FUNNIEST Lifeguard Moments of Bondi Rescue Season 13

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It's not all hectic rescues and near death experiences at Bondi...sometimes there's time for a laugh as we look at the funniest Bondi Rescue moments from Season 13.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences #BondiBeach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Elisa K
Elisa K - 29 minutter siden
Omg I love Jethro he’s SO funny
Daisy Nova
Daisy Nova - 29 minutter siden
Just hearing their cackling laughter makes me so happy 😊
ThePeeCeeKid - 35 minutter siden
A cuddle in the shower
Zoë Mannes
Zoë Mannes - 55 minutter siden
Funny dive
Queen B
Queen B - Time siden
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Rii2G - 2 timer siden
Hehe lucky is so cute 😅😍
Nina Eve
Nina Eve - 8 timer siden
That guy with the seal on the rock was so cute!!
Theo Hughes
Theo Hughes - 8 timer siden
I said it once and I will say it again bondi rescue is the only thing getting me through lockdown
Lola Peacock
Lola Peacock - 17 timer siden
i remember when me and my sisters were young we used to watch this all the time but we used to pick the one we had a crush on. 😳💀
Jiwonsus - 17 timer siden
Jethro is so cute at 4:16, his smile is so pretty :((
Sandy Cordner
Sandy Cordner - Dag siden
don't make it a joke because it's not funny all the time
Zuza Zuza
Zuza Zuza - Dag siden
Deono so harsh lol
Connie Urquhart
Connie Urquhart - Dag siden
man almost gett6ing chase chased by seald life guards over herere acting like seals lol i cant
Eli Bergman
Eli Bergman - Dag siden
A few words in the beach some cuddles in the shower.
Bong Water
Bong Water - 2 dager siden
Beardy is so cute wtf
Boo Gozzy
Boo Gozzy - 2 dager siden
I love how it’s always Jethro😅
bria8510 bria8510
bria8510 bria8510 - 3 dager siden
I wish they saw the shark when they went out 😂
bria8510 bria8510
bria8510 bria8510 - 3 dager siden
But in the end they’d get back safely obvi
Brettski Esquega
Brettski Esquega - 3 dager siden
Bro 😂🤟🏽 that poor diver
Spooky Spoon
Spooky Spoon - 3 dager siden
Sharks have really sensitive iron detectors so when they bite anyone by accident they realise and swim off ool
Keep Chrispy
Keep Chrispy - 6 dager siden
nick morgan
nick morgan - 6 dager siden
those navy seals dont mess around
Ayla Ekic
Ayla Ekic - 7 dager siden
they guy at the start watching this right now be like- 👁👄👁
Soli Middleby
Soli Middleby - 7 dager siden
is any one else from fiji
Chelsea Thomas
Chelsea Thomas - 7 dager siden
The concerned chard nearly develop because robert extragingivally consist pace a imported vein. ill-fated, first parallelogram
daisy westfall
daisy westfall - 8 dager siden
- in australia
- we say mate all the time
Jocelyn Kurian
Jocelyn Kurian - 8 dager siden
Jethro is the MVP.
Official -Studio
Official -Studio - 8 dager siden
I showed my mum this and she was like I’ve seen these people before and I was like watch it with me or eles >;)
Charlieanne Farris
Charlieanne Farris - 10 dager siden
Georgia - 11 dager siden
The seal is so cute! You should call the seal Miri
BBQ Review
BBQ Review - 12 dager siden
That Little Einstein music for the first clip 😂😂😂
ImWatchingYT - 12 dager siden
If only I was this attractive 🤣 #singlelivesmatter
ilaw biik
ilaw biik - 12 dager siden
I wish one day I can visit bondai and have pictures with all of the rescuer...
ilaw biik
ilaw biik - 12 dager siden
I almost watched all the episode of bondai rescue im addicted to it and to the rescuer I love them,,I'm from Philippines I love this
Frxty_ - 12 dager siden
Can someone wish me a happy birthday
Frxty_ - 12 dager siden
My birthdays tomorrow and this was on my birthday I was there as well 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤭
Emma De Graaff
Emma De Graaff - 13 dager siden
10:01 i use those for a training
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott - 13 dager siden
Wait that dude has never seen a seal-
They're all over the water in here in Ireland. One time I went on a fairy boat in Donegal bc it has rlly nice beaches and there was like 5 seals swimming around us, it was rlly cool!
