Most Aussie Moments EVER on Bondi Rescue

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Some true blue Aussie moments from the boys and girls in blue down at Australia's most iconic beach - Bondi. SUBSCRIBE -
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences and epic #AussieMoments that Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 11:11


BondiRescue - 7 måneder siden
RIP Frank the Shark. And all the non-Aussies who freaked at that cute lil huntsman spider 😉
DᴀTᴏᴍBᴏʏ L̸i̸f̸e̸
I don’t have a phobia of spiders but holding one- is just- aHhhHhhH Probs to all the brave lifeguards out there- 😂
Wolf Brookhaven
Wolf Brookhaven - Dag siden
Poor frank at least the in good hands
Loot Rat
Loot Rat - Dag siden
Benbai - 2 dager siden
🪦 🦈 RIP Frank.
Oliver M Moore
Oliver M Moore - 4 dager siden
what if someone digs up frank years later
Colby Bryson
Colby Bryson - 17 minutter siden
Olivia K
Olivia K - Time siden
Imagine kids digging a giant hole and finding the shark😂😂
Rio The Parrot
Rio The Parrot - 2 timer siden
9:13 is that Mike from monsters inc
вυηηу - 2 timer siden
Harrison McCourt
Harrison McCourt - 4 timer siden
RIP Frank
Leia Marsh
Leia Marsh - 5 timer siden
i didnt freak at the spider i just casually skipped that part is all
Ebony Plays
Ebony Plays - 7 timer siden
Yatesy: Where’s this snake, I want it off my beach
Kid: There it is
Yatesy: *looks back and jumps*
Ebony Plays
Ebony Plays - 7 timer siden
They bury sharks, seagulls and any dead wildlife in the sand where people walk, sit and kids dig...

I love Aussies
Human potato
Human potato - 10 timer siden
Can you imagine just digging is the suddenly there a rotting shark looking back at you😳🤢
dylandanielb Roblox
dylandanielb Roblox - 10 timer siden
3:19, I’m sorry but, DAMN BOI HE THICC
MusicSounds - 11 timer siden
Yup, buring a shark is definitely an Aussie thing.
Erjin Son
Erjin Son - 13 timer siden
not kidding that's actually pretty small for a huntsman
hinata hashoukie {goddess of revenge}
Rip frank he lived a great life
hinata hashoukie {goddess of revenge}
Imagine mullet kid come sin teh future withs his kids and says this is where i got lost and a shark burried here at bondi beach
Pearl Glitz
Pearl Glitz - 18 timer siden
I love how non aussies are so afraid of the huntsmen theyre just so cute honestly "it can kill me at any moment"😂😂
Blockmaster 3105
Blockmaster 3105 - 23 timer siden
Did they move back from the snake . No not really cause there all idiots
Lucas Blanchard
Lucas Blanchard - Dag siden
That kid’s mullet is absolutely incredible!
Forrest Braygreen
Forrest Braygreen - Dag siden
Elin Burton
Elin Burton - Dag siden
Imagine a little kid digging up a hole and seeing a dead shark and becomes best friends with it LMAOOOOO
Sir Charles Chuckalot
Sir Charles Chuckalot - Dag siden
I wasn't ready for that last segment lol
tattoo Baby11
tattoo Baby11 - Dag siden
Listen I'm from West Virginia and i assure you we have some big ass spiders here but idc how big or how tiny or even where the hell i am for that matter i will flip my shit seeing ANY spider i get goosebumps just thinking about them fucking yuck! I'd of burned that damn bag! Lmfao
Felicia Scharffenberg
Felicia Scharffenberg - Dag siden
Australian people are CRAZY. I love it
Mitchell Oconnell
Mitchell Oconnell - Dag siden
Did the snake catcher show up in sandles and have to borrow someone elses shoes, now that's aussie 🤣🤣
SoCute - Dag siden
8:15 wait a damn minute the scream rhymes or is it just me (┬┬﹏┬┬)
Kinnon Katto
Kinnon Katto - Dag siden
Imagine some kid decides to dig a really big hole at the beach and finds a dead shark lmao
Shizah Ahmad
Shizah Ahmad - Dag siden
imagine digging on the beach to make a sand castle and finding a full shark
Asmr fire
Asmr fire - Dag siden
child:*mum i found a shark*
mom: *dumbfounded*
maxi or creed: *gasps* frank!
