Scuba Diver Reported Drowned Off Bondi Beach

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Lifeguards receive a report of a drowned scuba diver off Bondi beach, leading to a mass search and rescue effort.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional #Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 03:24


BondiRescue - 7 måneder siden
Whether it's a head cut or a reported drowning - the urgency is there 💪
Julianna Burgess
Julianna Burgess - 7 dager siden
omg im ur guys biggest fan i want to be a lifegaurd someday i wanna be like jules.
nina watson
nina watson - 17 dager siden
It is the most awesome thing that u guys do to help people
Ella Fejfar
Ella Fejfar - 23 dager siden
I watched one video that popped up on my recommended and now I think I’ve watched every video I think lol u guys save so many lives huge respect to u all
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown - Måned siden
I LOVE THIS When I grow up I wanna work here I love the teamwork it’s Amazing 😁😁👍🏽
Jungkook Nation ⟬⟭
Jungkook Nation ⟬⟭ - 2 måneder siden
When you guys said head cut, my mind automatically went to decapitation 🤦. And I was like on what world at 00:10 ?
Ryley Strickland
Ryley Strickland - 5 dager siden
Jesse: Police Officers, Ambulance Officers
PATYN SWAN - 6 dager siden
I thought he said bad haircut for a sec 😂😂😂
_siimply._.roblox_ - 6 dager siden
Same lol
K - 6 dager siden
what is head cut?
khione - 7 dager siden
I like how they stayed positive and said they should be proud of themselves instead of complaining about having to run around for no reason.
Tomfk80 - 8 dager siden
I thought he said haircut and I was like “why would a haircut ever be life threatening?”
_siimply._.roblox_ - 6 dager siden
Same lol
amber pingley
amber pingley - 9 dager siden
Who is watching the 7 months late
Naomi - 13 dager siden
“Heya mate, your haircut is too bad hey. Too bad to let you roam Bondi. Lay down here, no one will see you. we’ve got the scissors on the way.”

But for real these guys are legends.
catherine carden
catherine carden - Måned siden
Um yes I’m extremely tired but that can wait for at least 17 years because you posted a new video but I’m late tho so ya....
Ella Bradley
Ella Bradley - Måned siden
No one :

Bondi rescue on my recommendations : 1000009283763728199182728
j Samon
j Samon - Måned siden
I thought they said really bad haircut. I was like, they did him dirty. but i love the show, keep saving lives
Xxdeath ReaperxX
Xxdeath ReaperxX - Måned siden
I want to be heroes like you guys at Bondi beach and save peoples lives
Respect ❤
UNO dorde
UNO dorde - Måned siden
Why scuba divers drown huh???
UNO dorde
UNO dorde - Måned siden
Hold up wait a minuet that aint right
Thomas Gaming8724
Thomas Gaming8724 - Måned siden
I thought you guys said hair cut
MX Will
MX Will - Måned siden
Who else loves Bondi rescue
Não Sei 2.0
Não Sei 2.0 - 2 måneder siden
that one girl
that one girl - 2 måneder siden
Their was a guy on the ground with a pretty bad hair cut.
The hair cut is not life threatening
Vilte Darija
Vilte Darija - 2 måneder siden
I can’t stop watching BondiRescue. I need to do my homework but I can’t stop watching!!!! Love you guys so much
Emily Clare
Emily Clare - 3 måneder siden
I’ve been binge watching Bondi rescue for 8 hours lol 😂
SpikeOnYT - 3 måneder siden
Must be a really hard for them because they even have to post your vids and rescue people at the same time
Karteeni - 3 måneder siden
Mia Gallagher
Mia Gallagher - 3 måneder siden
I heard haircut
ghost - 3 måneder siden
I thought you said he had a bad hair cut 😂
Inn Huynh
Inn Huynh - 3 måneder siden
Their teamwork is fucking amazing
Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd
Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd - 3 måneder siden
Polly Crawford
Polly Crawford - 3 måneder siden
I need to work there when I am older
Itsme Juju
Itsme Juju - 4 måneder siden
i woke up at 7am my class starts at 8am I started watching 7:10am then I didn't realize it's 8am then I realized we have no class roday so now it's 9am and ai'm still watching while our maid is cooking french fries for my breakfast😂😂
SquishyAliien - 4 måneder siden

