Drowning Teenagers Pulled From Sea | Bondi Rescue: Bali - Episode 3 (FULL Episode)

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Bondi's lifeguards contend with a beach 5 x larger than Bondi, many times more dangerous and an under-equipped lifeguard service.
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#BondiRescueBali follows a small team of Bondi Rescue lifeguards as they leave the Australian winter and head to work at Bali’s Kuta Beach where the sun is still shining, waves are still pounding and there’s a huge influx of tourists from Australia and all over the world.
Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and #lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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BondiRescue - Måned siden
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Kaytlynn Cochran
Kaytlynn Cochran - Måned siden
BondiRescue hi when are you going back to bondi rescue
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy - Måned siden
Make sure to leave some room for me 👉😎👉
Neto Mascari
Neto Mascari - Måned siden
Please put subtitles in English so I can translate them into Portuguese, I loved your channel! I'm from Brazil.
Zana Karshan
Zana Karshan - Måned siden
I wonder where Jeffro is
Hannah Isabel
Hannah Isabel - Måned siden
L❤ve from Philippines
Leo Robin
Leo Robin - 3 dager siden
Tom: *can ride a jet ski like a pro no problem*
Also Tom: *Loosing his shit as he learns to ride a motor bike*
Bad Apple
Bad Apple - 3 dager siden
People who film this just disgust me.
0lvia Levy
0lvia Levy - 3 dager siden
Dewi is really a beautiful girl
Kylie Dodge
Kylie Dodge - 4 dager siden
i love how happy all of them are
Widodo Adi
Widodo Adi - 5 dager siden
its called petasan
MaQkl - 11 dager siden
Hard to believe this was filmed 13 years ago! The series in Bali actually got cut after just 4 episodes on Australian Tv but the ones actually on Bondi were very popular
Jordan - 11 dager siden
“Like Kangaroo!!!!” Lolololol I love Harries 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Not Indi
Not Indi - 12 dager siden
For those of you wondering what it’s like to be completely unconscious and drowning, here’s my experience. I passed out in the water due to severe dehydration (insanely hot day, I ran out of water pretty quickly). For me, there was this weird ringing in my ears and I started to go under and got scared so I tried to keep myself awake as much as possible. The waves were pretty powerful and completely sucked the energy out of me and at that moment I passed out after almost a minute of fighting. I didn’t dream or anything, it was almost like going to bed at night and waking up the next morning without remembering anything about the pervious night. All I remembered was swallowing water and feeling the need to throw up. When I woke up there were several people surrounding me and I kept going in and out of consciousness. Please stay safe and drink water. If you really are dehydrated, drink gatorade, it’s meant to help with dehydration more than water.
Royale_Moshi - 14 dager siden
i understand what their saying
babewithvoodoo - 14 dager siden
Tom looks like he constantly needs a huggie
Julie Dolenec
Julie Dolenec - 16 dager siden
Respect to the dr (with the teenagers) that gave very useful and important suggestions, but knew and respected himself that the life savers were doing what they know how to do...the team work, skills and knowledge they have in that situation is soooo impressive...👍
Zain Lockheart
Zain Lockheart - 19 dager siden
I fucking hate people that don't listen to the lifeguards. If his son had drowned he'd have wished he listened then
Madelyn Miller
Madelyn Miller - 22 dager siden
I didn't know I needed Balinese rockabilly in my life but here we are
Llana Skinner
Llana Skinner - 24 dager siden
That theme song got me through quarantine... everything is gonna be alright....❤️😂
Jackson Gamble
Jackson Gamble - 25 dager siden
Am I the only one who felt uncomfortable seeing that French guys daughter without a top on....
BSBSPSensGirl88 - Måned siden
Tom: That was the scariest thing I've ever done in my entire life.
Harries: It was unreal. I just feel at home!
BSBSPSensGirl88 - Måned siden
It's nice to see the guys doing things like this to help out other lifeguards. To us, it seems like basic equipment, but it's expensive. I was thinking that this summer when I was at local beaches on rivers in Canada which was much, MUCH smaller than where we go in the US, which is on the ocean, but because they are funded by a large city vs a small community, they seemed to have much more equipment.
