Perverts CAUGHT at Bondi Beach

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Runtime: 14:39


Lillian Hanze
Lillian Hanze - Time siden
ok but why tf are all these women topless- like I understand the ones who lie down with their stomach facing the ground, but some of them just had them ALL out💀🤚🏼
Super Girl
Super Girl - 3 timer siden
Not tryna be racist but India has A LOT of fucking perverts. Like, I was on Omegle with my friend one time and we put young(cause we were kids at the time) as a tag and we talked with this old as Indian guy who was trying to convince us to kiss each other and was asking if we wanted to see his penis. We were only like 14-15 at the time.
mayalmao - 4 timer siden
bRuh why did the dude start pushing the son, he was deadass deleting the photos for them.
Emil Sosnin
Emil Sosnin - 8 timer siden
Notice how 100% of these are foreigners. ☕🐸
Thinzar Shwe
Thinzar Shwe - 8 timer siden
Why are the girls top of anyway?
BOB - 11 timer siden
Coopdog 0108
Coopdog 0108 - 8 timer siden
Coopdog 0108
Coopdog 0108 - 8 timer siden
Michelle Usher
Michelle Usher - 11 timer siden
If the chick had a top on he wouldn't have been taking those photos, you can tell the one on the phone is an exibitionist! They're both in the wrong
J Anya
J Anya - 11 timer siden
police in here got blind by the money, and like didnt care , i hate it , i want that kind of police to be in my country too:(
J Anya
J Anya - 11 timer siden
the police is really active and caree, i like it!
J Anya
J Anya - 11 timer siden
im starting like this channel, please stand for things like thiss wahh this is really coollll
Sick Boy
Sick Boy - 12 timer siden
Holy shit, it's Donnie Wahlberg's Australian doppelganger.
M GARCIA - 13 timer siden
Topless women complains..think about that for a second...
Lillian Hanze
Lillian Hanze - Time siden
right, I’m not saying they deserve to have pictures of themselves taken, but why tf are you at a public because with hundreds of people with no top on
Coopdog 0108
Coopdog 0108 - 8 timer siden
M GARCIA - 13 timer siden
White Knights Inc.
Mistyq - 14 timer siden
Ok but like those girls with no tops just want to sun bake -_-
Lillian Hanze
Lillian Hanze - Time siden
some of them. others just wanted attention
Abby O
Abby O - 14 timer siden
I feel bad for all these girls. They are just trying to have fun at the beach
Nikolai Nomz
Nikolai Nomz - 14 timer siden
I should have know the comment section would be a cesspool if people defending the perverts. Bondi had specific rules about nudity, and specific rules about photography.
Christopher Cappella
Christopher Cappella - 18 timer siden
Cathrine Babu
Cathrine Babu - 19 timer siden
“I’ll call the police!”
“ English”
Ekdant Vighnesh
Ekdant Vighnesh - 22 timer siden
Maybe if the people covered their fricken junkies then perverts won't come there
Coopdog 0108
Coopdog 0108 - 8 timer siden
Yep and their all male which kind of puts shame to men in that aspect you know what I mean?
nishant7780 - 23 timer siden
Dirty assholes malighning the name of India🤕
Saul Kahwage
Saul Kahwage - Dag siden
11:51 in this cut that guy looks like a jojo character lmfao
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight - Dag siden
I dont understand dome girls, they dont like ppl looking at them but they wear nothing!?? WTF
Coopdog 0108
Coopdog 0108 - 8 timer siden
yes!!! Exactly I’ve been thinking the same thing! I’m subbing
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight - Dag siden
that topless girl feels "violated" wtf put a top on!
S0rr3ll - Dag siden
Why are they even taking their tops off at a public beach? Perverts are absolutely disgusting but come on now why would you expose yourself to strangers???
Jake Windham
Jake Windham - Dag siden
Doesn’t want to be seen half naked by random people , proceeds to be half naked in front of thousands of people
Ulsan - Dag siden
I thought it was the son, but if was the dad!!?? He's married and got kids.
Reo Mccaffrey
Reo Mccaffrey - Dag siden
I dont get it shouldn't be taking pics but if your laid on a public beach with your tits out expect to be looked at
Isaac Joseph
Isaac Joseph - Dag siden
Don’t go to the beach topless of you don’t want your picture taken. I’m gay and if I see a nice piece of meat on the beach I’m taking a picture and then meet him in the restroom to do more.
Doczilah - Dag siden
Okay hold up if a bitch got her tits out at the beach I’m definitely taking a picture??? What? But just someone minding they own business that’s different
Carsten - Dag siden
I don´t get why people creeping up to women and take pics of them without permission. The internet is full of free porn.
Coopdog 0108
Coopdog 0108 - 8 timer siden
Mabdaa - Dag siden
The dude in the thumbnail has a square on his forehead
Heather Nix
Heather Nix - Dag siden
Padmanaban narayanan
Padmanaban narayanan - Dag siden
So that only non Hispanic white women and kids are dangerous in india.If you are a white women or a kid please don't visit india.If you are a black please visit india.
