FUNNIEST Reactions to the Green Whistle (Analgesic Gas) on Bondi Rescue

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We take a look at some of the funniest reactions to analgesic gas (aka the infamous #greenwhistle) on Bondi Rescue. SUBSCRIBE -
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In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 15:54


BondiRescue - 8 måneder siden
*This is your captain speaking* You asked, we listened! What else do you want to see on our channel? 🤔Let us know!
mena sauve
mena sauve - 5 dager siden
Funniest moments
ThissRandomPerson XXX
ThissRandomPerson XXX - 14 dager siden
I know I’m late lol but more green whistle reactions!!!
Angelikha Marri
Angelikha Marri - Måned siden
More harrison videooos 🤣
Carmel Fairlessed
Carmel Fairlessed - Måned siden
More funny video
Linda R
Linda R - Måned siden
I can’t stop laughing at Jeff prepare the doors for landing this is you captain speaking mr crumpton speaking
Dreamy-The-Protogen - Time siden
“Once upon a time a wave came-“
I died 😂
Jodi Stanton
Jodi Stanton - 2 timer siden
Why don't we have the green whistle in the US?!
Tommy2shoe811 - 4 timer siden
They really shouldn’t give people that drug it’s pretty toxic. It can damage your kidneys and/or liver in tiny doses. If any of those people have diabetes that drug causes irreversible damage. I’m surprised Australia even has that drug on the market let alone allowing it to be dispensed by lifeguards. It’s better to be in agony for 10-15minutes than to end up with permanent kidney damage.
David Oakes
David Oakes - 4 timer siden
Pete: trippin major balls
Mervin Harley Baniqued
Mervin Harley Baniqued - 7 timer siden
I think the green whistle has 🌿 idk but i think it hass
bob jerry
bob jerry - 7 timer siden
If they ever give me a green wishtle I'm skipping that shit in my pocket 😏🤫
Soul Seeker
Soul Seeker - 7 timer siden
Is it just me or foes that wistle not work, they always take them to the hospital, anyways.
Orange Does things
Orange Does things - 9 timer siden
This is just funny I don’t know why especially the first one
*slap in the head*
Joaquin Ipar
Joaquin Ipar - 9 timer siden
14:00 what a nice lad haha
nxxtch_ - 10 timer siden
As someone who had the green whistle after snapping their collar bone in half, I can confirm it is amazing.
Scott Gauthier
Scott Gauthier - 10 timer siden
Ahahaah the Quebecer(Come from Quebec,Canada) Was so confused: I don't war thongs, thongs are for womens ahah
C'était pissant de voir tellement il était confus x)
Insta Jake2
Insta Jake2 - 15 timer siden
i have this problem where i can parcially dislocate my left shoulder and it might get dislocated a couple of times in my life, anyways.. got sum dat green whisle?
johan jimenez
johan jimenez - 15 timer siden
Last guy was taking big breath of that thing no wonder he reacted so fast.
J GLB - 17 timer siden
The second dude kept tilting it back like a drink at the bar
W.A. L.
W.A. L. - 17 timer siden
You can they smoke when they hold that shit in 🤣🤣
W.A. L.
W.A. L. - 17 timer siden
I hate that your shoulder can dislocate so easy in the ocean 😞
I had to
W.A. L.
W.A. L. - 17 timer siden
Where can I get a green whistle
Miles - 18 timer siden
If they hit me with morphine just after I finished hitting the green whistle... I could be completely alone and still asking Leslie for cigs.