jordan linsket
jordan linsket - Dag siden
Not much of a snake wrangler if she turns up to a job not wearing inclosed shoes.. not very professional asking a random person for inclosed shoes
Peter Parking
Peter Parking - 2 dager siden
I once found a huntsman in my car and I was tempted to blew my car up
joseph Sanchez
joseph Sanchez - 2 dager siden
Snake lady asked for a size 9 shoe 😂😂
Sophie Jay Colt
Sophie Jay Colt - 2 dager siden
Mr. mullet kid is a mood
Mâtthëŵ œñ 100 Pïñg
Mâtthëŵ œñ 100 Pïñg - 2 dager siden
Is it me or am I addicted to watching bondi reswue now
• OddlyWeirdWeebL •
• OddlyWeirdWeebL • - 3 dager siden
No one:
My brain : *I wanna kiss that bootiful snake*
Kai Rennie
Kai Rennie - 4 dager siden
Rip frank the shark
That one Ark player
That one Ark player - 4 dager siden
These life guards have mad respect for that shark
Remy Ché
Remy Ché - 4 dager siden
FYI about the animals
Small huntsman spider they grow up to 15cm, not deadly but can make you ill if you're unlucky to get bit.
Gray nurse shark, they grow up to 3.6m. Non aggressive , youd also be unlucky if you got bit by one
Snake is a red belly black snake, grows about 1.5m long, no recorded deaths by one but is venomous and will cause pain/illness.
Think that snake catcher was very inexperienced imo
t a s h a
t a s h a - 5 dager siden
Omg I literally hate spiders...
Fanda Sysel
Fanda Sysel - 5 dager siden
Why did they burried it in sand? Me and my brother's we build big holes on beach everytime and we dig even deeper than that. Imagine If somebody would find it :D
Sadie Houghton
Sadie Houghton - 5 dager siden
Imagine if a kid starts digging in the sand and digs up a sharks dead body 😳
Ascension is near
Ascension is near - 5 dager siden
huntsman are the best to keep in your house, they hunt all insects mate
Tenzin Gyatsho
Tenzin Gyatsho - 5 dager siden
Australia, where everything that is not human wants to kill humans
Noob - 7 dager siden
*just a huntsman*
Me: oh yeah ‘just a huntsman’ THATS THE BIGGEST SPIDER IVE SEEN
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode - 7 dager siden
Imagine being the wildlife ranger Jodie being called out to the beach to catch her first ever snake with a crowd AND a TV crew.
No pressure! 😬
Mullets are beautiful i can’t-
Georgia - 11 dager siden
Poor Frank the Shark 😢
Thepaintrain2013 - 11 dager siden
That's a nice mullet but I've seen a few in the US that would put that thing to shame.
GiGi_ Shepherd
GiGi_ Shepherd - 11 dager siden
That spider was absolutley stunning. I wouldnt mind dying to such a beautiful creature.
Jazmyn Kathleen
Jazmyn Kathleen - 12 dager siden
“The aim is to head to shore... at the moment, they’re making good process to New Zealand” 😂 I cackled
Charlotte Luxton
Charlotte Luxton - 12 dager siden
I haven't been in a pool\ beach in 3 years, i miss it so much 😞
ZAC FLIPS AND MEMES 12 - 13 dager siden
People actually was digging up the shark when I was there
Katelyn Wallace
Katelyn Wallace - 13 dager siden
I wonder if anyone they rescue have wondered what is the thing one the end off the rescue board is (it’s a camera)
Poppy Kirkman
Poppy Kirkman - 14 dager siden
Who was waiting for the English kids to poke the shark with a stick .
Mr Unknown
Mr Unknown - 15 dager siden
Megan Gibson
Megan Gibson - 16 dager siden
Best way to make your kid noticeable when lost, unique hair cut. Makes them one of a kind.😅
Imogen Hall
Imogen Hall - 16 dager siden
Wasn’t expecting a mullet on a kid
Grace T
Grace T - 16 dager siden
Just wate ther will be a kid that will dig the sharck up
Blue_mice - 18 dager siden
My most rodent lover moment is when i was outside tesco i saw a rat come out of a bush and hop into a drain.For some reason it made me really happy
Quinn Shearer
Quinn Shearer - 18 dager siden
“Everybody clear out”
Group of blocks: *walks closer 😂😂
MiD.Life. Crisis
MiD.Life. Crisis - 19 dager siden
See ya Frank mate. Sleep well. Maxi is funny asf.
