Man Steals Lifeguard Rescue Board

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Lifeguards spot a mystery man stealing one of their rescue boards and running into the surf.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and #lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 02:50


Rack2Hyp3 2HypeFam
Rack2Hyp3 2HypeFam - 13 timer siden
Didn’t steal
Paul-Antoine Martineau
i understand that the lifeguards would not be too happy if people started helping themselves to possibly dangerous equipment, but the comments are kinda unfair.
Oaken Shadow
Oaken Shadow - 2 dager siden
This is like stealing bandages to treat a wound. It is the only time stealing is right. He saved a life. I'm glad he was there.
Lil Chicky
Lil Chicky - 3 dager siden
I thought this video was about a man just taking the board and leaving not saving someone
Mars :
Mars : - 4 dager siden
He’s a hero, not a thief
Karthik - 5 dager siden
Thief of a good cause
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - 5 dager siden
He used life saving equipment to save a life... This title sucks
p bown
p bown - 5 dager siden
He was just saving a life not stealing
levi Shields
levi Shields - 6 dager siden
i reokn it was a setup
Addison Felix
Addison Felix - 6 dager siden
Ok how you swallow water why you have your mouth open
RL GXMING - 6 dager siden
Guys, I appreciate all you do but that guy saved a life he didn’t steal a board he borrowed it to save that guys life.
Nina Hosking
Nina Hosking - 6 dager siden
Well done to that man xxxx
Anheli - 6 dager siden
The tittle did this savior wrong so bad.. he saved a life and they just highlighted that he stole the board.. like really?
Mattson Wong
Mattson Wong - 7 dager siden
He stole the kids death from him
Søçîäłłÿ āwkwärd
Søçîäłłÿ āwkwärd - 8 dager siden
He’s a life saver not a thief. Thank god he noticed.
Yovry - 8 dager siden
From the way the title was phrased I thought he took it out to surf on it or something like that lol
Miles - 8 dager siden
First impression: 😡😡😡
Realization: 💪💯🔥
aubrey - 9 dager siden
He may have stolen the board, but it was with good intention
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez - 9 dager siden
the title of this video is wrong, the guy who took the board is a hero
KUSH - 9 dager siden
Not all heroes wear capes
Solderan TV
Solderan TV - 9 dager siden
Dude watched so much bondi rescue he knew exactly what to do lmao.
George - 9 dager siden
First time bondi rescue has a clickbait title
Braselton94 - 10 dager siden
Great job to this guy’
Isa Abdul Hakeem
Isa Abdul Hakeem - 10 dager siden
Hey dumbass lifeguards, this guy just did your job.
chrstiania - 10 dager siden
I've been binging these clips all day and always wondered if those boards ever got stolen. Saw the title and was like "I knew it". Saw the clip and now I'm disappointed and happy at the same time
Mia Bloomfield
Mia Bloomfield - 12 dager siden
I’m now love this channel
Jue Viole Grace
Jue Viole Grace - 13 dager siden
The title needs to be changed.
Sarah Shanks
Sarah Shanks - 13 dager siden
The kid telling the camera man what happened:
Me: why is he holding a cup with the mask thing on.....🤔
Daniel O'Regan
Daniel O'Regan - 14 dager siden
Wouldn't of thought steal is the right word. Commandeered maybe
Leahs Life
Leahs Life - 14 dager siden
Hi I love you guys so much and I have dreamed of being in Australia I so want to come to Australia but it would be so amazing if you replied or like my commented bye thanks
Glitter Babe
Glitter Babe - 15 dager siden
He was only using it to help that guy so...
Poppy Christensen
Poppy Christensen - 21 dag siden
He’s a hero 🥳😎
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend - 22 dager siden
Can u chnage the title to random man saves a man in a rip
Gillian - 26 dager siden
Queen B
Queen B - 27 dager siden
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Samski - 29 dager siden
the title lied to us wow so sad
Rodney Preston
Rodney Preston - 29 dager siden
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Elizabeth Woodyard
Elizabeth Woodyard - Måned siden
It’s okay to feel embarrassed there’s lots of people to look over it’s not your fault so might have someone else that you’re taking care of
Savvy - Måned siden
So this might be a dumb question but idk the answer so, why are the lifeguards lips sometimes like skin colour is that a protection balm they put on or is it from like the water?
