TERRIFYING Allergic Reactions That Leave Lifeguards Reeling

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For lifeguards handling severe allergic reactions can be more terrifying than big surf. SUBSCRIBE - bit.ly/subscribebondirescue
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For lifeguards more accustomed to managing big surf and sharks an anaphylactic shock provides a whole new learning experience, especially when it comes to handling the #EpiPen.
Check in with your local first aid providers to learn more about how to properly administer an EpiPen to someone suffering a severe #allergicreaction: www.healthdirect.gov.au/how-to-use-an-adrenaline-autoinjector-epipen

Your favourite lifeguards are back!
Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In ‘Bondi Rescue’ the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxy, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 13:14


Ness Otty
Ness Otty - 5 timer siden
This is very scary. I have had to do this to my son and myself before.
Nadine Arcand
Nadine Arcand - 7 timer siden
He didn’t even take the blue guard off for the Asian guy.
Savannah King
Savannah King - 13 timer siden
The second guy didn’t take the blue cap off
Norazlyn Norazlyn
Norazlyn Norazlyn - 15 timer siden
Why is everyone’s epipen expired!?
Reo Mccaffrey
Reo Mccaffrey - Dag siden
Covid addiction
Leah richards
Leah richards - Dag siden
Did Jesse leave?
Daniel Chip
Daniel Chip - Dag siden
Man, luckily never had to use the epinephren. I just use allergy pills to avoid it and pray 👌🏻
Jayde - 2 dager siden
Blue to the sky orange to the thigh. That should be well known in everyone’s heads. The epipen won’t work without the blue cap off. I have never had to give one but I practice with expired ones on an orange or apple every now and again just in case I have to give one to my little brother
Sh4Dow - 2 dager siden
The real title should be epipen vs allergic
ITZ_BlazE ‘
ITZ_BlazE ‘ - 2 dager siden
The second guy u placed it wrong u hovered it and just quickly injected it ur ment to place it against the skin and then push it down
ITZ_BlazE ‘
ITZ_BlazE ‘ - 2 dager siden
I think u overdosed the first girl u held it for liek 10 secs ur ment to do it for 3 I have one aswell
Dorothy Vlogs
Dorothy Vlogs - 2 dager siden
Listen up! EVERYONE needs to know how to administer an epipen! Go watch an epipen training video right now! It can save lives! If you think someone is having an allergic reaction, administer the epipen immediately! Don’t wait for the symptoms to get worse! Always call an ambulance ASAP! In my opinion, none of the situations in this video were handled correctly. Not anyone’s fault, they just need more epipen training.
HeyImHype - 2 dager siden
This man is lucky he don’t live in Sweden
Angus 99
Angus 99 - 3 dager siden
The life guards are so good keep up great work.
IndiBindy_Plays - 3 dager siden
I was in the middle of watching the Asian guy allergic reaction and when the lifeguard put the epi pen in the teenager I started feeling so scared like my head was like “OMG THESE LIFEGUARDS HAVE NEVER USED A EPI PEN!!!!” HE DIDNT TAKE THE SAFTEY BLUE CAP OFF WHICH IS WHY THE ADRENALINE NEEDLE DIDNT HAVE ANY AFFECT I have allergies and have seen someone use the epi pen and you always take of the blue cap because that is there for safety reasons if someone was to fool around with it
Jessica Jorgensen
Jessica Jorgensen - 3 dager siden
What's wong with the camra crew thay are so nosy I have enenptiphobia so if someone threw up I would scream but I am addicted to this shoe
Ig Vhips
Ig Vhips - 3 dager siden
Last time I went into anaflatic shock I passed out in my moms arms and then I kept seeing blue and purple colors and was in icu for 12 hours
bellou72 - 3 dager siden
She's scared of using the EpiPen? I'd be more scared of *not* using it. 😬
KEETHAN - 4 dager siden
People are lucky because of bondi beach recue
Israel Ausua
Israel Ausua - 4 dager siden
Herbalicous !
Herbalicous ! - 5 dager siden
‘They’re just dropping like flies’
Well, that’s reassuring
Annie leblanc stories
Annie leblanc stories - 6 dager siden
lesson learned. GET NEW ÉPI PENS so their not expired
Aarniofinne Bitch
Aarniofinne Bitch - 7 dager siden
Allergic to cold: laughs in finnish
Amazing Amelie
Amazing Amelie - 7 dager siden
Oof lucky thing these are amazing life guards here to help
Zaid Slav
Zaid Slav - 8 dager siden
I love how when the ambos arrive the patient is already fine
jump in the cadillac
jump in the cadillac - 8 dager siden
the second guy was so calm i would be freaking out
Holly Mccall
Holly Mccall - 8 dager siden
He didn’t even take the blue cap off,
Scarlett Ginn
Scarlett Ginn - 8 dager siden
Omg I love this show I watched oen when I was bored last lockdown now I watched them all 😭
Xx Pineapple Playz xX
Xx Pineapple Playz xX - 9 dager siden
Why dont people change their epi pen any time it expires
Xx Pineapple Playz xX
Xx Pineapple Playz xX - 9 dager siden
Victoria alergic reaction was the first bondi video i ever watched and i got hooked
durable charls
durable charls - 9 dager siden
imagine harries calling u sweetheart
Carissa D
Carissa D - 10 dager siden
Still watching this and the first 2 people have expired epipens...
Title should be "Allergic Reactions and Expired Epipens"

