Shark Spotted? Lifeguards Hit the Shark Alarm

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Lifeguard Reidy spots a shark out the back...but other lifeguards aren't so sure whether Reidy's spotted a shark or just seeing things.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and #lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, dodge #sharks and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 03:36


BondiRescue - 13 dager siden
Seal or shark? What do you reckon?
Demonoce - 10 timer siden
Harry Potter Fan
Harry Potter Fan - 20 timer siden
Everly Kostiuk
Everly Kostiuk - Dag siden
FANDABz z - Dag siden
Bruh this guys been a lifeguard for a minute hes not stupid
Armando Guillen
Armando Guillen - Dag siden
Shark Bc It has his fin
CJ DiAgostino
CJ DiAgostino - Time siden
Every time we see a black thing in the water bruh
Amanda Southon
Amanda Southon - 2 timer siden
Ooh man a shark
Delmy Quintanilla
Delmy Quintanilla - 13 timer siden
My sister wants to see you so i am going to see you tommorrow
LightningQ - 13 timer siden
Watched my first Bondi youtube video today. Then I just kept going. Better go and have dinner.
Vanessa Allen
Vanessa Allen - 20 timer siden
They are in their home 🤷🏻‍♀️ glad no one got attacked!!
꧁C H E R R Y꧂
꧁C H E R R Y꧂ - Dag siden
Wait, did the seal get eaten by the shark 🥺😭
Why kids mad
Why kids mad - Dag siden
I HAVE A NEW CRUSH 2:19 SHES TOO CUTE MY GUY🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Pebble and Leo
Pebble and Leo - Dag siden
Did he say 6 -8 feet and not 2 2 1/2 meters
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson - Dag siden
🔴BHEST dating online (2021)
✻ `𝐶-𝑙-𝑖-𝑐-𝑘^_^𝐻-𝐸-𝑅-𝐸` :

Football Highlights
Football Highlights - Dag siden
Ok the fact where he said ants kill more humans then sharks is wrong
PylonMass - Dag siden
At least it's gonna be fun to fishing some sharks
Doggy Diaries
Doggy Diaries - Dag siden
I love this channel
FANDABz z - Dag siden
This guys been a lifeguard for a long ass time it was probably a great white passing by is why they didnt see em cause a bull shark an hammerheads usually lurk in the bay
Glorimer Martinez
Glorimer Martinez - 2 dager siden
U guys are great life guard
Elizabeth Guenkine
Elizabeth Guenkine - 2 dager siden
Sharks, jellyfish and stingrays are the reason I hate swimming in oceans 😂
Amelia Fairall
Amelia Fairall - 2 dager siden
Its me Amna
Its me Amna - 3 dager siden
It great that bondi is posting more and more I love it it’s ADDICTING
Random lil Vids
Random lil Vids - 3 dager siden
Whatever it was I’m concerned this was posted one week ago.......
Its me Amna
Its me Amna - 3 dager siden
Why are u concerned?
** - 4 dager siden
Him:Probably only about 8 feet
Me:OMG 8 whole feet ahhh 😧
Pandalover Plays
Pandalover Plays - 7 dager siden
those people walking so slow they acting like

