Ghost Ship Aground! What Happened? | Bondi Rescue: Bali - Episode 4 (FULL Episode)

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A mystery ghost ship runs aground in Bali - where are the crew and who does it belong to? Plus a mother and her sons a caught in Bali's treacherous rips.
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#BondiRescueBali follows a small team of Bondi Rescue lifeguards as they leave the Australian winter and head to work at Bali’s Kuta Beach where the sun is still shining, waves are still pounding and there’s a huge influx of tourists from Australia and all over the world.
Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and #lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Orla McGuinness
Orla McGuinness - 10 timer siden

just to point out :)😊
Dalton Lake
Dalton Lake - 12 timer siden
People who drown on purpose just to meet Harry
* GachaAnarchy *
* GachaAnarchy * - 23 timer siden
Me is a month late questioning why everyone is saying they’re five days early
Christian Codding
Christian Codding - Dag siden
So do they film in Bali and bondi?
Cooper Anstee
Cooper Anstee - 3 dager siden
Why are they in Bali?
1VSCO _VIBES - 3 dager siden
Wow, your not at Bondi
Dennisdailycom1 - 3 dager siden
I think it was abandoned in the night. Or was in ocean for while
Kamran Kathiria
Kamran Kathiria - 4 dager siden
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet from lazerbeam sqaud
theSpudLife2 - 4 dager siden
The sisters arms 😳 she looked like big foot so hairy lmao
Randy Soriano
Randy Soriano - 4 dager siden
12:40 what’s happening I’m confused ??
HI808AF STATE - 6 dager siden
Whoa that guy who saved the Russians has a “Dahui” tattoo. Wow that’s crazy. It’s not just a surf brand. It’s literally the north shore gang of surfers in Hawaii. In my opinion that tattoo is totally disrespectful to the actual “HUI”
Francisco Huerta
Francisco Huerta - 6 dager siden
Michael Karnicki
Michael Karnicki - 6 dager siden
This was filmed in 2009 that’s when I was born😂🤣 I’m watching this in 2021!🤣🤣🤣
Antares Saladin
Antares Saladin - 6 dager siden
I live in indonesia
Myles Hall
Myles Hall - 7 dager siden
Bertholdt Hoover
Bertholdt Hoover - 7 dager siden
Ok you can't lie harries getting the French chick was wholesome.
Gianna Stewart
Gianna Stewart - 7 dager siden
Hello I love how you save people
Sweet Punky
Sweet Punky - 7 dager siden
Imagine going to the beach for holiday and almost die?
josefine S
josefine S - 7 dager siden
I love this so much. The fact that they travel to another place to teach other lifeguards and help them become better is just really great, and definitely needed. This is really heartwarming.
Rachel Taruli
Rachel Taruli - 7 dager siden
omg i cant stand that ignorant tourists!😤 respect the local lifeguards please! They SAFE YOUR LIFE and you just laughing with no thank you? omg show some respect at least !
Rachel Taruli
Rachel Taruli - 7 dager siden
this bali series is both scary yet awesome at the same time!🔥 all the worst and amazing things that might be happen at the beach appeared here!!! you guys amazing 🧡
PWR BWS - 8 dager siden
12:50 another Indonesian hell ya
annette matvejeva
annette matvejeva - 8 dager siden
this show not only makes me appreciate the work of a lifeguard but also teaches what not to do while swimming
Mysticz Bran
Mysticz Bran - 8 dager siden
Uhhh the video also has 666,000 views.....
Alejandro Tena Tapia
Alejandro Tena Tapia - 9 dager siden
me to
Bubbles And Suds
Bubbles And Suds - 9 dager siden
why didn't;t they rescue both of the kids like get two people out there to save both
b a g e l
b a g e l - 9 dager siden
I saw one video of them and just watched 10 videos before I went to bed
Kay Lyn
Kay Lyn - 9 dager siden
When they went on the ghost boat I was just hoping there weren't any lose nails since they didn't have shoes.
Pinky PlayZ
Pinky PlayZ - 9 dager siden
How COVID started
Joep Robinson
Joep Robinson - 9 dager siden
That ghost ship was terrifyiing
King Kitty
King Kitty - 9 dager siden
I feel like the old videos are better. Notice in this it’s dry dark sand, i don’t like the videos from 4 months and now. And I don’t know any of these ppl.
King Kitty
King Kitty - 9 dager siden
@Nikolai Nomz I didn’t know that they had a side
King Kitty
King Kitty - 9 dager siden
@Nikolai Nomz oh okay
Nikolai Nomz
Nikolai Nomz - 9 dager siden
It's their side show set in Bali. The regular show is still going, if that's more your thing.
