Is this woman faking a spinal injury?

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Lifeguards help a woman with a suspected spinal injury who can't feel her feet - but some things aren't adding up.
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Runtime: 02:19


Ashlee Pay
Ashlee Pay - 7 timer siden
What in the 3rd grade?!
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley - 8 timer siden
The girl had good acting but she dragged the lifeguards attention away from the water so anyone could of drowned so u shouldn’t do this
This_is_ÆSH - 15 timer siden
Just tickle her feet :D
AIDS isfun
AIDS isfun - Dag siden
lmao she just thirsty for some camara time
Hello There
Hello There - Dag siden
I would’ve said
“Let’s go take her for surgery”
Smexy Chez
Smexy Chez - Dag siden
She reminds me of myself when I was like 9-12, I would always fake me being sick or like rlly hurt (obviously not something that would get me to get x-rays or go to the hospital but just enough to keep me home from school-)
Simply Izzy
Simply Izzy - Dag siden
Me in class:
The teacher talking to my parents:she decided to discharge her self and walk awag
Oh No
Oh No - 2 dager siden
When she said I can’t feel my legs , I’d of put a pin in her foot to check
Oh No
Oh No - 2 dager siden
My sister is exactly like this
Natalie Grunsell
Natalie Grunsell - 2 dager siden
How baddf
cupcake sisters 12
cupcake sisters 12 - 2 dager siden
Homeless mabe
jan - 2 dager siden
Green whistle + hot lifeguards = big temptation!!! LOL
WorshipForTheWorld - 2 dager siden
She just wants dat insurance $$$
Ezivefn - 2 dager siden
Day 1 of getting famous so I can live the dream
George Ibrahim
George Ibrahim - 2 dager siden
How could she not feel her legs but stand up lol?
Lil Chicky
Lil Chicky - 2 dager siden
Well have fun paying hospital funds
Kenda Wyatt
Kenda Wyatt - 3 dager siden
She’s just an attention seeker 😑 what if someone was actually in need of help and they can’t help cus they got an attention seeking donkey to handle first smh
JP tatiyarat
JP tatiyarat - 3 dager siden
Colleen Pedder
Colleen Pedder - 3 dager siden
She should have been charged.
Georgina Perez
Georgina Perez - 3 dager siden
She just wanted help from singlets😂
Kaaz96.Jinxed Gaming
Kaaz96.Jinxed Gaming - 3 dager siden
you no somethings up when they blur someones face out
꧁Lizzie꧂ - 3 dager siden
She’s just like Lie-La (Lila)
Royal Trooper
Royal Trooper - 3 dager siden
Imagine she just stands up and walk's away from the spinal board with the green whistle
Sara Musa
Sara Musa - 3 dager siden
She's faking
Kiara Carpenter
Kiara Carpenter - 3 dager siden
She Probley doing it for attention! ❄️
Kiara Carpenter
Kiara Carpenter - 3 dager siden
Jonathan - 3 dager siden
she js wanted the green whistle
Elizabeth von Hillmann
Elizabeth von Hillmann - 4 dager siden
American here. What’s the Green Whistle? Is it a narcotic? Type of pain killer?
Elizabeth von Hillmann
Elizabeth von Hillmann - 3 dager siden
@lll Thanks! First time I’ve seen it referenced.
lll - 4 dager siden
yeah it’s analgesic gas, it relieves pain
Colin Harrison
Colin Harrison - 4 dager siden
I can tell it’s fake
Jak Ace
Jak Ace - 4 dager siden
They say don't just believe all women!!!!
your aunt susan
your aunt susan - 4 dager siden
what the, who can do this to others?!
Spike 365
Spike 365 - 5 dager siden
Welp you know y’all could tell the doctors
To give her no feeling in her legs if she was faking...............

Edit it was a joke
Caydn Jones
Caydn Jones - 5 dager siden
Just tickle her
hija ortiz
hija ortiz - 5 dager siden
My word for this is...

