LOST Children at Bondi Beach

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Distraught parents, crying kids and frantic searches as the lifeguards search for lost children at Bondi Beach.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, #lostkids shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 16:44


DerrickDaDog -
DerrickDaDog - - 11 timer siden
6:58 He was trying his best not to laugh 😂
Gacha Kai
Gacha Kai - 11 timer siden
Bruh my mom is so strict that even after she'd find me she'd probably slap the life out of me and yell at me not to wander off ever again
Martha's Channel
Martha's Channel - 11 timer siden
lovley doll
lovley doll - 11 timer siden
chickenwing chickenwing hot dog and bologna chicken and macaroni
Morgan Barfield
Morgan Barfield - 11 timer siden
Looking for a missing kid and possibly kidnapping another. I'm in tears 😭
Doris Joos
Doris Joos - 11 timer siden
and also reminds me if i ever get lost, and how much people love complete strangers to help
Doris Joos
Doris Joos - 11 timer siden
i love this video because it reminds me of when my brother was lost riding his bike to school one day, and i was freaking out, i thought he was turnover by a car, but he just took a wrong turn, and a lady found him and called my dad, it just goes to show how much people love each other and how much people will go to help if something is wrong
Abby -
Abby - - 12 timer siden
all i heard for 3 mins straight “JeNiFeR”
tracey hamilton
tracey hamilton - 12 timer siden
Hh June jijjiikikikkkkkkukikimimimik8kikikikikimjji
Tommy Beagan
Tommy Beagan - 12 timer siden
6:24 what was the girls name again
Milky squad YT
Milky squad YT - 12 timer siden
*kid gets lost in beach* me : *gets lost in my moms closet*
Jayse Wilson
Jayse Wilson - 12 timer siden
His brother was like “damn he’s good at hide and seek”
Andrea Salas
Andrea Salas - 12 timer siden
Manny's brother: 👁👄👁
Taylor BTS luver
Taylor BTS luver - 12 timer siden
Moza nur Calista
Moza nur Calista - 12 timer siden
0:50 What accent is that?
Jon Whyte
Jon Whyte - 12 timer siden
When your at the beach and U look at your phone and look up stay off your phone when U look at your kids
Gio Tass
Gio Tass - 12 timer siden
What the? Covid is never gonna end if ppl keep doing this! There was like 5,000 People on that beach! I understand they wanna have fun but, We gotta win this covid thing.
Hiram Escamilla
Hiram Escamilla - 13 timer siden
6:56 that lifeguard is such an a-hole. Laughing at the poor lady.
Sacqq - 13 timer siden
Why Will you let you 3 year old kid just go away ? Trash mom
Ronnie Mahan
Ronnie Mahan - 13 timer siden
I'm just happy that they found the kids :)
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards - 13 timer siden
Why's this guy laughing🤣 7:07
NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD - 13 timer siden
Watch your kids for gods sake
Rose Pacete
Rose Pacete - 13 timer siden
They cut the part where jennifer's mom said to the lifeguards to ask for the kid's surname to be sure if its the right jennifer.
It’s Lamar Plays
It’s Lamar Plays - 13 timer siden
This is exactly what quarantine made me watch all thx to my boredom!✌🏻
B. Stack
B. Stack - 13 timer siden
All I get from this is the blowfish face that woman has created with all the lip injections. Absolutely disgusting
Brianna Sprouse
Brianna Sprouse - 13 timer siden
So strange for me seeing the sun still up at 7pm
megalodon2014ofdoom - 13 timer siden
Alternative Title: *Terrible Parenting*
Susy Gonzalez
Susy Gonzalez - 13 timer siden
Sara Sings
Sara Sings - 13 timer siden
So many lost kids
Susy Gonzalez
Susy Gonzalez - 13 timer siden
Holly shit.Holly shit
Sara Sings
Sara Sings - 13 timer siden
Oh my goodness dramaaaaaa
Sara Sings
Sara Sings - 13 timer siden
Wait plot twist
Sara Sings
Sara Sings - 13 timer siden
Omg she found him omg
Lili López
Lili López - 13 timer siden
My mom was crying to death when i got lost in a island
vvy 1T
vvy 1T - 13 timer siden
6:58 that guys laughing 😂
Sara Sings
Sara Sings - 14 timer siden
I hope she finds him soon
Sara Sings
Sara Sings - 14 timer siden
Brian Saint louis
Brian Saint louis - 14 timer siden
Omg 😨😨
Kyana Viaene
Kyana Viaene - 14 timer siden
how did she not help them find her sonn
kezzi Kensington
kezzi Kensington - 14 timer siden
Anyone one else wanna work at bondi ?
EDcinematic - 14 timer siden
Only Chinese and Korean people having problems
No front
Cian Kearney
Cian Kearney - 14 timer siden
Anyone else think that These guys would really benefit from a Chinese speaking employee ?
a m i a
a m i a - 14 timer siden
What about the girl that was sticking her hand out the water?
