Man Collapses and Has Seizure - Emotional Reaction from Lifeguards

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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, #seizures, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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BondiRescue - 7 måneder siden
We love our Bondi locals! Even if (especially IF) they can be a little quirky -
Tahlia Heycox
Tahlia Heycox - 15 dager siden
oMg Hi
Frxggy Green
Frxggy Green - 5 måneder siden
And ikr stupid CORONA is ruining everything i lost all mu friends :{
Frxggy Green
Frxggy Green - 5 måneder siden
Can anyone here sub to me lol
Infilte Roblox
Infilte Roblox - 6 måneder siden
I wish I could go to Bondi Beach BUT CORONAVIRUS
Tech Support
Tech Support - 6 måneder siden
Little Blossom
Little Blossom - 4 dager siden
These guys make Australia
Averie Griffin
Averie Griffin - 4 dager siden
seizures are ridiculously scaring to have. mad respect for them
Michelle Usher
Michelle Usher - 4 dager siden
Being an Epileptic I have utmost respect for you guys!
awhxlavender x
awhxlavender x - 12 dager siden
Who is watching this in 2021
Immaculate Ngenzebuhuro
Immaculate Ngenzebuhuro - 12 dager siden
Fayth McMaster
Fayth McMaster - 14 dager siden
Poor man omg it’s a good thing he was over their!
Roblox Frendz
Roblox Frendz - 14 dager siden
Happened to a kid at my school when I was walking by hum
saoirse vlogs
saoirse vlogs - 21 dag siden
Thx to the life gaurds that saved me today
code name Murat 1
code name Murat 1 - 21 dag siden
I love how they care so much about bondi beach visitors.
rodya4550 - 24 dager siden
Haha speedo man go brrrr
Monaliza Keleghan
Monaliza Keleghan - Måned siden
What's a seizure?
ArmySister2 - 14 dager siden
Basically brain electrical signals misfire. Or another way to put it a disturbance in the brains electrical waves
catherine carden
catherine carden - Måned siden
Once I was at a funeral and after that we went to go eat and my aunt fell to the ground and had a seizure so I started panicking and I tried to help but my mom said “ she’s fine...she always has seizures so don’t worry “ but because I never seen someone have a seizure before I was still panicking..But she’s ok 😁😁...I never will forget that day and I honestly thought she died but no so that’s the good thing. And then the bar tender or some lady was going crazy and said “ omg is she ok? Do you want me to call an ambulance?” But we told her “ no it’s ok, we’re use to this because she always has seizures “
mina - Måned siden
they need all usable e aiwatdm
Mary Delbonis
Mary Delbonis - Måned siden
The outrageous stream synchronously program because layer differently gather than a guttural H habitual subway. ignorant, whimsical territory
Charlotte Toombs
Charlotte Toombs - Måned siden
Jesse ur voice cracked at the end
Dominic Gibbons
Dominic Gibbons - Måned siden
Poor guy.
Daniela Edits
Daniela Edits - Måned siden
Sophia Orino
Sophia Orino - Måned siden
I feel for this man I’ve had 2 fits when I was five and six
summer cannon
summer cannon - Måned siden
Finally, people make the decision to ACTUALLY NOT crowd around them along with 4,000,000,000 people holy christ
Amy Brownless
Amy Brownless - 2 måneder siden
Respect for these lifeguards they help everyone 🥰🥰
Notbeastbot - 2 måneder siden
ambo go weoweo__brrrrrrrrr- love you guys
Olivia Productions
Olivia Productions - 2 måneder siden
1:35 that guy did the let me see this aaaasss tiktok trwnd
Fiona Webb
Fiona Webb - 2 måneder siden
It's sad to see the Bondi guys upset! Great job done by everyone.
XX AvacadosXx
XX AvacadosXx - 2 måneder siden
Poor guy
NorwayGaming123 - 2 måneder siden
jesse had a voice crack at the end
RAEDENA SIALAOA - 2 måneder siden
These Life guards feel pain to. Even when they don't show it.
Célia Brn
Célia Brn - 2 måneder siden
999k vues... Almost 1 million!
Good video but kinda sad
DD Roblox and ASMR
DD Roblox and ASMR - 2 måneder siden
Leah Baker
Leah Baker - 2 måneder siden
This is great they try as hard as they can to help 💕
Tara O
Tara O - 2 måneder siden
“the guy that runs in his undies on the beach”

world’s best description
Just a dude who likes Anime
Just a dude who likes Anime - 2 måneder siden
Why does it sound like he’s saying “HOOOOPLA”
Lorinel Gianan
Lorinel Gianan - 2 måneder siden
" man in sand In his undies" I laughed so hard My chicken nuggets Moved💀
Grace Lewis
Grace Lewis - 3 måneder siden
nutorious for his WHiTe SPEedoS 😭
Stephen Cunningham
Stephen Cunningham - 3 måneder siden
Is it just me or does Jesse have concealer lips
aesthetics with izzie
aesthetics with izzie - 3 måneder siden
Brianna Sanchez
Brianna Sanchez - 3 måneder siden
What’s crazy is that if this was in the US, if a patient comes too regardless of their state they can deny/ refuse medical care and attention (to an extent). I’m not a life guard but once on the beach, life guards were off duty and this man fainted, even lost a pulse cpr brought him back but then came too and refused the medical services from the EMTs that were there.