ItS jUst a sHarK If i dOnt gEt cLosE it wOnT bitE mE
Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown - 8 dager siden
These Australians brave ... 😂
Tessa Nagle
Tessa Nagle - 9 dager siden
I wish I was in Austria cuz they don’t have covid there anymore and they can do this stuff but in Canada we’re I live we were son close to getting rid of it, it came back
Karina Medvedkova
Karina Medvedkova - 9 dager siden
I don't live in Australia but I live in Ireland
Karina Medvedkova
Karina Medvedkova - 9 dager siden
And it's very rainy and cold and sometimes it snows in April or February
Charissa Lui
Charissa Lui - 9 dager siden
In Melbourne St Kilda beach, there was also a shark spotted and it was yesterday too
Magic Mia
Magic Mia - 9 dager siden
I love Bondi I literally could walk there every day and it’s amazing
Tamara Farag
Tamara Farag - 9 dager siden
I live in Egypt
Hayley Clark
Hayley Clark - 10 dager siden
hopefully that wasn't the one the Attacked a lady in nz
Ava Borrett
Ava Borrett - 10 dager siden
Luke Porter
Luke Porter - 10 dager siden
Chappo doesn’t know shit
Sav X Til
Sav X Til - 10 dager siden
Your 400 comment no problem:)
Ixab rodriguez
Ixab rodriguez - 10 dager siden
“It’s only about 8 foot”
Su-Mari Steyn
Su-Mari Steyn - 10 dager siden
Love how he asked the kids if they wanted to see the shark again and they were like: "NOO"😂
Coszmo Gaming
Coszmo Gaming - 10 dager siden
Isn’t it pretty unsafe to send everyone back in the water just because you THINK it’s a seal? Shouldn’t you 100% confirm it first? Especially since one lifeguard and a handful of people say it’s a shark
jamie page
jamie page - 10 dager siden
Hahahaha lol! Shall we go an see the shark again! That was funny !!!!
Vid Quiz
Vid Quiz - 10 dager siden
Lol, if I were one of those kids I would be screaming my head off and having a panic attack. How are they just so chill?!
Spray UK
Spray UK - 10 dager siden
“It was only about 8ft”
Brently Ashurst
Brently Ashurst - 10 dager siden
How Americans say no : no
How Aussies say no : noarrrrrrrr
Gogo GG
Gogo GG - 11 dager siden
Did YOU know that Australia is THE biggest hub for child trafficking???? Pls let's NOT EVER STOP TALKING ABOUT THE REAL NUMBERS OF CHILDREN WHO ARE SOLD INTO TRAFFICKING. #saveourchildren !!!!!! #allysarmy
hugh_mungus 01
hugh_mungus 01 - 10 dager siden
the bullshit is strong in you isn't it LOL
Gogo GG
Gogo GG - 11 dager siden
Ya but the shark expert guy that went out on the ski.... what was his conclusion?? I HATE it when they keep us hanging!!!
Bøba spiritシ
Bøba spiritシ - 11 dager siden
Where is harrison am a big fan of harrison ❤
Kaiden Hall
Kaiden Hall - 11 dager siden
How do I watch full episodes?
Matty Moo
Matty Moo - 11 dager siden
This one's a repeat as watched it last year.
Jake Liddell
Jake Liddell - 11 dager siden
Anyone else live in Florida lol
lmc810 - 11 dager siden
"Is that a shark??"
Little girl calmly nods her head: "Yup."
TERRY ZARSOFF - 11 dager siden
I reckon as Rodney Rude would say it was a NOAH 😂
Rocky Road
Rocky Road - 11 dager siden
Him: wanna go see the shark?
Kids: no
Him: hahahahahhaha
That is so my dad lmao
leabella Kareem SUPER
leabella Kareem SUPER - 11 dager siden
Been. a. While since played alarm
liv - 11 dager siden
“Only about 8ft”
Michele Andreina
Michele Andreina - 11 dager siden
I’m not 7 years late this time
Mixi _Playz
Mixi _Playz - 11 dager siden
is this during covid or is covid not really happening in aussie
Zac Brockway
Zac Brockway - 12 dager siden
Gemma Lumley
Gemma Lumley - 12 dager siden
I love how chill Australians are! Only 8 feet 🙈
Elipilot 77
Elipilot 77 - 12 dager siden
Omg. I would crap my pants
Daphne hdez
Daphne hdez - 12 dager siden
So the pandemic isnt hit u guys hard,?just curious not hate>3
MOON GURL - 12 dager siden
I want some new episodes, I have seen everything /:
0TrOnd - 12 dager siden
i thought youtube does not allow to send the same thing again, as new i have seen this clip 3 times now, this is just to make money on old clips
Bethan Freeman
Bethan Freeman - 12 dager siden
This is literally the only thing I’ve been watching in lockdown. I obsessed with it ❤️😂
NotModz X
NotModz X - 12 dager siden
Gabriela Postovanu
Gabriela Postovanu - 12 dager siden
Imagine that you go to have a nice jet ski ride to have some fun and u see a shark:😃😃😑😑
Dan_Ridess - 12 dager siden
"Every time we see a black thing in the water" 😂😂😂
Hyfrith - 12 dager siden
Still a better reaction by officials to a shark sighting than in Jaws, and in that movie several people had already been killed!
Carol Swies
Carol Swies - 12 dager siden
Bondi rescue saved 2020, like if bondi rescue wasn’t a thing than I don’t know how I would have stayed alive 😂😂
H0neyfr0g - 12 dager siden
Got addicted to theses shows because of the game on roblox
Bayu Sanjaya
Bayu Sanjaya - 12 dager siden