MindBlowing Questions
MindBlowing Questions - Dag siden
that girl let him take off her top because she wasn't even mad or in shock 8:32
MindBlowing Questions
MindBlowing Questions - Dag siden
The girls topless and expect people not to look STFU
Freedomboy006 - Dag siden
It’s a public place , idk you can’t take a photo of whatever you want.... not that I would do it but what law are they breaking ?
Connor Williams
Connor Williams - Dag siden
Hot take: don’t come to an English speaking country if you can’t speak English, jus sayin
John Smith
John Smith - Dag siden
Australians are tragically comical. Or is it comically tragic? Government run strip club. You can look but no photos.
Coopdog 0108
Coopdog 0108 - 8 timer siden
Jade See
Jade See - Dag siden
I don't know why, but to me: the long haired Blonde Lifegaurd reminds me Of "Biggy" from the Norris Nuts. (Not a bad thing, I love Bondi, I watch it everyday LOL)
Hxrpixiez - 15 timer siden
Jon Ricketts
Jon Ricketts - Dag siden
Isn't the camera crew, who has posted and edited this footage, to be viewed by everyone with a form of media access (YouTube, for one), doing the exact same thing? Is the classic conundrum of the "evolution" of culture and societies. But like some advice and common sense of guardians and parents, alike: if ya don't want people to see your attributes, don't share them in public for everyone to see.
Now, yeah, he's being a creeper and shouldn't be taking photos on the beach, but funny how they're all smiles when the TV crew is on them. I claimed staged, one: because that's how most TV shows work and two: his response time was faster than Nightcrawler from the X-Men popping in and out of rooms. Just instantaneous.
Jake Peralta
Jake Peralta - Dag siden
i'm sorry but the guy in the thumbnail looks more like a pervert than the guys in the video with that expression on his face
Nath - Dag siden
what i see is all outsiders are kicked out. Strange !!!
D P928
D P928 - 2 dager siden
I wish the Jersey shore had this much
David Michael
David Michael - 2 dager siden
Jesus they are all immigrants...
Niveda Nahta
Niveda Nahta - 2 dager siden
scott smith
scott smith - 2 dager siden
The fact that most of these creeps are foreigners is disturbing and shows that that behavior is acceptable in their culture. Disgusting.
Coopdog 0108
Coopdog 0108 - 8 timer siden
Yep and their all male which kind of puts shame to men in that aspect you know what I mean?
J GLB - 2 dager siden
These cops gotta learn how deleted photos. I got so sick when they had to let him go because if anything it should of showed definite guilt as he was using it the whole time on the beach.
Maureen R.
Maureen R. - 2 dager siden
The cops look like taxi drivers to me with their checkered hats.
Emma Wagner
Emma Wagner - 2 dager siden
2:20 why dosent she have a shirt-? wth- why- if its like 0-2 its fine but she is grown
Emma Wagner
Emma Wagner - 2 dager siden
seems like girls always do right :3
Maureen R.
Maureen R. - 2 dager siden
The skanky chicks should be flattered somebody wanted to take their picture. How can you have privacy and modesty when you're at a topless beach??? Idiots.
Edward Elric
Edward Elric - 2 dager siden
0:05 jfk look alike
Maureen R.
Maureen R. - 2 dager siden
Every time I looked at him I kept thinking of JFK too! Glad somebody else mentioned it here. There's definitely some JFK DNA in this boy!
previn varman
previn varman - 2 dager siden
i dont support this behaviour but this is public area . Lol.
Acca - 2 dager siden
It's horrible seeing how these women are being violated in broad daylight in so many different ways. These men are so self-entitled and have the audacity to deny any wrongdoing. It boils my blood!
Happy A.R.B
Happy A.R.B - 2 dager siden
Okay but the topless girls, its her fault for being topless.. like wtf- you can’t just be topless showing off your boobs and expect no one to stare and take photos of them- like use your brains
Concious man
Concious man - 2 dager siden
Indian men are not safe for women
ᴍʀ. ᴍʏsᴛᴇʀɪᴏᴜs
The culture shock hits hard
The Blonde Flower
The Blonde Flower - 2 dager siden
Every beach in the world need lifeguards like these! So many creeps go around doing these kind of stuff on the beach and no one even bats an eye!
Gisselley Welly
Gisselley Welly - 2 dager siden
I can’t get over the fact that when the police walked up to him he touched his face with the hand he was using to-
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer - 2 dager siden
I feel bad for the son who kept getting pushed since it was on his phone even though it was the dad who took the photos, also like wouldn’t he have his own phone? I also feel really bad for the family their nice day was ruined thanks to that pervert also if the husband and the wife are still together after that wow she must really love him.