Gail Craig
Gail Craig - Måned siden
Oh poor Tom! But I'm still hee hawing! Bwahahahahaaa! 😂😂😂😂
Leslie Mascarel
Leslie Mascarel - Måned siden
Of course the stubborn and irresponsible father is French!!!! Argh...
I Made Bob Arnawa
I Made Bob Arnawa - Måned siden
Bali is my home
Ella Marie
Ella Marie - Måned siden
The father didn’t even thank the lifeguard he just nodded his head and looked confused so Irresponsible and frustrating to watch
Vrio vrio
Vrio vrio - Måned siden
The excitement is unreal. Great job
Shut da hell up
Shut da hell up - Måned siden
You guys are awesome
Mariah WhitClou
Mariah WhitClou - Måned siden
I gald she alive but who wears pants to swim (not to be mean)
Laura Lorek
Laura Lorek - Måned siden
Comment 563
Fathom Gathergood
Fathom Gathergood - Måned siden
When Tom gets back home hes going to be hugging the land lol
Chong Jing
Chong Jing - Måned siden
My dream is to go to Bondi Beach🏖 but I live in Malaysia 🇲🇾 so my parents not allow.... Maybe one day they will let me go
Vallent Senjaya
Vallent Senjaya - Måned siden
thanks guys for visit indonesia, i appreciate you guys. INDONESIA LOVE BONDIRESCUE
laura denieffe
laura denieffe - Måned siden
I work in retail, people don't read signs anyway 🙄
Erin gemini
Erin gemini - Måned siden
Bali is closed until the end of the year. They are heavily tourist dependent, and residents there are literally starving. Covid 19 has taken over despite the closure, as of this writing, 17,770 people have died there, so sad!!
Nelly Alvarado
Nelly Alvarado - Måned siden
Is that INDIA?
Nelly Alvarado
Nelly Alvarado - Måned siden
Is that bondi beach because it look's different
0AST0 - Måned siden
"What's happening? What do I do? I don't like this. I want out! I WANT OUT!" Tom is literally me in school.
Nathan - Måned siden
Let’s not just over look the fact that one of those Bali lifeguards has a second job as a pop star.
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray - Måned siden
It is amazing that they were able to supply the Balinese lifeguards with some much needed rescue equipment! 😱😍🙌
Elite - Måned siden
Congratulations Tom for getting your bali bike licence.
Albatool Mohammed Hassan Nasser ALSAYEGH
They only took one of the teen
Valentine rose
Valentine rose - Måned siden
He’s french, that should be explanation enough
Benning Arista Dekanaya
Benning Arista Dekanaya - Måned siden
Am I the only one that doesnt need subtitles to understand what they're saying?
Elly - Måned siden
This show is perfect amounts wholesome, thrilling, and epic and I can't stop watching it???
Jacobwow99 - Måned siden
Is it just just me or did the beach change a lot?
Nini B
Nini B - Måned siden
"Jean Pierre is from France..."
I knew that this douchebag was from France. Only French people think that they are entitled to do everything they want in other countries and not even thanks the man for saving his useless son ! Real French education there !!!
Matthews Projects
Matthews Projects - Måned siden
My mom and dad is from Indonesia
Daniel - Måned siden
Well, refering to people of Bali as nuts is not very good.
Brodie Williams
Brodie Williams - Måned siden
This is the most complicated language I have ever heard
Cassi Elliott-hare
Cassi Elliott-hare - Måned siden
Omg I’m acc not 6 yrs late lmao
Mikael Halim
Mikael Halim - Måned siden
Is he talk malaysia or indonesia
Ref78 Stewart
Ref78 Stewart - Måned siden
Tom couldnt save his own life... whats he doin here? haha
XxitsyoboisalxX - Måned siden
@bondirescue are u guys still making vids in 2020 ? Or u guys are gonna end ?
Extra Tom
Extra Tom - Måned siden
look all's I'm saying RNLI Newquay lifeguards vs Bondi's Lifeguards. Best take on the best.What could go wrong?
just hallee here
just hallee here - Måned siden
“Ultra excited”
Olivia Coutts
Olivia Coutts - Måned siden
Well in Scotland we have no lifeguards 😀
Toca boca life vids!