Salad Person
Salad Person - 19 timer siden
It is confirmed the green whistle has a 50/50 chance of making you high af
Caleb - 20 timer siden
“WhErE ArE My SmOkEs
Motoistic - 21 time siden
They're so careful with those dislocated shoulders, here in The Netherlands they just give you 2 paracetamols and a good yoink on your arm and you're good to go
Cerys_A_ Power
Cerys_A_ Power - 22 timer siden
Somebody give Kevin hart a green whistle
Smol Coni
Smol Coni - 22 timer siden
i just found this channel and i can't stop the binge😭😭
Ray Ray
Ray Ray - 22 timer siden
"Straight off to the Insane asylum" 🤣🤣🤣
Noxlotl - 22 timer siden
Lmao anyone else noticed the lady in the bg 1:50
Jana L. B
Jana L. B - Dag siden
Am I the only one who is questioning one thing? I'm from Germany and if I would do vacation there and I will dislocated my arm and I will get this stuff.. Would I talk in German or what? I would be totally sorry for them because they wouldn't understand what I'm saying. And if I get high from that green stuff.. What would I say in German.. I'm just questioning course I would really would do vacation there. I know my English or American English is not that good but I will learn as much as I can! 😂😂
Andrew Medeiros
Andrew Medeiros - Dag siden
Freaking superb editing on this one!!! 😂
JUSTJEWETT - Dag siden
Where can I get this green whistle in the states? 🙃
Mitch Angelucci
Mitch Angelucci - Dag siden
“As if you’re smoking” instantly starts smoking it like a bong rip 💀😂
Trev Mac
Trev Mac - Dag siden
"Australia isthe best country in the world" yea but guns
Jdy1991 - Dag siden
fun fact charls town is in newcastle
DjGamez420 - Dag siden
This is funny keep up the great work the green whistle is the best lol😂😂💝🔥🔥
GCF Media
GCF Media - Dag siden
See if america had this it'd have so many laws on top of it. And it'd cost ya out the ass to get one dose.
Agent Kaabi
Agent Kaabi - Dag siden
The last guy got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thylacina - Dag siden
I had to use a green whistle once and it made me a little snoozy but I didn't go all silly like some of these guys. I guess it affects people differently.
Stk_ Jacob
Stk_ Jacob - Dag siden
I just couldn't I was dieing and weezing
la absenceofcol
la absenceofcol - Dag siden
Lmao blowing it out like he's smoking a joint 😂
Omg Jethros so cute 😂
Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett - Dag siden
How come we don't have the green whistle here in America???
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor - Dag siden
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16"
But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)_
Colton Ryn
Colton Ryn - Dag siden
The high effects at 9:00 are actually good
Dejvid Dalipovic
Dejvid Dalipovic - Dag siden
Is the green whistle a drug? That stops pain
Sovjet Pickle
Sovjet Pickle - 2 dager siden
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Asmr fire
Asmr fire - 2 dager siden
is it werid i act out what i do with the green whistle and im not even in australia
L M - 2 dager siden
The end had me laughing so much, Stephane is definitely from Québec loool
Ben - 2 dager siden
why is everyone dislocating their shoulder so frequently?
Samuel Sinate
Samuel Sinate - 2 dager siden
The guy at 10:24 looks like Harald Baldr
Paulboy - 3 dager siden
Jeeze, is everyone in Australia good looking or what??
kqkqkqkqk - 3 dager siden
harries: you would be the most gorgeous flight attendant
jethro: I should've been a flight attendant ✨
yoongi's girl
yoongi's girl - 4 dager siden
The editor is having the time of his life
Trannguyen Phuongvy
Trannguyen Phuongvy - 4 dager siden
Ellie Mees
Ellie Mees - 4 dager siden
I've had laughing gas before probably like that u just go to a different world like omg!
Hybrid Animates
Hybrid Animates - 4 dager siden
Straight off to the *insane asylum.*
Madisn St
Madisn St - 4 dager siden
I wanna try the green whistle.
Xotic FN
Xotic FN - 4 dager siden
I’m not camping I’ve dislocated my arm 4 times and damn do I wish I could have had that green whistle when I did it
Bernice Biosse
Bernice Biosse - 5 dager siden
Charlie Yates
Charlie Yates - 5 dager siden
If u r here in 2021 leave a like or a comment
fluffy wuffy
fluffy wuffy - 5 dager siden
When the lifeguard told the dude to relax his shoulder I subconsciously relaxed mine and dropped my phone on my face :(
AD.Double - 5 dager siden
I had that once and apparently I was extremely polite 😂 I also asked a lot of questions
Karoline Friis
Karoline Friis - 6 dager siden
1:50 what is that person in the background doing
Jacqueline Gutierrez
Jacqueline Gutierrez - 6 dager siden
The callous seaplane partly blot because ramie behaviorally steer pace a lopsided gun. pointless, five pelican
M. M.
M. M. - 6 dager siden
Where can I purchase the green whistle?