Mr Unknown
Mr Unknown - 15 dager siden
wait wait wait..
FELIPE?!? 12:06
Cøøkies of life
Cøøkies of life - 16 dager siden
The shark boys are big yellow lol if it was spelt his it sounds in Australia lol
Marlie VL0gs
Marlie VL0gs - 16 dager siden
Is anyone watching this in 2021 or is it just me 👀😂
Abby Myers
Abby Myers - 17 dager siden
I’ve watched this episode like 10 times but I keep still watching it lol
Drew Hodgkin
Drew Hodgkin - 21 dag siden
Anu Abdr
Anu Abdr - 24 dager siden
There is a shark
Goes on a surf board
Lily J
Lily J - 25 dager siden
On 4 seconds into the episode that laugh tho 😂
Layla and Nate
Layla and Nate - 25 dager siden
My dads name is Troy
Lewis Anderson
Lewis Anderson - 27 dager siden
Who's a kid here ME
Alicia Goller
Alicia Goller - 27 dager siden
Jules: panics becase of crashing noise
Jethro: I hit the door and the door hit the floor
Lucas Locust
Lucas Locust - 28 dager siden
0:30 getting some serious judge judy vibes from that music!
Lesleyann Hunt
Lesleyann Hunt - 28 dager siden
When I said to my mum I will finish this one video and then I will do the washing whilst she is at work. But I have been 2 hours
Jadan Cowcher
Jadan Cowcher - 28 dager siden
Christine Haltiwanger
Christine Haltiwanger - 29 dager siden
Where is this at the water's really blue where I live when I go to the beach it's green or brown
•ponder• - 29 dager siden
Their Aussie accents makes this a whole lot better lol
Slytherin_15 - 29 dager siden
Seal: “narr mate” these r soooo funny 😂
Thug Life Social
Thug Life Social - Måned siden
Harries is GORGEOUS
Noonna 09
Noonna 09 - Måned siden
We all knew that Jethro was gonna be the star of this video, so here are my favorite quotes:
“I’ve hit the door, and the door hit the floor”
*stupidly laughing*
“It’s a full on scene out there, the seal is like “nah mate” “
*seal movements and noises*
*screaming while in the water because of the shark*
“I looked in Jesses eyes... he just wanted land”
“I just heard this definite *smacks hand with fist* BANG”
*mumbling* “I-I- I hit the door”
“I’m never gonna get outta this one aye”
-Jethro 🦞
Mackenzie Serger
Mackenzie Serger - Måned siden
Jethro is one of the funniest on this show
Reid Frazier
Reid Frazier - Måned siden
Rainy - Måned siden
It is addictive
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee - Måned siden
anyone else read the title as mome?
CH007EH - Måned siden
3:57 Bra boy Jesse who almost got the wrong turn is afraid of sharks. 🤔
Like big guys covered in tattoos crying like babys because of a bloobottle sting (what Reidy said). 😂
Hudson Swenson
Hudson Swenson - Måned siden
So true
Eat._. Donuts
Eat._. Donuts - Måned siden
A guy: stuck on flat rock
Lifeguards: mocking the seal
Sofie - Måned siden
jethros iconic moments 😂
Isaac Crew
Isaac Crew - Måned siden
Who from bondi replies to these comments? Also I’m a massive fan of this show and I might become a lifeguard when I’m older because of this 😃🎄
Abi C
Abi C - Måned siden
Like if you think Bondi rescue should be on Netflix
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes - Måned siden
3:48 why are you an australian life guard then?