Toca boca life vids! - Måned siden
wait bali? wow i live close to there
ayu laksmi
ayu laksmi - Måned siden
I hope Come to Bali again❤️
BaileeGermanotta - Måned siden
That ambulance 💀
ErenTheBombJaeger - Måned siden
It’s extremely irritating to see people standing there rubbernecking like that. Some of them are freakin videotaping it’s so disgusting
Megan Baranello
Megan Baranello - Måned siden
Must be so difficult and frustrating for the Bondi LG to go from a well equipped working environment to working on a beach with little to no medical equipment. One of them said we need to explain why oxygen is so important but the Bali LG definitely know how important it is. I don’t think the Bali LG have the funding to get the life saving equipment that they need. Bali is a beautiful but very overpopulated and poor country. They rely a lot on tourism to boost the economy. The people of Bali live within their means and do the best with what they have and they do amazing work. I hope over time they get what they need
Tinelle Castanada
Tinelle Castanada - Måned siden
Why am I so addicted to this??😭💛💛
Mackenzie Collins
Mackenzie Collins - Måned siden
I subscribed!
Katie Obrien
Katie Obrien - Måned siden
Why are people so disrespectful? If their child drowns, who are the over entitled a$$ going to blame- not their own inability to watch their child
Samantha Todd
Samantha Todd - Måned siden
Scroll if your a adult I need to tell you something

Almost there



Samantha Swanson
Samantha Swanson - Måned siden
Thank you to everyone risking their lives. God bless you all. 😇😄🥺
Sűnfløwer Gacha
Sűnfløwer Gacha - Måned siden
I'm scared to go in the sea now....
Sűnfløwer Gacha
Sűnfløwer Gacha - Måned siden
Michael Gould
Michael Gould - Måned siden
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 for the win
Michael Gould
Michael Gould - Måned siden
why are they in bali
Kodiak1234 - Måned siden
Australians reside in Bali 50% of the year
tesαlon¡kα - Måned siden
I was from there and thank you for saving MANY people man i love you guys
-from indonesian
RUKIAHAHMAD - Måned siden
14:51 maniacs
Ismael Junaid
Ismael Junaid - Måned siden
When the mother started crying I tried to drive off the bridge with tears in my eyes slowly becoming Niagra falls
Panda Makes Videos
Panda Makes Videos - Måned siden
Boy: get in the flag
Kid: *doesnt listen*
Boy: *frustrated* Oh Jesus!!
Me: ...... *frustrated by just watching*
MARVEL STUDIOS - Måned siden
Are in America ?
Kodiak1234 - Måned siden
The are in Bali, Indonesia
MARVEL STUDIOS - Måned siden
Eldn Gladwin
Eldn Gladwin - Måned siden
It's always Tea time
It's always Tea time - Måned siden
I'm from Ireland and I was made do swimming lessons in the Irish Sea.. 🇮🇪🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🌊🌊🇮🇪
Yes even in winter in the rain. They trained us so well even how to get somebody off you if they are pushing you under and drowning you!
I think all kids when possible should be made take swimming lessons in the sea.👍👍
Very choppy water, waves smashing you in the face, freezing cold when we finished our lessons are lips and legs would be purple and blue. ❄️❄️
Getting in the water to save somebody is always a last resort and that's only possible for one person needs help..
Neto Mascari
Neto Mascari - Måned siden
Please put subtitles in English so I can translate them into Portuguese, I loved your channel! I'm from Brazil.
NayLouise24 - Måned siden
Oh that poor Mother :( I cried along with her. Glad her daughter is ok.
Raf Z
Raf Z - Måned siden
Marcello is the real deal. If any chance his band, The Hydrant, playing in your city. Go watch them, absolutely entertaining!
Angela Leifer
Angela Leifer - Måned siden
If I was the girl and I saw my mom cry I would say mom stop your inbarasing me
Lilly GC
Lilly GC - Måned siden
Was this in 2020?!?!?