Bush Wookie
Bush Wookie - 3 måneder siden
i mean that didnt look like a seizure...
Cristian Rosalia best brother and sister
I love your videos 🤩
Max Dukhovskoy
Max Dukhovskoy - 3 måneder siden
Lifeguards: "uh, 911, can we ge..."
911: "an ambulance? Yeah, this isn't your first time"
Sophie Jay Colt
Sophie Jay Colt - 3 måneder siden
Mick has no idea just how famous he is
Lola Skiles
Lola Skiles - 3 måneder siden
I'm from America why do ausies call seizures fits?
Marley - 3 måneder siden
Coming from someone who’s had a seizure before (I’m not epileptic). It sucks , you don’t remember what happens and then hearing about what your body did scared you even more. I feel bad for anyone epileptic
Buhay Saudia Fatima Amarah dawood
They are the REAL SUPERHERO... ❤️❤️❤️
Daleio Doing jumpio
Daleio Doing jumpio - 3 måneder siden
Man: has a seizure

School nurse : HeRE HaVe aN IcE pACk
D33N9 - 4 måneder siden
young looking handsome
David hasselhoff
Gamer Unicorn
Gamer Unicorn - 4 måneder siden
Videos these videos are my favorite
G Puddifoot
G Puddifoot - 4 måneder siden
Wow it’s actually quite scary when you see someone that the life guards know like it hurt for me to watch that as well and it’s just like a random dude to me that just runs on the beach like any other gut
G Puddifoot
G Puddifoot - 4 måneder siden
On the radio: you know the guy that wears the white undies...
Sandy Crabs
Sandy Crabs - 5 måneder siden
Unfortunately my brother has seizures and he had a stroke at the age of 1...I am thank full he is alive
sweet cupcakes
sweet cupcakes - 5 måneder siden
These lifeguards are true heros❤️ I have so much respect for them
PlaneClouds - 5 måneder siden
You can get hypoxia from wearing Masks! You can tell anyone you have a medical exemption for hypoxia and you don’t want to wear a mask. When wearing a mask you can breath in to much carbon dioxide, and not enough oxygen. Which can result in hypoxia.
Masuba - 5 måneder siden
They did amazing with helping him and attending to him. As someone who has seizures it's terrifying to wake up, not know where you are, what has happened, and who all the people around you are. Luckily I never had hypoxia and was never this disoriented. They treated him calmly and respectfully. Great job 👍
TECH PANKAJ - 5 måneder siden
I contribute to this channel by watching adds without skipping....that's the least I can do.....
TriXJester - 5 måneder siden
It wasnt a full on seizure but i have a tendency for losing conciousness and when I woke up one time surrounded by paramedics it made me instantly go into a panic attack. So you must be very careful with people regaining consciousness.
Rolling Larios
Rolling Larios - 5 måneder siden
Jesus Christ loves y’all! Repent and trust in the Lord our God!
Zilan KUTLU - 5 måneder siden
My charge was at 100 at from watching this now it’s at 5
Dyana Azmi
Dyana Azmi - 5 måneder siden
Who just see this video and now there sooo in love with the video
home almannai
home almannai - 5 måneder siden
I saw my brother watch these videos there cool
Kathleen Lumandas
Kathleen Lumandas - 5 måneder siden
I lost count on how many people they save! Thanks to all the Bondi lifeguards!
Holly Swain
Holly Swain - 5 måneder siden
I have anxiety and panic attacks and flashbacks PTSD because of my past and I have two panic attacks everyday at school and one at home ones a d a y
Mujtaba Kamran
Mujtaba Kamran - 5 måneder siden
Finally im not 7 years late to this video 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Ali Salhub
Ali Salhub - 5 måneder siden
You're life hearo
Cactyy - 5 måneder siden
Only videos i dont scroll through the comments while watching.