*-ariana-* - 10 dager siden
wow that ghost ship is creepy, i can’t imagine going to the local beach one day and finding a huge, old, rusty ship floating on the shore.... even though the ship isn’t submerged, it’s still slightly triggering my submechanophobia 🤢
Darst Burst
Darst Burst - 10 dager siden
You should see our beaches no one there to save ya XD all for there own. :v
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker - 9 dager siden
haha honestly same
Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett - 10 dager siden
I thought Harries was married?
Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett - 8 dager siden
@Ellie Dahlia oh okay. Just found it. Thx 💚
Ellie Dahlia
Ellie Dahlia - 8 dager siden
He is, this is from 2008 or 2009 I can’t remember which one
Doug Peck
Doug Peck - 10 dager siden
A gift from China
sop111 gaming
sop111 gaming - 10 dager siden
The most British thing to say it ‘am I gunna be all right?’ And ‘I fink my heds bleedin’ 😂 lmfao 😹
Bella Wallace
Bella Wallace - 10 dager siden
They probs should have rescued the younger first cause he would be the weakest
SAVE FILES? - 10 dager siden
The sunburn do be vibing.
Sheen Valencia
Sheen Valencia - 11 dager siden
Cooler Than
Cooler Than - 12 dager siden
Respect to lifeguards
Reem&Hessa UAE
Reem&Hessa UAE - 12 dager siden
I love this show so much but that ship has corona written all over it
Mike Lenhardt
Mike Lenhardt - 12 dager siden
Bro Harries is the smoothest man alive
la absenceofcol
la absenceofcol - 12 dager siden
Alot of tourists don't seem to understand the ocean. I think we need more education and instruction around it somehow. I've warned people doing dumb stuff numerous times (beachgoing is life in my family). Wish there was some way to make ppl more aware. Gotta learn how to read the water and most ppl aren't strong swimmers and overestimate their powers. Look at how fit these blokes are and even they struggle. Silly, silly people.
Mackenzie Reasor
Mackenzie Reasor - 12 dager siden
Oh man I didn’t know that gost ships like that actually existed! I thought that stuff like that only happened in movies! And I mean, the crews gone without a trace, the ship sent out distress signals before disappearing!? What?
Izabela Jankech
Izabela Jankech - 12 dager siden
It has to belong to a fisherman because there are old fish in there spooky!
Izabela Jankech
Izabela Jankech - 12 dager siden
Defiantly from Japan or China
Newton - 12 dager siden
Russians are thick they know everything, speaking from experience in Thailand,
hello world
hello world - 13 dager siden
Part 2:07 ...did he just spoke malay? Omg im shocked😂
chen nehc
chen nehc - 13 dager siden
love this show every night i watch it
XxJelly-ToastxX - 13 dager siden
How do I even begin to describe hairy he’s a ladies man he’s such a character he’s hilarious he wastes no time he’s extremely outgoing and he’s so funny how could that lady from Paris not want to drag them all the way back to her Paris lol!!
Honey Moore
Honey Moore - 14 dager siden
I love this show wish I could meat them xxx
Victoria's World
Victoria's World - 15 dager siden
Me too
Evie Trevor
Evie Trevor - 15 dager siden
Leah Potter
Leah Potter - 16 dager siden
Oani Anni
Oani Anni - 16 dager siden
I Fonds this on my recomandation! Now I am addicted😬
Drėåm Arrøwツ
Drėåm Arrøwツ - 16 dager siden
i thought i was 1 month late not 12 years late
Dr Dragon
Dr Dragon - 17 dager siden
Where are they?
MaQkl - 17 dager siden
Hard to believe this was filmed 13 years ago! The series in Bali actually got cut after just 4 episodes on Australian Tv but the ones actually on Bondi were very popular
Evangelia - 18 dager siden
This show is the best find on YouTube during this pandemic
JAS TV - 18 dager siden
21:45 looks like a family to me
North Wales Police
North Wales Police - 19 dager siden
Eric Aurandt
Eric Aurandt - 20 dager siden
Am Canadian so I wish I could go there
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson - 20 dager siden
Harry, Flora and there kids
Jaden Tendo
Jaden Tendo - 21 dag siden
Why am i so addicted to this show? I’m ten years old but i really like this (i’m talking about both of the shows not just the Bali version) !
