EMBARRASSING Lifeguard Rescues

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Bondi's lifeguards make most rescues look easy. But sometimes things don't go to plan. These are the most awkward and embarrassing lifeguard rescues seen on Bondi Rescue.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and #lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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BondiRescue - 2 måneder siden
Getting spit at while doing a rescue takes on a whole new level of 😱 now! Which one do you think was the most awkward?
Wolf Brookhaven
Wolf Brookhaven - Dag siden
I think it’s the time l say a seal at bondi beach
mia and aleena plays roblox
mia and aleena plays roblox - 2 dager siden
the fist guy was haularius 😃🤣
Dannah Almadi
Dannah Almadi - 11 dager siden
The third one was funny, and very awkward! 🤣
Madison Stewart
Madison Stewart - 28 dager siden
Harrison taking spit to the face agh 😂
clayton Hammond
clayton Hammond - Måned siden
OMG 😲 that was WEIRD!😹😹😹😹
Kaylee Yip
Kaylee Yip - 3 minutter siden
Man: *drowning*
Woman: oh yeah he is very happy but he is a bit far
Xodioent - 5 timer siden
Bella Lala
Bella Lala - 6 timer siden
Now I don’t know whether I’m proud of being a Taiwanese or not
Reem&Hessa UAE
Reem&Hessa UAE - 9 timer siden
Hi I love your show can you plz reply to my comment it would mean the world to me
holly - 17 timer siden
holly - 17 timer siden
holly - 17 timer siden
capollo - 17 timer siden
OMG can u imagine your bathing suit coming off as u get saved my a lifeguard?? i got such bad second hand embarrassment
KitKat Crunch
KitKat Crunch - 23 timer siden
I am so confused why they don’t get on their stomach first on the surfboard like a normal person 😂😅
Koganegawa Kanji
Koganegawa Kanji - Dag siden
"It was a full moon on the way in"
*W H E E Z E*
Wolf Brookhaven
Wolf Brookhaven - Dag siden
Only in bondi beach
Yeetis The Feetis
Yeetis The Feetis - 2 dager siden
Tbh, I think lifeguards are underrated, they save lives everyday but they get no praise as a fireman would if they saved someone
Isabella Gordillo
Isabella Gordillo - 2 dager siden
At this point I know how to correctly get on a board
daddysgirl102938 - 2 dager siden
How to people go to countries not knowing how to understand a single word anyone is saying?!?! How do you get around?? Buy anything?? Find your hotel?? Street names?? Ect. I would be terrified 😬🤣
Mag Mauthe
Mag Mauthe - 2 dager siden
Randy Vines
Randy Vines - 2 dager siden
"How is it an English lifeguard can get himself into a situation such as this" our waters too bloody cold to swim so they hardly get any experience.
Hannah Hufenbach
Hannah Hufenbach - 2 dager siden
I always try to like and comment the video right away and I just checked this was 2 MONTHS AGO and now I feel bad but it’s fine you life guards safe the day
Em 123
Em 123 - 3 dager siden
the back on the board thing is so funny
yoongi's girl
yoongi's girl - 3 dager siden
This is the best channel I've came across during the lockdown I'm having the best laugh 😂
Turtle Cat
Turtle Cat - 3 dager siden
here give me your teeth 😂😂😂😂
Ranai Gale
Ranai Gale - 4 dager siden
Why are they so rude
Retarded Goat
Retarded Goat - 5 dager siden
At least min didn’t hug the underside of the sled
Ella Woo
Ella Woo - 5 dager siden
damn the fact that they didn't blurr out his cake and posted it on youtube ...
itzescayde - 5 dager siden
Idk if the guy who spat was spitting out water but in some countries that’s how you say thank you
indigo craig
indigo craig - 6 dager siden
I should go and be a translator. I speak Chinese fluently
yvonneost12 - 6 dager siden
Only in Oz would you hear DAKS hahahaha
Nicel Niwel
Nicel Niwel - 6 dager siden
Honestly I can't imagine that you really hear or understand what they are saying through those speakers when they are like 50m away from you and you have waves and all that around you.