Also, how do we know the mum doesn't have a 'nice big mullet' under her Burka (is that the right word?)
6 Centerys
6 Centerys - 22 dager siden
The snake is my cat when he has to go to the vet but he doesn’t wanna go into the cat carrier so usually I have to hold him but it’s hard af
Soukaina Dahhan
Soukaina Dahhan - 23 dager siden
I once found a scorpion on the sea front in Morocco 😅😳
Bloo Panda
Bloo Panda - 25 dager siden
Me: bruh that spider do be looking chunky doh
Spider: 👁👁👁👁👄👁👁👁👁 am I a joke to u?
Its MiD
Its MiD - 27 dager siden
That is the best mullet I've ever seen.
Nothing comes close.
Dakezo Uchigake
Dakezo Uchigake - 27 dager siden
Evelyn Heppner
Evelyn Heppner - 27 dager siden
poor shark. what kind of funeral procession flings your dead body around?
Siphy - 29 dager siden
Lifeguards that scoop up huntsman's and take them for joy rides but then giggle nervously at a snake
Night - 29 dager siden
The 5 year old :digging in the sand
The shark: sup
Kyla !
Kyla ! - Måned siden
I wanna go to Bondi so bad next year 😅
Georgia O’Hara
Georgia O’Hara - Måned siden
Bondi Rescue is the Best !
pastasauce - Måned siden
Nancy Her
Nancy Her - Måned siden
Little Tom looking for food
Nancy Her
Nancy Her - Måned siden
R.I.P Mr. Franky
Suzie Friddle
Suzie Friddle - Måned siden
the voulenteer wild life rescue lady low key reminded me of dwight hahahaha
mina - Måned siden
rip shark
mina - Måned siden
mina - Måned siden
lok meme
mina - Måned siden
kill hs
mina - Måned siden
omg spider
Shrek Toes
Shrek Toes - Måned siden
7:43 little kid: there he is
*dramatic head turn*
Crane - Måned siden
The critters in the sand: “Ah, Yes, Sushi”
David mullally
David mullally - Måned siden
Why did you buery the shark when it didn't do anything to y6
Sam Monteleone
Sam Monteleone - Måned siden
Should call child protective services just cause of the hair Cut
Amelia Kristoris
Amelia Kristoris - Måned siden
Wow how did they catch the shark
The Giraffe Squad
The Giraffe Squad - Måned siden
Imagine digging a hole and fining frank. 😳
Annika Travels
Annika Travels - Måned siden
Hmm is the shark still there 🤔🤔
Xxdeath ReaperxX
Xxdeath ReaperxX - Måned siden
Normal beaches : we have a kid throwing mud at people
Bondi beach: many shark cases a few people has been attacked there is a snake massive spider people drowning one or two passed away samon evry where kids losing there parents parents losing there kids a guy fell of a cliff but survived a black clown with many drowning people and injured people people not listining to warning and that's it
Edit: wow a came back and this is the longest thing I've every written on a tablet or a Mobil device WOW
KrAUSerMike - Måned siden
Chinese guy seeing the dead shark: "You gonna eat that mate?"
Crane - Måned siden
XxMoonlightxX Moon
XxMoonlightxX Moon - Måned siden
Charliee Mariee
Charliee Mariee - Måned siden
-*- Penquin UwU-*-
-*- Penquin UwU-*- - Måned siden
I wanna be in Australia nowwww ;-; I love snakes and spiders
Angie Vlogs
Angie Vlogs - Måned siden
“I have 6 or 7 seconds to live”
Girl: continues to smile and film a video
Harriet Taylor
Harriet Taylor - Måned siden
I am Australia :-)
RyanEutsey79 56
RyanEutsey79 56 - Måned siden
Im laughing so hard at the turn he did 😂👍7:41
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - Måned siden
Most aussie thing was the wildlife rescue coming to catch a snake in a pair of sandals
Distorted Herb
Distorted Herb - Måned siden
Sluggos win pants down that got me😂😂😂
PHONG KIA YI Moe - Måned siden
RIP frank
Isaac Crew
Isaac Crew - Måned siden
Zack_ San
Zack_ San - Måned siden
Imagin a kidding dingging and HE found the shark the kid WOW OOoOOooO
Old Sakura
Old Sakura - Måned siden
Me imagining a kid saying:
“ mOm CoMe SeE I FoUnD a ShArK ”
“ AhA“
Ya that’s frank
( btw not my original idea )
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - Måned siden
the shark drowned to death😭