Also... youtube recommended one their videos and now I'm obsessed 😬
donut gaming
donut gaming - 11 dager siden
Pov:ur addicted to this show like me! :D
Quit3Cut3 - 12 dager siden
Watching this after having to use my epi pen twice this week from the covid vaccine lol.
Httgudjtjfjfhgt E
Httgudjtjfjfhgt E - 13 dager siden
First there I thought the Norwegian girl was Australian because I didn’t really listen that’s kind of weird because I’m also Norwegian And you can kind of hear the You can hear the accent more then
mavina*• - 14 dager siden
Can someone help me and tell me what this is? When I got really hot and sweat i bread out in hives and get super hot and itchy???
Vicki Nilsen
Vicki Nilsen - 15 dager siden
Everyone is allergic to nutssssssss whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Imlonelyanditstru - 15 dager siden
No nut November is easy for me, im allergic to nuts
RCMP - 15 dager siden
Subtitles: 100 per cent
LeaveGtaOnline - 17 dager siden
The ambulance is so slow
Tea - 17 dager siden
I have an update on Viktoria! She was so inspired by the lifeguards' work so she's currently working as a lifeguard herself! :)
Cambria Chwang
Cambria Chwang - 18 dager siden
The lifeguards treating the patient and then me sees red bull me randomly starts laughing 😆
Just Gil x
Just Gil x - 18 dager siden
That epipen wouldn’t have worked he never took the blue cap at the top off 🤷🏻‍♀️
Abbie And Emma
Abbie And Emma - 18 dager siden
Anaphylactic shock is so scary!
I feel the same way when I accidentally eat nuts, you can literally feel your eyes closing and swelling, same with your throat.
Catherine plays roblox
Catherine plays roblox - 19 dager siden
They use the epey pen a lot longer than 3 seconds
S Zoffmann
S Zoffmann - 19 dager siden
Victoria: passing out
Lifeguards: u are okay sweetheart
Jimmy TwoToes
Jimmy TwoToes - 20 dager siden
Case of point if you having a reaction use it immediately. Anaphylaxis will straight fuck you up and fast
Cearra Roberts
Cearra Roberts - 21 dag siden
The third guy has had the same allergy as me, I have people think I’m faking it all the time it’s sad because it’s very serious 🙄
Bethany Hawkins
Bethany Hawkins - 21 dag siden
I think that last one she didn't faint from the allergy so much as she did from the shot itself. I think it's called a vasovagal reaction, I had the same thing happen when I had to get blood work done. One moment I'm telling the doc I prefer orange juice over grape, then next thing I know I'm waking up on the floor surrounded by doctors and no idea how I got out of the chair, and too weak to move for a bit.
Sici Damara
Sici Damara - 21 dag siden
That guys girlfriend thought he was joking and didn't even come to the lifeguard stand with him.... I would never think my bf was joking if he said he felt sick and was going to the lifeguards for help
Solei Brinson
Solei Brinson - 22 dager siden
I love you JESSE im a big fan
Annika Travels
Annika Travels - 24 dager siden
Watches them get allergic to nuts