Masked Bandit
Masked Bandit - 5 måneder siden
Bondi rescue, all seasons streaming for free -
Kari Bowers
Kari Bowers - 5 måneder siden
•Momo khan•
•Momo khan• - 5 måneder siden
Is it just me dose bondi rescue team r so cool and stuff
zILoGaNzZ - 5 måneder siden
Its Ironic a scuba diver drowning
Toxic Banana
Toxic Banana - 5 måneder siden
I can’t stop watching this bro it’s literally a 5am in the morning
James K
James K - 5 måneder siden
0:07 I actually thought he said that the guy had a really bad hair cut🤣😂and not a bad head cut
Violet Marple
Violet Marple - 5 måneder siden
I thought he said pretty bad haircut lol
Kara Rogers
Kara Rogers - 5 måneder siden
Omg I'm really good at swimming I wanna be a lifeguard
Andrey Leader
Andrey Leader - 5 måneder siden
How do you get a head cut confused for a drowned scuba diver.
Annalisa Hughes
Annalisa Hughes - 5 måneder siden
lol i thought u said bad hair cut
Katrina LY
Katrina LY - 5 måneder siden
Is Nicole new
Maria C
Maria C - 5 måneder siden
I thought he was saying HAIR CUT 🤣🤣
Pxstel CloudsYT
Pxstel CloudsYT - 5 måneder siden
I bless life Gaurds Bc Litterly they safe every drowning person
Nik Turk
Nik Turk - 5 måneder siden
I understood haircut
Layla Mae
Layla Mae - 5 måneder siden
I though they said haircut lol
JR Gaming
JR Gaming - 5 måneder siden
I thought he said he had a bad haircut
Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander - 6 måneder siden
I didn't know doctors deal with haircuts I thought they deal with headcuts🤣🤣🤣🤣😋😋😋🐷🐷🐷
Ava Page
Ava Page - 6 måneder siden
all in favor of making this a netflix show 🙋
V. O
V. O - 6 måneder siden
I thought he said really bad haircut
Death Plays
Death Plays - 6 måneder siden
Lowkey even tho I'm 13, I feel like working at Bondi Rescue, it's so inspiring.
Jon Barker
Jon Barker - 6 måneder siden
You guys are amazing
Greendelta0723 - 6 måneder siden
When they said a head cut I thought a hair cut like you cut your hair
Olivia Lewis
Olivia Lewis - 6 måneder siden
I thought he said "there's a guy with a bad haircut". Who else thought he said that? Am I right??? 😂
Slushyyy - 6 måneder siden
I watched one video and now I’m addicted
King Jayyy
King Jayyy - 6 måneder siden
I didn't know it was so hard be ik ng a life guard
cow gurl
cow gurl - 6 måneder siden
Quarantine be like:
Alan Padfield
Alan Padfield - 6 måneder siden
Your brave
Mama Bear Stephanie
Mama Bear Stephanie - 6 måneder siden
I thought they said “haircut” 😂
bitter x sweet
bitter x sweet - 6 måneder siden
“Boys get the Jetski.”