Jayde De Guzman
Jayde De Guzman - 8 dager siden
when he said Euphoria : Me: “OH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH....EUPHORIAAAAAAhh ah ah ah ah
Ariane Éthier
Ariane Éthier - 8 dager siden
That canadian man is from quebec for sure I know this accent im from here too. He speaks french
Charliz Nuggies
Charliz Nuggies - 9 dager siden
PaRaMaTA EeL😭😅😅
need4gears - 9 dager siden
4:22 that bone crackling... Oh man It's agonizing!
Re4l Ch1ll
Re4l Ch1ll - 9 dager siden
Everyone was on cloud 9 with this green whistle
Sock Boi
Sock Boi - 10 dager siden
Canadian guy instantly offers everyone else a hit 😂
Kathryn Smith
Kathryn Smith - 10 dager siden
What does the green whistle do
Thylacina - Dag siden
It has a kind of gas in it that helps to dull pain when you inhale it.
Annabelle Ghilks
Annabelle Ghilks - 10 dager siden
14:01 ‘I don’t wear thongs, thongs are for ✨WoMeN✨’
I love this so much
Niccolò Soldarini
Niccolò Soldarini - 10 dager siden
i want those whistles!!!!!
Anzhelika Kasray
Anzhelika Kasray - 10 dager siden
Ha ha ha 😂 🤣😂😆
323 v6
323 v6 - 10 dager siden
Green whistle x2 please
smiler - 10 dager siden
Thongs man looks so confused. Cracking up.
Iris Gunnell
Iris Gunnell - 11 dager siden
CaN YOu sPeAR a ciGOr
Clerick Castro Marteja
Clerick Castro Marteja - 11 dager siden
matino ang isip ko pero akoy sabog na🎶
It's my view!
It's my view! - 11 dager siden
I demand to know the editor!
Spitfirepilot19 - 12 dager siden
6:39 which lifeguard was that?
Eve McDonald
Eve McDonald - 12 dager siden
Jreffo was so silly when he had the green whisel
jessica long
jessica long - 12 dager siden
If I had the green wishtle my reaction is that I would be drunk
Cali Williams
Cali Williams - 13 dager siden
who else lives in america and does not know what this is xd
(also i have been watching this so much i want to be a lifeguard now lol)
Dctctx - 13 dager siden
Is green whistle an Australian thing
Cause I have no idea what it is
Ferelith Broomhead
Ferelith Broomhead - 5 dager siden
Green whistle is Penthrox. It's a form of pain relief.
Raelyn Rogers
Raelyn Rogers - 14 dager siden
I wish I could go to bondi
Friday With Fibber
Friday With Fibber - 14 dager siden
Can we have green whistles in America please?!?!? We don’t have anything to manage pain like that
Jos É
Jos É - 14 dager siden
we all know the green whistle is secretly just weed
Anu Kcss
Anu Kcss - 14 dager siden
That green whistle part was lit😂😂
Seth Lawrence
Seth Lawrence - 14 dager siden
METHoxy Fluraine Also Can Give Side Effects Temporay Autistic Spasms
katie china
katie china - 15 dager siden
I spent 2 hours whatching there videos
Addison Linsley
Addison Linsley - 15 dager siden
I have never dislocated anything or broken a bone but I have broke my face
Cøøkies of life
Cøøkies of life - 16 dager siden
Pop thE lOckEr And TaKe mE to CharLeStOn
Team Aussie
Team Aussie - 16 dager siden
Your the best lifeguards ever😎🏄‍♂️
lar baabii
lar baabii - 18 dager siden
I bet they secretly take the greenwhistle sometimes🤣
Claire Cote
Claire Cote - 19 dager siden
Editor editing the high clips: huehuehuehuehehhehehehue
Eileen Ger
Eileen Ger - 19 dager siden
"I don'ta wear tongs......tongs are for women" xD
Brad _
Brad _ - 19 dager siden
Anyone else concerned about the amount of Brits getting injured on this beach?
Mark Veon
Mark Veon - 21 dag siden
what is in the green whistle?
griz063 - 21 dag siden
That's hilarious when the Canajian guy wid da funny accent wanted to pass it around!
Marcus Spencer
Marcus Spencer - 21 dag siden
So yall just be fucking your shoulders up like that LMFAO
Sawyar Burns
Sawyar Burns - 23 dager siden
Once upon a time came a wave 🌊
I loved that last guy