Candycane nerdy
Candycane nerdy - 5 dager siden
I feel down a set of 12 stairs twice in one night. I cried a little bit and had carpet burn but I was fine within half an hour. I've suffered from bad lower back pain for the past year and a bit. This woman's faking it like a fucking Karen. Also if she was able to walk out of the sea... WHY IS IT ONLY WHEN SHE REACHES THE LIFE GUARDS SHE CANT FEEL ANYTHING?!
Shan Casey Pabalay
Shan Casey Pabalay - 6 dager siden
Who just want some porn
Macky Playz
Macky Playz - 6 dager siden
She’s probably just an addict looking for her next fix of green whistle.
mission complete
mission complete - 6 dager siden
The girl didnt even know how to speak and what to say u coupd tell she was fak8ng
wahahahahhaha - 6 dager siden
I already know that it’s a lie
Not UnlikedBear
Not UnlikedBear - 6 dager siden
She definitely wanted the green whistle
A M - 6 dager siden
I know a few nurses who poke you with something sharp (not like a scalpel or anything!) if you complain of numbness because is someone pokes a chopstick or a fork into your foot if you feel it you’ll flinch 😂
Reuben Jackson
Reuben Jackson - 6 dager siden
Probs thought that she could get benefits from the "injury". Took up the time of a lot of valuable people and resources.
Niamh Prendergast
Niamh Prendergast - 6 dager siden
That's sus
LibbyToTheBee - 6 dager siden
Some people are addicted to medical painkillers like morphine and will do anything to get their high.
xpastlechxrryx - 6 dager siden
She just wanted the green whistle
Blake Thompson
Blake Thompson - 6 dager siden
She won'ted the drugs
ethan poole
ethan poole - 7 dager siden
Can you bye green whistles online ???🤤🤤
eleanor dixon
eleanor dixon - 7 dager siden
I think there's a possibility that she did hurt herself but only a little and thought it was worse but then she started faking it, or it was completely fake from the start. Idk why she would do it 🤦
Elinor Lowe
Elinor Lowe - 7 dager siden
Guys I don’t think she was faking it. After she has the green whistle she probs got a headache and thought she hit that too
Anita Ram
Anita Ram - 7 dager siden
Easy way to check if shes lying about loss off sensation is asking can you feel me toucjing your right foot while squeezing the other
Catherine Stanley
Catherine Stanley - 7 dager siden
She probably just wanted to get high off the pain meds, my brother's a drug addict and used to fake injuries all the time for pain meds.
Ponce - 5 dager siden
Oh you don’t say
Nooraishah Khan
Nooraishah Khan - 7 dager siden
Somebody please explain to me why she faked this. I'm fully fustrated with confusion.
Jasmine Holden
Jasmine Holden - 6 dager siden
Get a green pen and fame.
Non LeagueFiles
Non LeagueFiles - 7 dager siden
Just wanted Green Whistle
Rosie Morris
Rosie Morris - 7 dager siden
Tikkle her feet and see if she wriggles 😅
Lucy Harris
Lucy Harris - 7 dager siden
She just wanted the green whistle
Priceless - 7 dager siden
Biden voters deserve no freedom
Katie Tejada
Katie Tejada - 7 dager siden
Can someone explain what a green whistle is 😂
Username - 6 dager siden
Pain killer.
Katie Tejada
Katie Tejada - 7 dager siden
PATWICA BIG BRAIN - 7 dager siden
Its something that relives pain i think
dasie - 7 dager siden
She just wanted the handsome guys😆😀👌
Awsomegt - 7 dager siden
She wanted to get a kiss
Anime Love
Anime Love - 7 dager siden
This is legit every little kid after they don’t get attention “I hAvE a SpInAl bUt I cHaNgE mY sToRy”.
Thanks for the likes :)
Allen Kazuma
Allen Kazuma - 8 dager siden
What if someone is dying in the ocean while this perfectly ok woman is faking a spinal injury 🥺😨🤯😡😤😐
Malcolm Power
Malcolm Power - 8 dager siden
She was not affected by the Green whistle.Why?She also was not giving description about who ran over her. She is SUS
SlopMop - 8 dager siden
Why they wrap her up like a baked potato
Username - 6 dager siden
So she doesn't get hot or cold, no idea which one it is though since idk the weather.
arficansky owl
arficansky owl - 8 dager siden
Brain injuries can cause confusion
IcyLike Gucci
IcyLike Gucci - 8 dager siden
Skull Studio
Skull Studio - 8 dager siden
