LOST Children at Bondi Beach

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Distraught parents, crying kids and frantic searches as the lifeguards search for lost children at Bondi Beach.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, #lostkids shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 16:44


Freedomboy006 - 3 minutter siden
Y’all Asians need to watch your kids
Daniela Maldonado
Daniela Maldonado - 10 minutter siden
When all kids gets lost like I never get lost cuz I stay with my family cuz it’s to scary
I Exist
I Exist - 17 minutter siden
I feel like they should have translators working there
kathy owo
kathy owo - 36 minutter siden
its like finding weres waldo but with small little kids in a beach
Deckstro - 37 minutter siden
I am so mad at the first mom she is so fucking irresponsible and of COURSE she has lip fillers.
Woof Bork
Woof Bork - Time siden
Is this your brotUH
Girl Gaming Queen
Girl Gaming Queen - Time siden
Who is still watching this in 2021
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong - Time siden
Lmao one can easily tell the kid is Korean
Gerald DeClouet Jr.
Gerald DeClouet Jr. - Time siden

Lifeguard on the truck smiling and laughing
Blitz 49
Blitz 49 - Time siden
Damn these people ... your in a public place close to the beach and potential predators.. watch your kids.
Mr Jake
Mr Jake - Time siden
Awesome ..great job
simp.wit.mee. - 2 timer siden
The first mom's lips tho 👁️👄👁️
ArgieDude - 2 timer siden
So... You don't make the clapping?
Samchi Techi
Samchi Techi - 2 timer siden
Injected giant lips make her child disappear 😅
BGeezy-E - 3 timer siden
Ryan Giancarlo Sutter Cruz
Ryan Giancarlo Sutter Cruz - 3 timer siden
The first mom’s crying was almost as big as her plastic
Lazycake - 4 timer siden
His bro’s seriously lookin like “*so now i get the room all to myself again?*”
See Vang
See Vang - 5 timer siden
Man, I wish I was there to tell them the kid spoke Korean and not Cantonese or Mandarin. I only know so much Asian languages.
James Richards
James Richards - 5 timer siden
7:18 the what phone
lowlifekid YT
lowlifekid YT - 5 timer siden
A mother with young kids its quite inappropriate wearing a full blown bikini and lip fillers
Tricia Mae Evasco
Tricia Mae Evasco - 5 timer siden
12:23 shes korean
Mikey Woo
Mikey Woo - 6 timer siden
Her fooking lips lmaooooo she was probably taken selfies the whole time guarantee
Robbie Ward
Robbie Ward - 6 timer siden
He is Korea or Thailand. Indonesia
Angelica Reyes
Angelica Reyes - 6 timer siden
god it hurts, im learning korean and i knew instantly that little boy throwing sand at harries was korean 😭 idky but i wish i couldve helped then ahaha
Jesse LinGOD
Jesse LinGOD - 6 timer siden
The second guy came out laughing lmaoo
Jesse LinGOD
Jesse LinGOD - 6 timer siden
The moment when manny’s brother said “Manny where are you? We’ll find you” was so pure
R m
R m - 7 timer siden
Lmao the little kid who was crying 😂
Cort Shan
Cort Shan - 7 timer siden
Lol the amount of Korean people that they thought were chinese
Roudod Calum
Roudod Calum - 8 timer siden
Conclusion : Asian can’t swin for shit
Meerkrk - 8 timer siden
Life guard: Asking a stranger if he saw Jennifer

Stranger: Bish what idk a Jennifer
Aryana Hopkins
Aryana Hopkins - 8 timer siden
Why is that dude face so small
Victorious - 9 timer siden
Almost every of these missing kids are not english people
mimi lolo
mimi lolo - 9 timer siden
Lifeguards are the best
DerpyDudeNick - 9 timer siden
Is it just me or every person getting rescued in this show is asian
Bird Nerd
Bird Nerd - 10 timer siden
Thats literally my worst fear
Ur Nan
Ur Nan - 10 timer siden
Is the boy shrowing the sand, Ryantoysreview?