(At the end)
Ericka McDonald
Ericka McDonald - 14 timer siden
6:59 why is that dude laughing?
Marissa - 14 timer siden
They need more diverse life guards that know the common languages of people that frequent the beach
Katie ۵
Katie ۵ - 14 timer siden
The little girl crying for her brother made my heart cry. She was so scared for him);
Keira Arce
Keira Arce - 14 timer siden
If I ever lost a kid or I myself got lost I would be the most scared anyone could any be
Paige Ready
Paige Ready - 15 timer siden
I was their when it happend
Sleepy Yochi
Sleepy Yochi - 15 timer siden
The guy at 7:00 was laughing at the lady 🤣🤣
mariam ak
mariam ak - 15 timer siden
6:58 why was that life guard laughing ? Whats so funny about losing a child
Ana Brown
Ana Brown - 15 timer siden
These parents are so irresponsible
dilsaz KLER
dilsaz KLER - 15 timer siden
what are you doing covid-19 your touching each other
Faiz and ismail Yaqub
Faiz and ismail Yaqub - 15 timer siden
At17:50 there is white like wear his sunglasses
It’s ME!!!
It’s ME!!! - 15 timer siden
The litter boy is speaking korean. And saying phone
OG tecci Ψ
OG tecci Ψ - 15 timer siden
6:57 the guy in the car was laughing
Hugh Gallagher
Hugh Gallagher - 15 timer siden
My god
Hugh Gallagher
Hugh Gallagher - 15 timer siden
ن ٌ
ن ٌ - 16 timer siden
I am very sorry when the guys said is he your brother I laughed so badly I am very sorry
Talia the tree
Talia the tree - 16 timer siden
Jenifer: missing
Jennifer’s mum: SHE’S LOST
Little girl in the pink bikini: CaRtWhEeL! CaRtWhEeL!
Aaron Amaya
Aaron Amaya - 16 timer siden
KEVIN - 16 timer siden
These mothers are so irresponsible 🙁, SMH keep your eye on your child not your phone.
Guus Rasenberg
Guus Rasenberg - 16 timer siden
6:59 that guy is stil laughing i gues
Maddie’s Angels
Maddie’s Angels - 16 timer siden
I can’t be the only one who thought the girl got kidnapped in the thumbnail
AvocadoBuddies - 16 timer siden
why do asian ppl who cannot speak english even come? look im not being mean but it is crucial that if u r going to a place u know u will be in a big language barrier, u need to learn at least some key phrases or at the most take flash cards right?
EverythingLana - 16 timer siden
I agree not trying to be mean
SCT_Snipes ,
SCT_Snipes , - 16 timer siden
That wee boy was angry... no joke 🤣
Misty_Shdws - 16 timer siden
Dude this almost made me cry
I’m a Pigeon
I’m a Pigeon - 16 timer siden
The boy who was with the mother looked so confused I feel so so bad
I am Glad
I am Glad - 16 timer siden
If theyre in the entrance they should supposed to say "If you get lost met me at the entrance or exti or the lifeguard wait me there OK" so they wont be lost
Brite_ Naqeeb
Brite_ Naqeeb - 17 timer siden
What if the little boy they found this guy that he was being kidnapped
Lila Cole
Lila Cole - 17 timer siden
I immediately smiled when they found the first one.
keylocker87 - 17 timer siden
I am literally crying right now
haha - 17 timer siden
*realizes she never took him out the car*
WRLDfOrTnItE - 17 timer siden
Have you ever been lost at a beach before?
Khadija rahman
Khadija rahman - 17 timer siden
Dnt mind plzzz but we Bangladeshi mom r on another level.....we use long rope to tie our child wth our hand if we r in crowded place or took them in our lap...or if we r in a beach we shout to our child to play together.... N yeah they scared of us n whn we r mad they play in frnt of us...n ya stepping outside frm d door....we bcm d bald eagle... Our child bcm our prey...n we dsnt evn blink till we safely take them home...plzzz dnt mind .....its just i am a mom of 22 mnths n ya im ovr protective....
BlackJack Productions
BlackJack Productions - 17 timer siden
I have lost trust in humans because of all the racism and violence happening right now.
YouTube recommendations: LISTEN HERE YOU LITTKE SHIT *THROWS this video in my recommendations* WATCH THIS
ME after watching this: my faith in humans have been restored
YouTube recommendations: you never searched for this but your welcome and I will be back
Do not click on my profile Pro
6:58 the life guard was laughing 😡 he should go to hel* for that
Facundo Viale
Facundo Viale - 17 timer siden
they should have a board that says "do you understand this" in many languages, that d be so much easier.
Lol Mmm
Lol Mmm - 17 timer siden
Bruh the kid was Korean
Rebeka Berényi
Rebeka Berényi - 17 timer siden
the first mom's lips said:🦆
Kelly Tekavec
Kelly Tekavec - 18 timer siden
This happened to me once and my parents thought I drowned in the ocean😎