Fake injuries are serious especially on the beach because If there’s a big group of people and if there’s no as many lifeguards then it going to be a slower process and possibly people who could die and drown also it takes the attention off the water
bella betts
bella betts - 9 dager siden
They said she walked herself out of the ocean and know she is saying she has no feeling in her legs
josh sanderson
josh sanderson - 9 dager siden
Tryna scam
Tedford Salf
Tedford Salf - 9 dager siden
"I've seen a lot of spinals dude, and this women is a f*$kin gold bricker" - Walter Sobchak
GraffitiTurtle - 8 dager siden
What does that mean
XxReese_CupsCandyxX - 9 dager siden
Midnight - 9 dager siden
I think I know why she faked it:
She wanted the VIEWS!!!
Emi Koc
Emi Koc - 9 dager siden
This is just sick. I can't believe people do that. I mean people do want to try the green whistle but this is just too far.
Amy Fazakerley
Amy Fazakerley - 9 dager siden
I hate when people fake it
shadow Rblx
shadow Rblx - 9 dager siden
I think shes faking
Mervin Harley Baniqued
Mervin Harley Baniqued - 9 dager siden
She love that green whistle
Lonely Luna
Lonely Luna - 9 dager siden
Girl: imma fake a spinal ingury to get on tv
Editors who blurred out her face: imma bout to ruin this whole girls plan
Sara Boughaba
Sara Boughaba - 3 dager siden
Harris Roberts
Harris Roberts - 9 dager siden
Who is just looking at the comment section to see if it was true
My puggy life
My puggy life - 10 dager siden
She shouldn’t be
Faking there could
be people drowning out there
Atria Nicole Apilan
Atria Nicole Apilan - 10 dager siden
She just wants attention from the lifeguards lol😂
Mia Brincat
Mia Brincat - 10 dager siden
Bitch just wanted that free wrestle take advantage of the opportunity🤣
Foxy Sox
Foxy Sox - 10 dager siden
This is like this kid at my school who fell over. She was having a sook lol
Galaxyheart555 - 10 dager siden
I have no clue what she would want to gain out of this from pretending to be paralyzed smh
Gareth Vlogs
Gareth Vlogs - 10 dager siden
If she could be faking it try tickling her feet. If she laughs or smiles she could be faking it.
gi gi
gi gi - 10 dager siden
She probably discharged herself cause she knew her story got her too deep into being taken to the hospital. No one just walks off fine knowing they “had a spinal injury” just saying
bellou72 - 10 dager siden
Sounds like a good time for painful stimuli to test that numbness. 😏
Hope Lyon
Hope Lyon - 10 dager siden
She just wanted to end up on Bondi Rescue 😒✋
MoonLight_Shiverz - 10 dager siden
I'm not good at nursing or life saving, and don't mean to offend anyone because this might be serious, but why do people but tin foil around people when there in pain sometimes..?
Nicole Walsh
Nicole Walsh - 11 dager siden
hope the embarrassment and shame from how the life guards will treat a lot of people who are actually hurt and the thousands of dollars of hospital bills were worth it sweetheart
Glitter Babe
Glitter Babe - 11 dager siden
I knew it was a lie coz her face was blurred out
RosiePosie - 11 dager siden
This girl just wants a green whistle
Alex likes pie
Alex likes pie - 11 dager siden
Why did they cover her in tin foil
charlo_bert - 10 dager siden
keep her warm so shes soaking wet n probably cold
Roblox Hype House
Roblox Hype House - 11 dager siden
Wh6 is deano's neck so long
Harry Costin
Harry Costin - 11 dager siden
Shes a doosh bag
Lucas Berube
Lucas Berube - 12 dager siden
She just wants them to touch her and her to suck on the green whistle
Dragon Willow
Dragon Willow - 12 dager siden
This lady went over me with her surf board

Camera zooms in
Me laughing for no reason
Bubbly Bubbles
Bubbly Bubbles - 12 dager siden
thats not nice that she just faked this injurie thats just messed up like ;-;
choi qq.
choi qq. - 11 dager siden
Amxlia - 13 dager siden
That’s terrible because someone could need help in the water when she’s taking her injury
Jo Davies
Jo Davies - 13 dager siden
she is such a faker
Rainz - 14 dager siden
Stop the cap
XRM_ Huskerang
XRM_ Huskerang - 14 dager siden
just... why, why fake stuff like this your wasting people in real pain and could be close to death but you want to fake and be "funny"