Kadi Chevannes
Kadi Chevannes - 6 dager siden
10.36 the man kept going hehehe
Cynthia Mazraani
Cynthia Mazraani - 7 dager siden
his wife is amazingly hilarious
Avery Strahan
Avery Strahan - 6 dager siden
Inès rogan
Inès rogan - 8 dager siden
At this point I wouldn’t want to rescued!😂
TooFab Productions
TooFab Productions - 8 dager siden
Im the 600th comment :>
- Charlie -
- Charlie - - 8 dager siden
Imagine being that first guy drowning and then the lifeguard just sits there laughing at u 😂
leraux x
leraux x - 9 dager siden
why does the taiwan guy have a sound effect😂
Cathleen Lopez
Cathleen Lopez - 9 dager siden
That girl lying down thw wrong way mas awkward...
Charlieanne Farris
Charlieanne Farris - 10 dager siden
Aww the man hugging the board is so kind !!!!!!
Kiera Dux
Kiera Dux - 11 dager siden
I like Potatoes
I like Potatoes - 11 dager siden
istg lifeguards are too cool, they can know when people are drowning when their own relatives cant👁👁
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔAbel Doniʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Harrison's pants tho.
AllBandTrash - 12 dager siden
Only Harrison could possibly get spat on 😂
Bethany Lake
Bethany Lake - 14 dager siden
“im worried”
aeStHEtIc gAMinG
aeStHEtIc gAMinG - 14 dager siden
9:58 *his laugh will always haunt me for ever.*
Cassidy M
Cassidy M - 15 dager siden
The first guys wife really said 😃 📸
kk gacha life
kk gacha life - 15 dager siden
I can’t stop laughing at Marty saying HoLd on TO yOuR BOGGIE bored
kk gacha life
kk gacha life - 15 dager siden
I matty
Simon - 16 dager siden
Stop the video at 06:32
Leonard O Donovan
Leonard O Donovan - 17 dager siden
Malia Ajhahahahahsjsjsh
Malia Ajhahahahahsjsjsh - 17 dager siden
Anyone 2021
Sici Damara
Sici Damara - 18 dager siden
Can anyone tell me why they want the rescued people to lay on their stomach on the board and facing forward?
omegasage - 15 dager siden
I'm not entirely sure, but by watching a lot of these clips it seems to be because it helps the lifeguard paddle better & ride the waves more easily so that they can bring the rescued person in more smoothly. They tend to flip the board if they're sitting up or in a weird position because the weight isn't evenly distributed
Glitter and sparkle vlogs
Glitter and sparkle vlogs - 19 dager siden
That’s dude huhuhuhuhuh HIS LAUGH OMG
soso117 - 19 dager siden
@BondiRescue maybe have a white silhouette of a human body on the board to visually explain how to lay on the rescue board for the people you're rescuing? I feel this would be beneficial especially since you have many tourists who speak lill English
Skylar Boggs
Skylar Boggs - 20 dager siden
Just let him drown
Sherbet Lime
Sherbet Lime - 26 dager siden
Wife: “I’m worried”
Tenzin Tseyang
Tenzin Tseyang - 26 dager siden
the taiwan guy was the funniest one.
Brandi Kozlowski
Brandi Kozlowski - 27 dager siden
The slippery parent comprehensively frame because server numerically phone over a probable step-aunt. jittery, loud thunder
Elena W
Elena W - 27 dager siden
angela - 27 dager siden
10:55 HE'S SO PURE 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Melissa Walker
Melissa Walker - 28 dager siden
They dont need to say female surfer just surfer
meg - 28 dager siden
was him pulling down his pants necessary tho LMAO
loopyloop mantelpiece
loopyloop mantelpiece - 29 dager siden
The Chinese person is just standing there and taking pictures at this drowning dude and then she says 'i am worried' still taking pictures 🤣😂
Lia - 29 dager siden
They are probably the nicest high quality lifeguards out there
yeah nah
yeah nah - Måned siden
but like laugh at him fr just cuz he has no balance and does not has the experience like dude don’t laugh that’s so Inappropriate
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson - Måned siden
Not to be rood but when bondi pulls out the jet ski instead of the board you know your big
Joey Soh
Joey Soh - Måned siden
He very happy* HE'S DROWNING
it's Mariam
it's Mariam - Måned siden
Mattie D's laugh is so adorable
Jah - Måned siden
The life guard not wanting that one guy to drop his teeth to the bottom of the ocean 😭😂😂😂
Toys toys toys !