Kimberley Everett
Kimberley Everett - Måned siden
I would be the same way, bring me back my box of chocolates!!! LOL
X LionStorm X
X LionStorm X - Måned siden
Seals are just chonky water dogs. Prove me wrong.
Thomas L
Thomas L - Måned siden
"Seals are generally friendly creatures" No. You should be very, very,scared of them. After all, those things went to Pakistan, and killed Bin Laden.
Weronika Skrzynecka
Weronika Skrzynecka - Måned siden
Poor Jeff he’s so embarrassed 🤭🤭
koh zi qing
koh zi qing - Måned siden
I like how Hoppo just casually list down all the trouble that Jethro had done like" he locks himself in the North tower then he dislocates his shoulder and NOW HE BREAKS DA DOOR DOOOWWWNNNN" and i also likes when jethro breaks the door he says i knock the door or i hit the door the door hits the floor
Dyl Clips
Dyl Clips - Måned siden
3:56 Mate..... crikeys they say that a lot
Jeremy Naunton
Jeremy Naunton - Måned siden
I love you’re vids and when I grow up I want to be a lifeguard
Phoebe_ Harris
Phoebe_ Harris - Måned siden
Jessie is scared of sharks right if I had that job I would be screaming at a fish I see
Emma Hutton
Emma Hutton - Måned siden
I love Jethro
Panda Lim
Panda Lim - Måned siden
2:21 #SEALS
Oppo A37
Oppo A37 - Måned siden
You guys can believe what happen to me,I watch 10 videos without looking at the comment because the video is really awesome until I forgot the comment section.
Toms Gaming and Vlogs
Toms Gaming and Vlogs - Måned siden
lmao jethro
Jordan Togher
Jordan Togher - Måned siden
4 07
He looks like nat fyfe
Reinchoodie - Måned siden
They went "o o o o"
Sadie Sampson
Sadie Sampson - Måned siden
I love Jessie ❤️❤️
Andra Kustanto
Andra Kustanto - Måned siden
Hes like a son to me
Pablo Entrobar
Pablo Entrobar - Måned siden
Don’t touch seals
Sophie Beevers
Sophie Beevers - Måned siden
I love Jessie
Willthegalaxydude - Måned siden
The clubies are just pound/dollar store lifeguards.
Callum Ritchie
Callum Ritchie - Måned siden
Horse girl
Horse girl - 2 måneder siden
WHAT the hell is locky wearing is he wearing underwear poor kid
Horse girl
Horse girl - 2 måneder siden
Jefro is my number one favorite because he's funny nice and my favorite lifeguard and very nice long locks
Horse girl
Horse girl - 2 måneder siden
Tommy looked better with long hair
Jaena Loyer13
Jaena Loyer13 - 2 måneder siden
It can’t be just me but jesse is so cute and jethro funny
Flintyblock 4436
Flintyblock 4436 - 2 måneder siden
*M A T E*
S d'Olier-Lees
S d'Olier-Lees - 2 måneder siden
Imagine you drown because whippit slipped on Vaseline lol
S d'Olier-Lees
S d'Olier-Lees - 2 måneder siden
“Or oh o o o o O o oOO or oh”
damian sorrow
damian sorrow - 2 måneder siden
1048, australian JFK
Zada :P
Zada :P - 2 måneder siden
If I go to Bondi and end up drowning and Jethro ✨doesn’t✨ save me, I will drown myself again. Until he does save me. That is settled.
Emilia Beeden
Emilia Beeden - 2 måneder siden
Who’s the man with the long blonde curly hair he’s so sexy😍😍😍😍
Luke Guggemos
Luke Guggemos - 2 måneder siden
Enna Mitchell
Enna Mitchell - 2 måneder siden
“Oh that’s not ideal”
Enna Mitchell
Enna Mitchell - 2 måneder siden
“Come on mate”
Sofi Says Yes
Sofi Says Yes - 2 måneder siden
Who is the guy at 7:05?