Fox Gaming
Fox Gaming - 2 dager siden
That guy with the memory card he could of had some of his family photos in there
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear - 2 dager siden
“I felt so violated” dumbass you are naked at a public beach stfu
Lucas R
Lucas R - 2 dager siden
I like how the girls that complained about the creep taking pictures of them had no problem with the staff recording them for an interview.. still topless lol
Jet Ski
Jet Ski - 21 time siden
I’m sure they asked permission and they were assured that everything would be blurred
Carrie Bartsch
Carrie Bartsch - Dag siden
Its crazy how consent works. 🙄
Ty Kent
Ty Kent - 2 dager siden
"Thats discuuustin"
Nicole Bee
Nicole Bee - 2 dager siden
Smash all their phones and cameras! Fucking perverts!!!
Blueian Rider
Blueian Rider - 2 dager siden
I’d hope my boyfriend would do the same thing tbh
Raptor Animatez
Raptor Animatez - 2 dager siden
I hate perverts!!!!!
Bryan Shaw
Bryan Shaw - 2 dager siden
Whelp this ruined my day
Th3Painter - 2 dager siden
Come on is this real?
Finn Grieshop goodwin
Finn Grieshop goodwin - 2 dager siden
This video is so heartwarming. I love seeing the scum of the earth get busted.
John Doe
John Doe - 2 dager siden
Poor son got shoved around by the BF and he didnt even do anything lol.
BENJAMIN CACHAT - 2 dager siden
Thats not okay, wow
RayD Official
RayD Official - 2 dager siden
But we ain’t gonna lie that that second girl which was topless actually looked like she’s putting herself into a scene when the TV crew filmed her 😂
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez - 2 dager siden
5 years later she got an only fans n u gota pay 20 for those photos ha
Elijah Mathews Henry
Elijah Mathews Henry - 2 dager siden
He is not a pervert
Nico Perez-Rojas
Nico Perez-Rojas - 2 dager siden
14:38 Guy thought the lifeguard was cheering his last name!
amina ebrahim
amina ebrahim - 2 dager siden
The first guys wife literally pointed the boyfriend of one of the victims to the offender when he was pushing the son.
Niamh Prendergast
Niamh Prendergast - 2 dager siden
A man tryed kissing a little girl? Thats messed up.
Niamh Prendergast
Niamh Prendergast - 2 dager siden
A man was doing it and he was even married
Cliff Prentice
Cliff Prentice - 2 dager siden
There seems to be a common thread with most of these offenders.......
clmoore0425 - 21 time siden
Mels Boering
Mels Boering - 2 dager siden
Are we not gonna talk about how nice the beach is?
King Arthur
King Arthur - 2 dager siden
I thought the guy in the Thumbnail was the pervert...just look at him.
MKS EA - 3 dager siden
Can't take pictures of strangers without their knowledge. Duh
kawii cloud
kawii cloud - 3 dager siden
" No English "
Whoa woah woah woao woaoa
Lien Diep
Lien Diep - 3 dager siden
That’s so strange. In sf bakers beach you get a beat down by other naked gay men for doing shit like that. We don’t have life guards. We have athletic gay men who takes care of the females. Lol
Joseph Gerrard
Joseph Gerrard - 3 dager siden
Men with no confidence and no manners
James Mendo
James Mendo - 3 dager siden
Got caught red handed playing with himself by cops. Loser.
Jordan Milkins
Jordan Milkins - 3 dager siden
*aww delete delete like wo wo wo wo wo
Jordan Milkins
Jordan Milkins - 3 dager siden
I can’t 😂😂
SpaceJesus2098 - 3 dager siden
under 18: young girls
18+ chicks
Bondi Logic
Joe Grow
Joe Grow - 3 dager siden
i can tell you what friend he didnt throw in the water....
Joe Grow
Joe Grow - 3 dager siden
i just dont get how these girls are so grossed out about the guy takimg pictures when they are sitting on the beach with their tits out like if your willing to show them then why so grossed out?
Diogo sb
Diogo sb - 3 dager siden
They can't be photographed but it's fine if this channel films them
Anirudh Sajith-SR
Anirudh Sajith-SR - 3 dager siden
great the first guy is indian -_-
Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D.
This is why in the US, there is no expectation of privacy in public and you cant trespass someones eyes. Whatever you can see whilst standing on public property, you can film or take pictures of. It's a first amendment protected activity. If you choose to go topless on a public beach you can't violate another persons First Amendment Right because of a choice you yourself made, in public.
Now if you want to question the morality of it, that's a different issue. But you can't be arrested (legally) in the US for filming and/or taking pictures in public, if you otherwise haven't broken any laws.
Team Focus
Team Focus - 3 dager siden
Why are girls aloud to be topless on the beach anyway
Noor Fargo
Noor Fargo - 3 dager siden
They need special treatment, very special.
Chuck Sins
Chuck Sins - 3 dager siden
Police really missed the opportunity of saying "why are you running?" (meme) at the perv on 10:07
Gordon g
Gordon g - 3 dager siden
No English, my ass. He's in bloody Australia. Should have smashed his camera. At the least.
Adnan P
Adnan P - Dag siden
Time stamp?
Sir Charles Chuckalot
Sir Charles Chuckalot - 3 dager siden
Ugh he touched his face with the hand he was touching himself with
Ed Schwartz
Ed Schwartz - 3 dager siden
8:52 honestly they have really high quality beach vehicles