Ng sengaja muncul di beranda,auto nonton bareng istri karena tertarik dengan kata "rescue".beneran aja seru,perjuangan lifeguard sebegitu di butuhkan untuk keselamatan sesama.very proud deh pokok nya.semoga semua lifeguard selalu diberikan keselamatan kesehatan untuk menjalankan tugas ny..aamiinn
Andy Contento
Andy Contento - 12 dager siden
I think it's really cool that the lifeguards raffle off a bondi experience for charity for kids. Go guys. 👍👍👍😁😁😁
Andres Chavez
Andres Chavez - 12 dager siden
How americans say lifeguard - life.gard
How australians say lifeguard - life.gaad
Emily Salmieri
Emily Salmieri - 12 dager siden
how would it be a seal if he saw the fin on it's back. Sometimes they are so stupid. I don't think people have learned that generally, when there is a "general consensus" it's normally the one who doesn't agree with them, that is right
Projectnomad 2020
Projectnomad 2020 - 12 dager siden
The blond girl talking to chapo has been in more episodes more than the boss
Abbie Donaldson
Abbie Donaldson - 12 dager siden
jr Roblox
jr Roblox - 12 dager siden
TTV FishyForce
TTV FishyForce - 12 dager siden
Only 8ft 😂😂
Katrina Roseworn
Katrina Roseworn - 12 dager siden
It was a shark 🦈
mw - 12 dager siden
How often does Salty come to Bondi? 🥰
CH007EH - 12 dager siden
"No!" 😂😆
I would have said yes definitely! 🤩🤩
I mean... I'm on a Jet Ski.
VickieMarie39 - 12 dager siden
🇨🇦 Shark that 🇨🇦must be hard to 🇨🇦see you guys are 🇨🇦good Lifeguard 🇨🇦
Jordan 798
Jordan 798 - 12 dager siden
"Chances of getting killed by a shark is less than being killed by ants"
Looks on Google: dam 30 people die from ant attacks a year I'm now scared to walk on the beach let alone swim in the ocean 😂😂
RafeAme - 12 dager siden
I'd rather take someone's word who actually saw it as a shark than multiple peoples guess that its a seal. I'm just saying.
Jesse Enderby
Jesse Enderby - 12 dager siden
Imagine being 1 hour early not 4 years 😎
Armen Apanian
Armen Apanian - 12 dager siden
“It was only a six to eight foot shark” me having a mental breakdown: only?! Get out of the flipping water for Christ’s sake
Ρενα Κιριτσι
Ρενα Κιριτσι - 9 dager siden
Ava Borrett
Ava Borrett - 10 dager siden
@Thug Lincoln I guess ao
Ava Borrett
Ava Borrett - 10 dager siden
I would say the exact same
Kathy Childress
Kathy Childress - 11 dager siden
@Armen Apanian I just don't get in the ocean because sharks are closer than you think
Armen Apanian
Armen Apanian - 11 dager siden
@Kathy Childress I know the ocean is it’s home I’m not dumb but he is like oh it’s “only?!” A six to eight foot shark I would be having a mental breakdown
Nerf Shooter
Nerf Shooter - 12 dager siden
Movies: OMG SHARK **Running to shore** AHHHHHHH
Real-life: God facking dammit I wanted to go surfing **Misribly walks to shore**
DylanGaming - 12 dager siden
im not 6 years late wooohoooo
jethro rowe
jethro rowe - 12 dager siden
Definitely looked like a shark to me..or a seal with a dorsal fin and loads of sharp teeth.haha
Hayden Olley
Hayden Olley - 12 dager siden
“It was only about 8 foot”
It doesn’t get more Aussie than that 😂
Football Highlights
Football Highlights - Dag siden
That’s small for a shark
Asher harris
Asher harris - 2 dager siden
yeah thats a small shark for over here
`Bethel playz`
`Bethel playz` - 12 dager siden
Hmmm i don't know what kind of shark mabey hammer head shark?
ryan - 12 dager siden
Chappo doesn't like being wrong though............
Charlotte Luxton
Charlotte Luxton - 12 dager siden
I haven't been to the beach in years 😞
Yasmin Aune L
Yasmin Aune L - 12 dager siden
these kids are true aussies
Amanda Southon
Amanda Southon - 2 timer siden
Emma Catherine Gerlach
Emma Catherine Gerlach - 12 dager siden
did this happen this year (2021) or (2020) or another year?
Clazzy - 12 dager siden
Every other country: SHARK!
Us Aussies: oh hey look its a shark! can you see the shark?
Fiery Mamba
Fiery Mamba - 12 dager siden
That one girl in the front at first was so chill with the fact that their was a shark
5tr4nGe - 12 dager siden
"is there any sharks out there?"
Is the water salty? There's your answer.
EpicRabbit8 Videos
EpicRabbit8 Videos - 12 dager siden
Yeah it’s especially unsafe to use a JetSki near sharks in movies...

(Cough cough *shark attack 3: megladon* cough)
zxe - 12 dager siden
If I were on the back of the jet-ski, I would've killed to see the shark!
katie moan
katie moan - 12 dager siden
"was only about 8 foot" ermm that's big enough for me
Liverpool 4Life
Liverpool 4Life - 12 dager siden
Is there no covid in Australia?
H Blatch
H Blatch - 12 dager siden
Hello to the after midnight crew!
rayden lowry
rayden lowry - 12 dager siden
If one of your own guys says it's definitely a shark, it's a shark. Why would you question him? And nobody said they saw a seal, everyone said it was a shark.
jim Chapman
jim Chapman - 12 dager siden
The dislikes are sharks who were looking to have a feeding frenzy at Bondi but couldn’t because the water was evacuated
Trevor Albro
Trevor Albro - 12 dager siden
Them: it is only about 8 to 5 feet
Americans: get out of the fricking water it is still a shark