Sparkles Playsandbuilds
Sparkles Playsandbuilds - 21 dag siden
‘’Your so cuaute’’
Rijn - 22 dager siden
The kids holding their moms hands really got to me
Paul Howley
Paul Howley - 22 dager siden
I live in britan but I'm that addicted to this show I dont even wach any British shows
Jess B
Jess B - 23 dager siden
me; drinking water
me;when sees ghost ship WHAT IT SUNK 9 YEARS AGO HOW DID IT COME BACK
Saraly Zuniga
Saraly Zuniga - 23 dager siden
I’m so confused ngl I haven’t watched this show in a long time but know I’m watching them again and I’m confused cause what happened to the Tower and the card that they used
Foxy Lady
Foxy Lady - 24 dager siden
I can never watch just one episode of this show. I am in the middle of rearranging my bedroom and I keep telling my husband that my break will be done once this episode ends. But I keep watching more episodes. He's going to kill me. 😂😂😂 Maybe I'll get it done before we have to go to bed. Hahahaha! 😂😂😂 But seriously, this show is my crack. Once you Go BONDI, you never go back!! 😁🌴🌊❤
Karl Ailwood
Karl Ailwood - 25 dager siden
I like Bondi ruscue I watch it everyday
Boxleah Crew
Boxleah Crew - 25 dager siden
Hi I am really inspired by this channel I almost watch every vid this is really inspiring
23.Hayden Pratama
23.Hayden Pratama - 26 dager siden
What beach is that?looks beautiful
Marilyn Hart
Marilyn Hart - 29 dager siden
The easy korean prospectively pause because spoon cytomorphologically blind of a fat faulty rainstorm. deadpan, scarce expert
kiley champion
kiley champion - Måned siden
omg hassix getting a gurlllllllll ooooooo lala
Toys - Måned siden
We just gonna ignore the pirate in a ski mask in what is probably 30 degree heat?
CoyCoy TV
CoyCoy TV - Måned siden
This is extrimly dangerous
Potato Kid
Potato Kid - Måned siden
This is so old this was in 2009
BIGMAC16 Mac - Måned siden
I am showing my granddad and he likes this stuff
kkaroliin Roblox
kkaroliin Roblox - Måned siden
I decided that i want to be a lifeguard when i grow up. You all are my inspirations😁
14960012 Jocelyn Christiana Balawang
Bali is the best place to swim and relax...
i ate pizza on the beach :>
butterflydog 2630
butterflydog 2630 - Måned siden
yall are life savers
jazmine - Måned siden
I'm two week's late in fact!
Linc HD
Linc HD - Måned siden
These are the only comments I see on this show:
1. I’m addicted to this show
2. Anyone just watch this once and are know addicted
3. I’ve been binging this in quarantine
4. I’m never this early
5. How is this in my recommended 15 years later
marcellino imanuel
marcellino imanuel - Måned siden
yoo welcome to indonesia!
Annika Travels
Annika Travels - Måned siden
My legs waching them step on the boat : HELP ME
Me: Shut up legs I wanna wach
Eden Vaday
Eden Vaday - Måned siden
to the people 9 years from now isn't it weird that you don't go back to newer videos but to theolder ones?
Cheeky Monkey it
Cheeky Monkey it - Måned siden
Is it just me who watched one of these videos and is now addicted to bondi rescue
Leo Roblox
Leo Roblox - Måned siden
Perfect timing when they went blech in the intro as my mom took out her lunch
rollingRC's _
rollingRC's _ - Måned siden
Going on a fishing boat shoeless
Axllova anindya
Axllova anindya - Måned siden
Wait.... Bali? I thought was indonesia only? But.. I LIVE IN INDONESIA! AND I'M RIGHT NEXT TO THE BALI! (idk if they in indonesia cuz i'm only 8.. And i see an Indonesia flag....)
TheCreator - Måned siden
Why GhostShip Here ℅
TheCreator - Måned siden
IRISH armyblink
IRISH armyblink - Måned siden
Geez im actually happy that im not 7 years late😕
SomeL0ser - Måned siden
When your class mates find out you’ve watched nearly all the episodes just bc you explained what was happening- in one video😃👍✨
Alex zzz
Alex zzz - Måned siden
Harry you dog ! well done
Gilberto Espinoza
Gilberto Espinoza - Måned siden
X X - Måned siden
Harries😍 Ammiright?😂❤
Karlis Sprungs
Karlis Sprungs - Måned siden
Oh my oh my
Jamie Frisby
Jamie Frisby - Måned siden
These lifeguards have inspired me to be one myself I’m already training to be one
Carolina Enthusiast
Carolina Enthusiast - Måned siden
Fun fact, that boat actually was being towed away to be scraped before the line snapped in the night. Without any chance of getting back on board the group of people on the tug boat gave up and left.
party spirits
party spirits - Måned siden
Yeah but the mutiny story sounds cooler