Kodiak1234 - Måned siden
No, this is from about 10 years ago
Milan's World
Milan's World - Måned siden
Hello to the people of ze future who are like 10 years late :)
slavica.adriana Orika
slavica.adriana Orika - Måned siden
Omg Tom🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣
ruby r
ruby r - Måned siden
Ok so I will confess that I despise the Australian accent. Nothing personal, its just like nails on a chalkboard for me. But these guys are frikin incredible and we should be grateful that they are sharing their expertise with others. They should tour and educate lifeguards all over asia!!! Xx
ruby r
ruby r - Måned siden
@Kodiak1234 for me personally I dont find it difficult to understand accents including the Australian accent. I just mean the sound of it is something i dont like. Just how some people might not like the indian accent or a french accent.
Kodiak1234 - Måned siden
For example, Terri (with the white visor) from 2:30
Kodiak1234 - Måned siden
We know our accent is hard to understand, you may notice that the lifeguards (or Aussies in general) will mirror the accent of the person who’s first language isn’t English so they can understand what we are saying
Kuhelmi Gaming
Kuhelmi Gaming - Måned siden
Are you in Malaysia???
Kodiak1234 - Måned siden
Bali, Indonesia A lot of Australians holiday in Bali cause it’s one of our closest neighbours and it’s cheap 👀
Tannis Power
Tannis Power - Måned siden
I'd be interested in purchasing merch if it had the face mask pic along with the die-cut pic incorporated on a T-shirt! Give us the logo with a picture of the beach, even with the entire bunch huddled together in front of the tower in that pic! Something like the pic on top of the merch page, but the entire group. Can we have a Bondi lifeguard golf T (male & female versions) with something like "Un"-official Lifeguard on it, but in those colours? Maybe instead of 'Lifeguard', the Bondi Rescue logo appears instead (to eliminate any confusions). And do you sell the hats? Please, it's only my opinion, but for me, the items are so blasse (french for drab - phonetical spelling & sound: blaz-ay)
Tannis Power
Tannis Power - Måned siden
The Bondi Lifeguard Team (all of them) are "Fantabulous"! Absolutely Amazing! I am so proud of them to be going to Bali to help train the lifeguards there. And then?!, to bring equipment to help the lifeguards in Bali perform their jobs to a higher standard?!, . . . . speechless! Whether it's for T.V. promotional reasons or not - keep up the Fantabulous work that you all are doing!
IWasNayib Gaming
IWasNayib Gaming - Måned siden
Eat nasi padang
nalie2005 - Måned siden
I hope they visit other countries soon! And educate each other
Swusie Quesie
Swusie Quesie - Måned siden
The guy hanging all the way out the ambulance window 😅
I can't believe how ill equipped Bali is in regards to lifeguard saving tactics and equipment. 😳😳
str ardana
str ardana - Måned siden
I got bored and search up beach rescue just to find out bondi just save another man near my house one day ago😂😂
Blocky_RO2AD6 n
Blocky_RO2AD6 n - Måned siden
I love this show
Reese_ Playz
Reese_ Playz - Måned siden
So are theses all before quarantine??? I think so
Reese_ Playz
Reese_ Playz - Måned siden
@Kodiak1234 wow
Kodiak1234 - Måned siden
This is from about 10 years ago
Chloe 878
Chloe 878 - Måned siden
all these ads just ruin the experience so sad this is what Youtube has come to
Alexa K Vick
Alexa K Vick - Måned siden
2:24 ahahah baby wipes
asdaip - Måned siden
What is this stupid accent Harries puts on when he's talking to the locals? Hahaha
Planet Cell
Planet Cell - Måned siden
Im from bali
Leticia Milan
Leticia Milan - Måned siden
I am so thankful for these boys. They were angels to this Bali crew. Those two young people were saved by the grace of God. Imagine if they hadn’t given them all that equipment. That poor mother would be grieving right now. Thanks boys! You did it again. ❤️
Hayley Anderson
Hayley Anderson - Måned siden
Here before 500 comments
Film Crew
Film Crew - Måned siden
Love Harries the nutcase!!! He cracks me up!
It's me Janneth
It's me Janneth - Måned siden
These bondi lifeguards are so skilled..hoping they can visit Boracay also after this pandemic..