kawaii_ Bean
kawaii_ Bean - 5 måneder siden
I’ve watched so many of these and now I respect everyone even our haters everybody deserves to live and maybe they will change
Sakshi Shetty
Sakshi Shetty - 5 måneder siden
Jesse, you look like the Captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli. 🥵✨💘
Ava 175 R
Ava 175 R - 5 måneder siden
I had to be held down just to get my needles 😐
Ariana Ching
Ariana Ching - 5 måneder siden
A family member of mine used to always have seizures and I would cry so much
ASMR Sleep
ASMR Sleep - 5 måneder siden
I have epilepsy and it's definitely hard to deal with not only for me but my family. It's scary
Nigeria Parker
Nigeria Parker - 5 måneder siden
I am epileptic and thank you. It's so scary waking up and not having any idea what is going on. Last month I had 6 seizures within ten minutes. Now I can't drive for 6 months
Vanessa Graham
Vanessa Graham - 5 måneder siden
As a person who has a seizure disorder I totally understand what this man is going through. I count myself a little bit lucky that I know when I start regaining continuous that I had a seizure. I’m VERY emotional afterwards. I will cry and not really even know why. That and an overwhelming feeling of being scared. The one thing I hate the most and that I do get upset about once I’m back to almost 100% is how people ask questions. I had a minor car accident where a woman rear ended me at a light and then drove off. I called the cops and while waiting for the officer to arrive where I stoped I went into a seizure. I woke up in the hospital and the best way for me to describe it is I have snip bits of memories after a seizure. Like a ViewMaster toy! And the doctor was asking me questions like “when was your last seizure?” Like my guy, my brain just pretty much shut off. Let it reboot before asking questions like that.
Pvixiepxwder - 5 måneder siden
You want some unicorn shhkkiinnnnnnnn
Sheree Hill
Sheree Hill - 5 måneder siden
I’m chilling for quarantine I’ve got Bondi
Kris Bordeaux
Kris Bordeaux - 5 måneder siden
These lifeguards are amazing! They can save someone with the right supplies. I just started watching them, and they are incredible about saving people. ❤️
Savannah Thomas
Savannah Thomas - 6 måneder siden
It’s so funny my sister got me addicted to this
Dani D
Dani D - 6 måneder siden
I wish everyone had this amount of empathy .. it's so goddamn rare nowadays.
August Soul
August Soul - 6 måneder siden
My brothers: I thought they were life guards not medical care
Me: Mhm there life-guards they guard life’s 😉
Jack - Måned siden
Peacock Bass
Peacock Bass - 6 måneder siden
Who else witted watching and can't stop
Julie Medina
Julie Medina - 6 måneder siden
They’re all so handsome !!! Gorgeous
Ovidu Dumitrut
Ovidu Dumitrut - 6 måneder siden
Do u lifeguards know what stroke Mick had
Sugar Friends
Sugar Friends - 6 måneder siden
I feel bad when I'm so happy that all of these people was too loud hair but I do like men. Play the phone that much I don't want you to get burned up before school starts if you know what I mean I'm a teacher but nothing's really that much so yeah have a nice day and I have a lot of respect for these guys I can't believe that they like have fun but get the job done that's the way to do it
marco branco
marco branco - 6 måneder siden
So annoying when the video hasn’t finished and the screen already switches to mini mode.
Ana Mosquera
Ana Mosquera - 6 måneder siden
Hats off to these amazing life guards!!!
Harry Potter Edits
Harry Potter Edits - 6 måneder siden
I really wanna go to Australia so i can meet you guys
Bean McKinlay
Bean McKinlay - 6 måneder siden
I hope he is Ok!💚
Georgia Seare
Georgia Seare - 6 måneder siden
Literally I start watching these at 6pm and I’m still here at right now at 1 in the morning
Caoimhe McConnell
Caoimhe McConnell - 6 måneder siden
Why was he screaming
SPIDER LILIEZ - 6 måneder siden
Jesse's voice cracking as he fights his tears.
nmessboeRg - 5 måneder siden
Always breaks my heart when a man cries - it just hits you differently You "sadly" don't see it that often because stereotypes say it's not "manly enough"
velikopakovanje - 6 måneder siden
These guys are so great. I hope they will have a great & happy life.
Roblox Noctis Speedrunner
Roblox Noctis Speedrunner - 6 måneder siden
Bondi Rescue earns my respect
Ellen Guzman
Ellen Guzman - 6 måneder siden
Finally I’m not 6 years late
Tia Robinson
Tia Robinson - 6 måneder siden
Love you guys
Tia Robinson
Tia Robinson - 6 måneder siden
Poor man
Remo Jaspers
Remo Jaspers - 6 måneder siden
Juice wrld 💔
VampirePrincess Yuki
VampirePrincess Yuki - 6 måneder siden
dam it sad to see some people when need assistance they stubborn refuse help and evening scream for nonsense stuff,evening if u telling him claming that we trying to help
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 6 måneder siden
Australia has one heck of a good gene pool.. they good looking, caring, humble, happy go lucky, love of nature and ppl, sharing and just down right good hearted ppl...
Ohthats_. Zoey
Ohthats_. Zoey - 6 måneder siden
So much respect they play more than one role lifeguard, police and detective all in one
season polanco
season polanco - 6 måneder siden
Bless these life Guards❤
Joshua Watson
Joshua Watson - 6 måneder siden
Bondi life guards must be professionally great
Bûññŷ Gâçhã
Bûññŷ Gâçhã - 6 måneder siden
I’m terrified of the sea this show is the exact explanation why.
Mikeidic - 6 måneder siden
Who else wants these guys to be the parents
Karen Bates
Karen Bates - 6 måneder siden
Nice work guys