Me: hmmm I am allergic but I mean doesn't look that bad

Also me: **choking on air**

Me again: sooo maybe I wont try-
Moonstone Fae
Moonstone Fae - 25 dager siden
when she came in to tell them she was having an allergic reaction, look at how fast they all got up!!
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith - 25 dager siden
Damn you bondi, I need to sleep
Grace Jones
Grace Jones - 28 dager siden
The second guy was soo calm!
Florence Hodson
Florence Hodson - 29 dager siden
So I also have anaphylaxis and an eppy pen for those who dont know how it feels its HORRIBLE i once was rushed to hospital when i had a walnut and i couldnt speak and my throat was swollen i was itching and my stomach was in serious pain
Jazmyn Tan
Jazmyn Tan - 29 dager siden
Why didn’t that girl get off the bed for that girl she litterly passed out and the girl on the bed was having cramps like mate
MR - 04LH 847967 Whiteoaks PS
Omg I feel so sick like just uuuuuugh im so happy im not allergic to anything
No Hon
No Hon - Måned siden
Que Dios nos perdone.
Never Base Plate
Never Base Plate - Måned siden
Max Whitmore
Max Whitmore - Måned siden
This channel has really opened my eyes about what lifeguards at Bondi have to do without help of ambulance or police team
Jade Hitchen
Jade Hitchen - Måned siden
I love the part when harries say they r dropping like flies it cracks me up so much 😂 but I understand how allergic reactions r cause my brother is allergic to dust mites cats and some other things
hi5homeschool - Måned siden
Epi first, epi fast! Literally every second counts.
Heidi Quayle
Heidi Quayle - Måned siden
guys seriously put the pen in the thigh right away! They wait too long.
jasonlax - Måned siden
What are they waiting for? There is no downside to administrating right away.
Taliartsy - Måned siden
this dude didn't take the blue safety cap off! :O
Quinn Torstenson
Quinn Torstenson - Måned siden
I’m surprised that Jesse didn’t like put it in the air and then stab it into and dad boy or man his eyes look like kind of bad
Itsme Juju
Itsme Juju - Måned siden
When the air is cold my mom’s skin gets hives and it’s all itchy she said when she was working in Taiwan and it was winter her whole body gets hives and red but she doesn’t do anything about it
Also this Norwegian chocolates are good
What life’s About
What life’s About - Måned siden
Jerrell Avery McDaniel
Jerrell Avery McDaniel - Måned siden
don,t tell me you saved this WTF
Patricia O'Donnell Smith
Patricia O'Donnell Smith - Måned siden
5:38 that crunching sound o-o
Patricia O'Donnell Smith
Patricia O'Donnell Smith - Måned siden
5:04 his eyes got really red oh no
Patricia O'Donnell Smith
Patricia O'Donnell Smith - Måned siden
4:47 his face-
Amy Maloney
Amy Maloney - Måned siden
You, lifeguards, do a very good job.
David McGwynne
David McGwynne - Måned siden
I just think it’s amazing they can adapt to any situation. There a lot more than just lifeguards.
Estelle Taylor
Estelle Taylor - Måned siden
The first girl: I think I’m having an anaphylactic fit
Lifeguards: Oh ok
Johnny Y
Johnny Y - Måned siden
Letty Dayag
Letty Dayag - Måned siden
I have allergy and I feel those people suffering in hard breathing. It's hard and dangerous to have an allergy 😢
i love funneh
i love funneh - Måned siden
This is why im scared of bluebottles
Fanny Mark
Fanny Mark - Måned siden
Great show, real heroes!
Twyla Beachy
Twyla Beachy - Måned siden
*John 3:16*
*"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, will have eternal life."*
Ella LOWE [09C2]
Ella LOWE [09C2] - Måned siden
Their all expired
Elena Leon
Elena Leon - Måned siden
Am I the only one that’s thinking why tf was someone with abdominal pain on the bed and someone with a severe allergy that FAINTED on the floor🤔
Tyra - Måned siden
boo is so attractive i wish he was on the show more, other than that time he bogged the rhino
Imran Hussein
Imran Hussein - Måned siden
Imagine if the girl say I am allergic to dessnuts 🙂
Monkey Lover
Monkey Lover - Måned siden
0:13 there reaction is quick and professional good job
Penny The Working Dog
Penny The Working Dog - Måned siden
sloppy waffle332
sloppy waffle332 - Måned siden
omg the second guys eys wer so swelled up it looked soo painful
k31t4 - Måned siden
Victoria is well prepared. She wears ripped jeans just in case of using epipen.
Savanna Radford
Savanna Radford - Måned siden
When the Norway student came to the tower and said “can I get a little bit of help please?” And she w crying, that melted my heart
Lil mason69
Lil mason69 - Måned siden
Maisy Weetch
Maisy Weetch - Måned siden
Our team will have the best game on the world 🌎 you're the best lifeguard in the world
Amii A
Amii A - Måned siden
I have a few foods I’m allergic too and I’ve been in hospital multiple times with anaphylactic reactions, that shit ain’t fun you feel like you’re dying
dasinired blue
dasinired blue - Måned siden
So Emt’s or medical providers of Australia, do you call bag value masks oxy-viver? (so sorry if that’s wrong)
Megan - Måned siden
I’m so happy and lucky that I’m not allergic to anything at all 😅
Elena Otero
Elena Otero - 4 dager siden
Megan I’m allergic to cold weather
olivia jones
olivia jones - Måned siden
I love how at the end it said the one with out nuts when she was giving him the chocolate
jodafa1000 - Måned siden
What a fucking asshole girlfriened, i'd ditch that bitch right away.
Felix_Felix - Måned siden
Im from norway and I would love to come to that beach one day🙃
Wendy Uys
Wendy Uys - Måned siden
Almost everyone a peanut allergy