Toys toys toys ! - Måned siden
Dude drowning

His wife:oh he is very happy
Phoebe Monsaas
Phoebe Monsaas - Måned siden
That was so funny when he couldn’t get on the board
The Official Squad
The Official Squad - Måned siden
Am I the only one who felt sorry for the first person and the one who lost their shorts😔😂😂😂
Its me Amna
Its me Amna - Måned siden
This is the most Australian you can get
Sharon Sharn
Sharon Sharn - Måned siden
Female guard so sarcastic..
Adalyn Bussen
Adalyn Bussen - Måned siden
Chelsey Butler
Chelsey Butler - Måned siden
Lifeguard: face your head to the front
Guy: turns his head around
That sent me honestly😂
Brie Stella
Brie Stella - Måned siden
Hello mate!
• .*Alissa*. •
• .*Alissa*. • - Måned siden
*Hey mate, give me your teeth*
Mickie Noel
Mickie Noel - Måned siden
"I'm going to relax. Thank you!"
Le Quack
Le Quack - Måned siden
Seeing people that choose to go into deep water while fucking full well knowing they can’t swim infuriates me
Ma007rk - Måned siden
Drinking and swimming..........
Some people are just eaten up with a bad case of the "Dumb-A55."
Lilee Blu
Lilee Blu - Måned siden
i love when australians say water its like “woawtyua”
Rio Timpac
Rio Timpac - Måned siden
Well at least they are safe
Mini su xx
Mini su xx - Måned siden
That first dude made me laugh until my eyes started watering😂😂😂
cassey Ollie
cassey Ollie - Måned siden
Lifeguard: hold on to your boogie board

Man: hEellllllllllllppppppppppppppp

Sofie - Måned siden
“hEhE thank you”
Sofie - Måned siden
husband: drowning
wife: 📸😀 “mEmOrIeS”
Ni Ka
Ni Ka - Måned siden
In China it is a big taboo to show the bottom of feet to someone. So considering this, the Chinese man didn't wanted to do so. And not because Auf lack of understanding.
Auto Worldzz
Auto Worldzz - Måned siden
Nice and creative Videos,I can see A lot of thought has been put into the content and editing of the video, This is really my favorite channel.:) .🌴🌴🌴excellent 👍👌👍👌👍 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 from Monroe—town, Union County vlog December 2020
Bethel Dagmawi
Bethel Dagmawi - Måned siden
That was awkward 😐
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes - Måned siden
8:12 embarrassment to the country, we don’t claim him
Melody Peter
Melody Peter - Måned siden
Why did that dude have no pants? Did the water pull down his pants or something 😂
Deidra Lorenzini
Deidra Lorenzini - Måned siden
I wonder who is the editer of these videos
sin Brown
sin Brown - Måned siden
3:57 deservers? really xD
Hareka Tysiri
Hareka Tysiri - Måned siden
jake is just... ughh
avuh - Måned siden
hi im in class rn and im pretending that im doing math
Doges - Måned siden
This emote can go in this emotive video 🤦‍♂️
Nic Brown
Nic Brown - Måned siden
All the rescues were of international people. People who can’t swim, shouldn’t swim. They are so dangerous and irresponsible. Not only are they putting their lives at risk, but potentially the life guards too.
Isobel Duncan
Isobel Duncan - Måned siden
Trouble is, they aren't used these kind of beaches from where they come from so they don't understand what surf safety is.
Layla the bread
Layla the bread - Måned siden
Me laghing because the man ay the end l think he pop tho
Anne Cohen
Anne Cohen - Måned siden
A thank you to all the lifeguards out there who save lives no matter what!!💕
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown - Måned siden
Who randomly starts watching and is so addictived
Emerson Polk
Emerson Polk - Måned siden
River Maxie
River Maxie - Måned siden
Dude said biodegradable 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Salazar
Kevin Salazar - Måned siden
I like Harrison😍