Me: I wish I could use that line.
MuhammadTaha Alli
MuhammadTaha Alli - 5 måneder siden
Same bOyS gEt ThE jEtSkI
Slowed down Music
Slowed down Music - 6 måneder siden
I thought he meant haircut when he said headcut
Siona Atkinson Solomon
Siona Atkinson Solomon - 6 måneder siden
Keep up the great work!
Dona Sejdiu
Dona Sejdiu - 6 måneder siden
Lifeguard does everything they can with what they have.
A L O N E L Y W E E B - 6 måneder siden
I love this, I found this channel last night it is very interesting and it shows dangers of the world and the ocean
I hope I get there Merch one day
I subscribed and turned notifications on and I am trying to watch every single video even from 12 years ago
Egg huddy
Egg huddy - 6 måneder siden
I can’t...I have been imagining I am a lifeguard there and just talking to them..Then I stood on something and everyone thinks I’m a hero and BOOOTIFUL. I have issues watching theseeee
SweeZ_playz - 6 måneder siden
Who got addicted to bondi rescue
Maisie maiii
Maisie maiii - 6 måneder siden
Who else just found this and now is addicted to it- 💀
B LM - 6 måneder siden
when it said head cut, I thought he was shaving his hair on the beach
Maisie maiii
Maisie maiii - 6 måneder siden
Kylie Schafers
Kylie Schafers - 6 måneder siden
no way a mass sarch and rescue sqobr diver drowned wow so so sad
Wissal - 6 måneder siden
Shes insanely hot
Yung Bandit
Yung Bandit - 6 måneder siden
Everyone here dont matter what happens and thats what i like about them.
Hal T
Hal T - 6 måneder siden
Don’t be fooled, haircuts are the most serious incidents at Bondi.
pastel creativity
pastel creativity - 6 måneder siden
If I was one of the lifeguards I would be like "Are... are you kidding me?"
Best of Bros
Best of Bros - 6 måneder siden
Did Jesse say hair cut or head cut
Best of Bros
Best of Bros - 6 måneder siden
How doesn’t like Bondi rescue🇳🇿🤘🏻💪🏻😀😃
Bonnie &eden
Bonnie &eden - 6 måneder siden
I was here binge watching these videos about 8 hours ago I come back and you guys have gained 3k I’m proud!
__________________ - 6 måneder siden
It’s so cute how Jesse calls paramedics ambulance officers
Roblox Chick
Roblox Chick - 6 måneder siden
And the life guards at my beach are on their phones and one time there was this 4 year old drowning and they were on their phones while this other man (not a lifeguard) saved him TIME TO MOVE TO BONDI
Better Drummer boy
Better Drummer boy - 6 måneder siden
Don’t watch this if you have Anxiety
Kevin Diaz
Kevin Diaz - 6 måneder siden
I wish I could meet these lifeguards
Aburd20 Gaming
Aburd20 Gaming - 6 måneder siden
3:21 he did it injuries there😂
Giraffesta - 6 måneder siden
I thought they said hair cut lol like: Bad hair cut just short of second ramp bring scissors ASAP, Imagine lol
Alfie Jordan
Alfie Jordan - 6 måneder siden
Who else thought they were saying haircut
Sp33dyy__ - 7 måneder siden
Finally im not 6 years late
Blueberry - 7 måneder siden
And that’s why kids I hate water
JustSarahok? - 7 måneder siden
Who else is binge watching these?
Little Nugget Boy
Little Nugget Boy - 7 måneder siden
I thought he said he had a bad hair cut
Litzy Lopez
Litzy Lopez - 7 måneder siden
#Lifeguards #BondiRescue
Autumn - 7 måneder siden
Jesse and Harrison are my favourite life guards 😌💕
gracie young
gracie young - 7 måneder siden
i would purposely drown myself at bondi just to be on tv 👏🏻
melodyplayz123 omg
melodyplayz123 omg - 7 måneder siden
I feel like the lifeguards dont get Appreciate enough bc there saving people lifes everyday
Izzy Plays xxx
Izzy Plays xxx - 7 måneder siden
All this too save one man ❤️🧡💛
Mand Co
Mand Co - 7 måneder siden
Fuck she talks so slow reporting the drowning it does my head in how slow she talks
ClairesCorner - 7 måneder siden
Holy crap I love these guys nicknames their ssooooooooo funny but at the same time this episode was really hard to watch because of the tension!
Ava Drummond
Ava Drummond - 7 måneder siden
How are you so chill about if I would freak out and I hate blood 😖😖😖
Weasel Drizzle
Weasel Drizzle - 7 måneder siden
Can I just get a little bit of vinegar?
Fianne Daddychecksfirst
Fianne Daddychecksfirst - 7 måneder siden
Yay im early lol
Ellie-May Mchugh
Ellie-May Mchugh - 7 måneder siden
Ellie-May Mchugh
Ellie-May Mchugh - 7 måneder siden
I fill sorry for them
That one lofi guy
That one lofi guy - 7 måneder siden
Life guards do more then we give them credit for
LunaNeedzHelp - 7 måneder siden
I thought they said haircut
Aimo - 7 måneder siden
We the bondi fam! :D