Huj FN
Huj FN - 11 timer siden
Who else hates it when lifeguards tell u at the beach AYY COME BACK DONT GO TOO FAR!
itz_ NaNa
itz_ NaNa - 11 timer siden
Ayman - 11 timer siden
The first mom is hot af😂
Not Important
Not Important - 12 timer siden
last time a child got lost by the water in my town he was dead in the water.
Kimation Productions
Kimation Productions - 3 timer siden
Oh 0-o
Garrett Wise
Garrett Wise - 12 timer siden
1:40 dog: help my please
Gail Munoz
Gail Munoz - 12 timer siden
Asian kids get lost a lot huh
SunnyAesthetic c:
SunnyAesthetic c: - 12 timer siden
The kids like what the hell what’s happenin we’ll he probably saw him but mum wouldn’t listen
afgzee - 12 timer siden
Never name any of your children Jennifer or Karen
Beth - 13 timer siden
If I took kids to a beach as busy as that they would be wearing high vis everything 😂
Badge Yna Flosk
Badge Yna Flosk - 13 timer siden
6:59 dude why is that guy in the blue shirt laughing LMFAO he includes to those people who laughs in amidst of a serious situation🤣
oLogical YT
oLogical YT - 14 timer siden
I almost cried 😢
THIAGO S2 - 14 timer siden
X25 6:50 shark
Tanya Kwankis
Tanya Kwankis - 14 timer siden
I'm 16 but I'd still get lost in that many people lmaooo honestly.
mamf3 - 15 timer siden
Why are all these asain parents losing their kids bruh
Dia Blo
Dia Blo - 15 timer siden
U can see one life guard laughing while that child’s mom screaming “JENNIFERRRR” 😂😂😂
Ariz Pineda
Ariz Pineda - 12 timer siden
Timestamp? :)
Bryson's Adventures
Bryson's Adventures - 15 timer siden
6:57 that guy can't keep himself together over her yelling lmaoo
McVirgo - 15 timer siden
Yo if my parents lost me they would probably be like “Oh . . . ok 👌🏻 “
Alex Solorio
Alex Solorio - 16 timer siden
Ok so this just hit me hard...let me explain ok so....
I was watching this and I was like "wow if I lost my sister's or bother I would have a heart attack and if I was the parent I would straight out die then and there" but then it hit me-" that's how my parents felt when I almost drowned the first time...." yea iv almost drowned 5 time but either so I still love water and the ocean- anyways I was thinking of those moments and the first time was kinda scary the second time I was a little more scared cuz it was a bit more intense the third time i was like " wow ok?? Again" and forth I was " ....ok now I don't get why is it only water tying to kill me??" The fifth time I was just a bit well ummm ANNOYED but my parents must have been scared......
Satan from hell
Satan from hell - 17 timer siden
B 2H
B 2H - 17 timer siden
I don't understand why at this point none of them have any words in another language. If I was constantly dealing with the same groups of international tourists, I would at least try to understand some words in that language or be able to speak them.
BRANLEY NUNEZ - 17 timer siden
Mojon Peludo
Mojon Peludo - 17 timer siden
No puedo dejar de es escuchar el YENIFAAAAR 😭😭😭
Robby Weber
Robby Weber - 17 timer siden
0:25 being an American that sounded weird 😂
polo sessoms
polo sessoms - 18 timer siden
King Boofed
King Boofed - 18 timer siden
I lost
Summer Stfelix
Summer Stfelix - 19 timer siden
Im dead lol NEW FOLLOWER
Summer Stfelix
Summer Stfelix - 19 timer siden
Bro if i was to get lost a beach my mom planed it lol
Night Mare
Night Mare - 19 timer siden
What’s up with the Asian’s at the beach?
