayla Gent
Shayla Gent - 6 måneder siden
Tacim Ozcan
Tacim Ozcan - 6 måneder siden
Sophiegaming - 6 måneder siden
Alex Ski
Alex Ski - 6 måneder siden
Quinn is my fav
LSkobHD - 6 måneder siden
Use this as a put on Netflix button👍
Fayez - 6 måneder siden
The stomach is probably what kept him afloat
Kamryn Dolan
Kamryn Dolan - 6 måneder siden
What channel is Bondi Rescue on?
Vickyy - 6 måneder siden
Longer epiesodes pleaseeeeeee like if you agree 😂❤️
Gabriela Girl
Gabriela Girl - 6 måneder siden
I hate how the lifeguards talk about there weight it’s so sad
my name
my name - 6 måneder siden
Girl his weight was the reasom he couldnt get on the fucking boat and not die!shut the f up 🙄 probably fat yourself
Ivana Nguyen
Ivana Nguyen - 6 måneder siden
Omg 😲
Jack Palazzola
Jack Palazzola - 6 måneder siden
Wait isn’t the beach closed
Alex Volkov
Alex Volkov - 6 måneder siden
Hamersley Twins
Hamersley Twins - 6 måneder siden
Congrats for hitting 1,000,000 subs
Cardinal89 - 6 måneder siden
I should do another live stream
I am a Dreamer
I am a Dreamer - 6 måneder siden
"Quinno" that's so cute 😭😭😭😭
FT okies
FT okies - 6 måneder siden
am i the only one with a fortnite profile pic
Winner One
Winner One - 6 måneder siden
I remember when the youtube channel was on 545k - thats when I discovered it- but a massive well done for your 1mill!!
Thanks for all you fo and the amazing content!
Winner One
Winner One - 6 måneder siden
LAZAR BEAM - 6 måneder siden
Congrats on 1mil subs I love bondi
Sophia CaiLan
Sophia CaiLan - 6 måneder siden
Love this show but where is it on Netflix
Thomas Stabler
Thomas Stabler - 6 måneder siden
This Chanel blowing up
To the 1% of people who see this have a great day/night and I wish you all the best stay safe and be grateful for everything in your life❤
Blue Forever
Blue Forever - 6 måneder siden
Real question is who’s the person behind the channel replies?
Aesthetic_ Coffee
Aesthetic_ Coffee - 6 måneder siden
That guys name is Quinn, imagine his girlfriend is called Harley. XD
Mr Anything
Mr Anything - 6 måneder siden
TheKidAnimator - 6 måneder siden
Holy heck I know how to swim at a young age and this can happen to me I hope I don’t eaten by a shark!!
{̸Bx̸by V̸irgo̸}̸
{̸Bx̸by V̸irgo̸}̸ - 6 måneder siden
I honestly appreciate everything the lifeguards do. It warms my heart every time to see someone saved and safe! Tysmm for everything u do 💕
Kathellyn Da silva
Kathellyn Da silva - 6 måneder siden
Congrats on 1 million subscribers
Bluebirdstar - 6 måneder siden
2:18 "what she doesn't know doesn't hurt her!"....really!! i guess if he drowned and died that wouldn't hurt her too!! -.-
Roxieee Life
Roxieee Life - 6 måneder siden
Is Jesse not a lifeguard anymore he was my favorite
Sg SD - 6 måneder siden
You guys do a GREAT JOB. But how Diverse are your employees?
Most  densely populated, 25 million and 14% chinese International visitors, time to hire a diverse section of your population.
my name
my name - 6 måneder siden
The need to hire who ever qualifies best and who wants to. Get the f out with ur diversity shit🙄
Alyssa Evangeline
Alyssa Evangeline - 6 måneder siden
I literally can't stop watching this show.
whytxr - 6 måneder siden
Being a lifeguard looks so fun, it is now my dream job
Jasmine brihanna dalida
Jasmine brihanna dalida - 6 måneder siden
I know you guys can reach 3 million with all off the peoples help
Minlix M
Minlix M - 6 måneder siden
Every thing I go to the beach there no lifeguard 😭
deaven gamercms23
deaven gamercms23 - 6 måneder siden
Why is nobody wearing mask
OceanFeather - 6 måneder siden
Is it just me or has Bondirescue lost subs I haven't been on this channel in ages so idk
Nathanial Summers
Nathanial Summers - 6 måneder siden
Hi bondi beach i just wanted to say you do a lot for people and youse do a bunch for people and your the best thanks for helping the community bye
eluvlla - 6 måneder siden
congratulations on 1 million subscribers 💓
Steph Daigle
Steph Daigle - 6 måneder siden
I REAAALLY don"t Understand How People who can"t swim go into those waters! It"s Beyoond me!?! Heck I'm a great swimmer and even I wouldn"t go swim that far in those waters!?! Anything can happen when the current is that strong and u can easily get disoriented if a wave comes crashing on top of u and u end up beeing thrown around in the water.. ! I find it Incredible the way these guys are organised !!! I've saved a girl from drowning last fall, and it"s an image that Really haunts you when that happens! I was the one who saw her floating underwater, and the one who pulled her out of the water and everything as the brand new lifeguard accidently gave the wrong signal, so it took a while for the other lifeguards to realise that something serious was happening ( also aside from this event, the last underwater drowning happened many mamy many yrs ago so none of them actualy experienced anything that serious before, Thankfully I was there to help and had saved someone else"s life before that , But it definitely stayed in my mind for weeks afterwards! So I Commend these young blokes to do what they do on a regular basis the way they do!! They are Sooo quick and on the ball, that they rarely loose anyone ! It's Incredible!!
Vincent Sergi
Vincent Sergi - 6 måneder siden
Who names a worker Mario I guess they’re like Mario
1D_ANGEL X - 6 måneder siden
Congrats on 1 mil!
Tonya Silva
Tonya Silva - 6 måneder siden
I love you guys so much I wanna meet you so bad
Rob - 6 måneder siden
They hit 1M Subs 🎉
NYXZ - 6 måneder siden
Ok it look bad
NYXZ - 6 måneder siden
Congrats 🎉 on 1 mil this for you. 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥
Gaston4.7.8.0 - 6 måneder siden
Rip currents advice 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻
be safe on the beach
Danish sea rescue society 😎
Neewerr - 6 måneder siden
Does anyone ever come up to you guys and say I’m a fan?
Anastasia L B
Anastasia L B - 6 måneder siden
Discover this channel today .....it's a real heroes' lives ✨✨🙊✨✨
Ms. R
Ms. R - 6 måneder siden
Check this channel out yoyoyorew yt