Zach Tavaris
Zach Tavaris - Måned siden
Guys saves a life, he's criminal. Politicians kill millions for oil and the weapon's industry, they are heroes.
Leighton Barbu
Leighton Barbu - Måned siden
Good on the bloke saved his life
Mohammed Alqahtani
Mohammed Alqahtani - Måned siden
Then pls someone steal corona
Jordan Robb
Jordan Robb - Måned siden
George russell ??
Tayla-Faith Millward
Tayla-Faith Millward - Måned siden
Everybody has the excuse “I’m normally a good swimmer but that was hard”
mina - Måned siden
lip burn
mina - Måned siden
mina - Måned siden
completely sucked
Jadiel Baez
Jadiel Baez - Måned siden
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - Måned siden
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KGL8 Gamer
KGL8 Gamer - Måned siden
He could have told the lifeguards, but he probably just was thinking I have to save this guy. Also he should be hired.
Mzoo Mosweu
Mzoo Mosweu - Måned siden
He did a good thing by rescuing a drowning person even though he didn't ask for permission.....but this was an emergency that's why he just took the board
Tim Lee
Tim Lee - Måned siden
Huh am I blind or something... WHY. DONT. I. SEE. ANY. MASK. ON. ANYONE’S. FACE?!?!!
•Zodiø• - Måned siden
I love how one of the lifeguards called him a legend and HE IS!
But the title isn't helping lol
summer cannon
summer cannon - Måned siden
I thought that they stole it for fun at the start of the vid, but then he saved the guy!!!
Jordan Engelbrecht
Jordan Engelbrecht - Måned siden
Title should be legend borrows board to save a life
Michelle Dg
Michelle Dg - Måned siden
Please change the title he didn't steal the board he just borrowed it to save someone life ..he's a true hero don't be offended
Isobel Duncan
Isobel Duncan - Måned siden
Yes, he did help someone, but you're not really supposed to touch the lifeguards' equipment. And in the end they understood that he saved someone's life and they were grateful for it.
JLK - Måned siden
BondiRescue must be trawling BondiNation’s comments section.
I asked BondiNation about a month ago what episode this clip was. It’s season 9, episode 4.
Phoebe_ Harris
Phoebe_ Harris - Måned siden
Idk be like....sure u take it
Angelica Amora
Angelica Amora - Måned siden
I think that the lifeguards are just upset because they felt like they missed something doing their job, or felt irresponsible that some random civilian literally need to do the work for them..
Eve Thien
Eve Thien - Måned siden
that guy was trying to go help someone good thing he able to help! he must be train to help.
ikachu -
ikachu - - Måned siden
The worst feeling is drinking to much beach water because once I drank fair bit of water and vomited after getting out of the beach..
Grace Cambpell
Grace Cambpell - 2 måneder siden
This guy is a legend the lifeguards shouldn’t feel bad at the end of the day we all want the same thing there people to go home safe and sound
Alïa F.
Alïa F. - 2 måneder siden
So he didn’t steal it
Alexander Roberts
Alexander Roberts - 2 måneder siden
In Huntington we call this the lifeguard blowing it.
moo b
moo b - 2 måneder siden
Why is swallowing sea water so bad? at the beach I swallow it all the time and im perfectly fine.
Laura Burke
Laura Burke - 2 måneder siden
tf why did it just notify me-
Dann MA
Dann MA - 2 måneder siden
they really have to change the tittle of this video
Libbster Ward
Libbster Ward - 2 måneder siden
‘It was embarrassing’ yes of course it was! Someone could’ve died out there 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Francesca PAPPALARDO - 2 måneder siden
if more people were like this- that would be pretty amazing, eh?
Sollometari - 2 måneder siden
I don't think he stole the equipment, but just borrowed it without permission to save someones life. The beach should have emergency surfboards by the water so when someone is about to drown, and a lifeguard doesn't see it, then a bystander can help. And if someone ever took the board just to surf, they should be fined. This man is a good man. He couldn't have really stole it without getting caught because of the camera on the board. EDIT: Change the title to "Mystery Man Borrows Lifeguard Rescue Board And Saves Life".
lps galaxy cartoon cat
lps galaxy cartoon cat - 2 måneder siden
I love you
Hope Rose
Hope Rose - 2 måneder siden
Someone please tell me at 0:21 the dude looks and sounds just like Richard madden?? 🧐
Hope Rose
Hope Rose - 2 måneder siden
The dude that said, “he stole your board.”Looked and had a similar accent to Richard madden. Or am I tripping??