Night Mare
Night Mare - 19 timer siden
I’m never going to the beach with my kids.
hun ben
hun ben - 19 timer siden
That carrying child felt sad n funny at the same time
Jenny Chen Zhen
Jenny Chen Zhen - 20 timer siden
The girl that says Chinese is the Chinese is my Chinese I speak
John S
John S - 20 timer siden
The first mom looked drunk
Vicki C
Vicki C - 20 timer siden
Omo I’m half korean 😂 ㅋㅋㅋ 🤣 안녕하세요! (Hello)
And half Chinese 😂
Yeah no 🧢 I’m Mexican American Chinese Korean 😂
Tylers random life moments
Tylers random life moments - 20 timer siden
10:50 that kid was trying to go super sayan
Catherine Fleming
Catherine Fleming - 21 time siden
lifeguard: what's the childs name
Me bruh
Jaya Wood
Jaya Wood - 22 timer siden
I feel so bad for the second mom
Life of Kora
Life of Kora - 22 timer siden
Korean mom: I can only speak a few words in English
The lifeguards: what are we gonna do?
Me: google translate
AJB_SUFC2 Gaming
AJB_SUFC2 Gaming - 22 timer siden
Use google translate
Zinedine - 22 timer siden
6:58 my mans laughing 😂😂
Ms. Lehkel
Ms. Lehkel - 22 timer siden
The 1st mother is horrible. She sucks!
Tristam Mayes
Tristam Mayes - 22 timer siden
They are absolute hero’s, shame that women spends more time on her lips than looking after her kids.
Gryll The Onion
Gryll The Onion - 21 time siden
Parents lose their children at least once, even if it is at Walmart or at a beach. One second and the kid is gone. They take off at mighty speeds.
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones - 23 timer siden
Put the beach on lockdown where no one is legally allowed to leave and hunt them down
InfinityMUSIC - 23 timer siden
6:44 why is the other lifeguard laughing wth
Pentagon 7877
Pentagon 7877 - 23 timer siden
One of these lifeguards should really learn Korean
Thelema - 23 timer siden
Ava Sheehan
Ava Sheehan - 23 timer siden
So scary to think about how the family must feel and what it would be like to be in the situation yourself 💔
XD -
XD - - Dag siden
For the kid that spoke a different language
Lost: scream and cry
Sad: scream and cry
Mad: scream and cry
Scared: scream and cry
Hotel: Trivago
XD -
XD - - 9 timer siden
@Izzy Damant yeah 😂
Izzy Damant
Izzy Damant - 9 timer siden
🤣 but still poor kid he's so young
NeneHido - Dag siden
Joe Philip
Joe Philip - Dag siden
Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd - Dag siden
Jennifer! Ima have bad dream
CA Whalen
CA Whalen - Dag siden
1:05 (I’m not trying to be rude and this must be super scary)
But the kids like : 👁👄👁 bro why u crying and where’s my brother?
TrixterNub - Dag siden
Serenity Nicole
Serenity Nicole - Dag siden
Kylie Jenner is that you?!
Fardowsa Gubosa
Fardowsa Gubosa - Dag siden
The Korean Little boy was literally like "phone Phone!"
Fardowsa Gubosa
Fardowsa Gubosa - Dag siden
the only person who will cry for you if you died rn would be your mom.
Pickle and Plum Gaming
Iive across the world from there and I heard something last night and it sounded like Jennifer
Stephanie Cieslinski
Stephanie Cieslinski - Dag siden
The lady in the back when the kid was throwing sand 😂
Jacob builds with legø
Big brother: im sure mannys fine,
His mind: *dis some good jelly beans*
marciellacopter - Dag siden
Arual NNT
Arual NNT - Dag siden
That kid was screaming and you couldnt understand a single word but i understood what language it was because.... kpop and kdramas 😅
Na Wan
Na Wan - Dag siden
Omg omg omggggg
Abby Andes
Abby Andes - Dag siden
Salute to all lifeguards. They did a great job❤️❤️❤️
Jhope's Sprite
Jhope's Sprite - Dag siden
Losing a child is really scary
Janae Fuller
Janae Fuller - Dag siden
"I'm sure manny's fine"
I don't know why but his comment made me tear up