Lea Tremblay Mercier
Lea Tremblay Mercier - 2 måneder siden
Life garde's can you tell me when you get home after all the bad things that happens at work do you feel bad for them and do you feel like you could of done better
Lea Tremblay Mercier
Lea Tremblay Mercier - 2 måneder siden
How can they see that good like can somebody tell me I can't even see the ketchup sometimes in my frige
A B - 2 måneder siden
The title for this video is a bit misleading... the 'mystery man' is a hero, not a thief.
Keith Floyd
Keith Floyd - 2 måneder siden
This is a nice thing to do , Even if you dont know them
Itskikka !
Itskikka ! - 2 måneder siden
He was just trying to help another person
jackson and charlie mac
jackson and charlie mac - 2 måneder siden
He did no steal he borrowed and that is ok in a situation like that
Laurie Mouradian
Laurie Mouradian - 2 måneder siden
hm, I’m not 7 years late this time
Hannah Glitcher
Hannah Glitcher - 2 måneder siden
When ever me,my siblings and our mother go to a public beach she would makes us wear a braclet that her and our dads number was on it so when we have a panic attack cause we couldnt find them and life guards bring us to their and ask for our parents number. And thats on 5 minute crafts she allways blieved that work.
Anne Cohen
Anne Cohen - 2 måneder siden
That was a close call 😰
Janina Ismajli
Janina Ismajli - 2 måneder siden
You guys are life savers and that man who saved two boys
swimwater - 2 måneder siden
What he did was quite dangerous I’m glad it worked out for him in the end, I wonder why he didn’t just grab a lifeguard but when your adrenaline starts pumping the thinking stops. He seemed to know what to do once he got out there for the most part, makes you wonder if he’s a trained lifeguard from somewhere else
Felix Ray
Felix Ray - 2 måneder siden
Good on him I mean the life guards can’t see everyone so it’s lucky that bloke did
Alexandria Napenas
Alexandria Napenas - 2 måneder siden
guys dont hate that guy he was trying to help just like the bondi rescuers
Noah Geo
Noah Geo - 2 måneder siden
People say they are a "good swimmer" which is easy to say if you are swimming in a pool. It is a lot different in the ocean. If you don't know the spot you can get sucked out quick.
luke schwenk
luke schwenk - 2 måneder siden
Where can I stream this show??? I can’t find it anywhere
jan Ice
jan Ice - 2 måneder siden
That man who borrowed the board is actually really courageous, it takes a different kind of courage to risk getting fined/going to jail even to save someone’s life!
Sorry, BondiRescue, but this time I’m with that man
Life Of The JTwins
Life Of The JTwins - 2 måneder siden
We know he took the board without permission but atleast he saved a Man
Ac Vlogs
Ac Vlogs - 2 måneder siden
Honestly you life guards at Bondi have amazed me you completely changed the way I see life guards nowadays before I thought life guards were just bored men sitting on tall chairs on their phone or reading a newspaper , now I found out that you guys are so much more then that you have save people from the the waters and have to deal with other things too amazing work I sill subscribe :)
Iza The poopie
Iza The poopie - 2 måneder siden
This was uploaded 23 hours ago!
M450n5h4rp3 - 2 måneder siden
Where has Julie the trainee gone?😪
Enna Mitchell
Enna Mitchell - 2 måneder siden
That guy did it for good not to steal
Eesha Qasim
Eesha Qasim - 2 måneder siden
Of course he never stole the board its called getting a veiwers attention 😂
American Soso
American Soso - 2 måneder siden
Charlie Berthon
Charlie Berthon - 2 måneder siden
Guy: nearly drowns due to second degree drowning.
Lachie Dwyer
Lachie Dwyer - 2 måneder siden
“Random civilian does lifeguards job”
Fixed the title 😂
Jose Coronel
Jose Coronel - 8 dager siden
Nah they need clicks, they’re obviously not mad but you gotta get attention someway
Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer - 19 dager siden
We have the same name I’m on My dad ACC haha
•Zodiø• - Måned siden
it's phee
it's phee - 2 måneder siden
I hate that they named the title of the video that because he didn't steal, he did THEIR job and saved a life.