Thieves CAUGHT at Bondi Beach - Part 2

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Thieves don't stand a chance at Bondi. Bondi's lifeguards help police catch thieves at the beach in part 2 of Thieves CAUGHT at Bondi Beach.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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Runtime: 13:56


BondiRescue - 2 måneder siden
Don't steal at Bondi. You will get caught 😎Part 1 of Thieves Getting Caught here 🚨
Mykhay Louka
Mykhay Louka - 2 timer siden
I disliked the vid y’all use too much power u can’t arrest people for language u dummy
Carter Purcell
Carter Purcell - 8 timer siden
Queen B
Queen B - 20 timer siden
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Queen B
Queen B - 20 timer siden
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Na Andersn
Na Andersn - 22 timer siden
I tottaly agree
SS STORMTROOPER18 - 43 minutter siden
Who would keep their passports money camera phone and clothes in a bag going to thr beach the most u need it a water proof phone case and swimming shorts with zipps and also towels not about 500pound worth of stuff
Damon Manda
Damon Manda - Time siden
Why do people put their money, wallets, phones passports etc in a bag and leave it unattended on the beach when they go for a swim.
Every back packers and hotel I have ever been to has a safe where they can keep these things for their guests.
Mykhay Louka
Mykhay Louka - 2 timer siden
Arrested for offensive language ? Wtf is this North Korea where is the freedom of speech
isabella apolinar
isabella apolinar - 3 timer siden
They should show the thieves face
Honey Badger
Honey Badger - 3 timer siden
You can't be sorry for stupidass people leaving all their vitals with no protection
Iby Javed
Iby Javed - 3 timer siden
If I was at Australia I would come to Hindi beach and get a photo with every single one of u legends saving people lives
Bones On Demandd
Bones On Demandd - 3 timer siden
Holy shit you can get arrested for offensive language 😂😂😂
david schwartz
david schwartz - 4 timer siden
Who the hell brings this stuff to the beach
david schwartz
david schwartz - 4 timer siden
0:28 vs 0:31
Difference in men and women running
Patrick Sandeberg
Patrick Sandeberg - 5 timer siden
Someone could make alot of money by putting up lockers at the beach. We have them at our malls in Sweden. You lock and pay with your phone. Maybe it could be some extra cash for the community of Bondi beach?
Michael Cantavero
Michael Cantavero - 5 timer siden
Under arrest for offensive language? That's actually a thing?
Charger1234 - 6 timer siden
My thing is why leave your shit in your bag? I never bring my phone, wallet, or anything else of value. Hell even in school I always kept my shit on me and not my bag. One time our gym teacher's phone got stolen and I knew right then and there you can't trust these people.
John Fanion
John Fanion - 6 timer siden
Let the ladies at em...
buyerofsorts - 6 timer siden
"You're under arrest for offensive language"? Are you kidding me!?
Júlia Diamantino
Júlia Diamantino - 6 timer siden
As a Brit living in Australia for the last 10 years, this is like coming home
Gorilla Media
Gorilla Media - 7 timer siden
the irish lad at the end just defaced my country, thank you
David Stocker
David Stocker - 8 timer siden
Why would you leave valuables in a bag on a beach unattended,your asking for trouble
Case Justin
Case Justin - 8 timer siden
its so annyoing to know many scumbags hunting on the beach to steal something and lifeguards who do an important and grateful job such to keep on eye on us and give us any help if we need but they have to spend time to catch these Sholes,meanwhile lifeguards could have rest in the tower and when we need them they would be ready and fit to do it.Thx mates your incredible job
Mamandu 0
Mamandu 0 - 9 timer siden
its really interesting to see the life guards use citizens arrest. I mean, we have it here in the states, but its rarely viewed as such and the perp will press charges as assault
Muza - 12 timer siden
8:49 I love it how he takes his hat back and then puts on his head 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Karthik Pratheep
Karthik Pratheep - 12 timer siden
Cops should just permanently send a couple of them to sit in the lifeguards booth
Karthik Pratheep
Karthik Pratheep - 13 timer siden
Some real life baywatch action here
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 14 timer siden
Look, I would never advocate for these thieves, but you're asking for trouble if you leave all your valuables lying around at the beach. A towel, shirt and some cream is all I would need to bring. I don't tend to drive, (try finding a park near any busy beach in Aus), so no keys I understand backpackers don't necessarily have secured storage but you'd be able to find lockers with a bit of research, surely? Pardon my ignorance. I am one of those rare Aussie beach avoiders, largely because I have two skin shades - white and cancer.
OG Lynch
OG Lynch - 15 timer siden
God I wanna move to Australia so bad. Such amazing people and place
Gillian Coles
Gillian Coles - 15 timer siden
Ok um 0:51 is anyone gonna talk ab the knives???
Florida Dad
Florida Dad - 16 timer siden
Who leaves their passport in a bag on the beach?
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 14 timer siden
Exactly what I was thinking my Floridian friend. Most of us Aussies are good ppl and we'll stick up for what's right. But there are crims everywhere in the world, especially tourist hotspots. I was not so lax when I backpacked Europe.
W.A. L.
W.A. L. - 17 timer siden
When the police search you and are wrong but they make you leave anyways 🤣
W.A. L.
W.A. L. - 17 timer siden
When he’s watching the video of someone steal his bag
“Please don’t steal it, ohh no!”
Orie Cipollaro
Orie Cipollaro - 17 timer siden
Holy shit they arrest you for F bombs?
Orie Cipollaro
Orie Cipollaro - 4 timer siden
@fred bloggs here in America if a cop does that we have a riot burn down a city and lock up the Cop
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 14 timer siden
That's just a pretext for arrest and an aggravating charge because he p*seed off the cops. That charge alone he could beat, whereas kicking the crap out of a paddie wagon looks a tad more belligerent when you show up to court.
Bronis MacDougall élève
Bronis MacDougall élève - 17 timer siden
“Under arrest for offensive language” ummm smt doesn’t seem right
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 14 timer siden
see above
Orie Cipollaro
Orie Cipollaro - 18 timer siden
Once again y’all may need a real police presence on this beach
Allen Jerez
Allen Jerez - 18 timer siden
Who else saw this in thier suggestions and now addicted to this sht
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 14 timer siden
It's the only way - surf the tube baby! How meta is that pun?! Funny thing is, I get such random suggestions. Or does Big Data know me better than myself ? So many rabbit holes ....
Alex - 18 timer siden
‘You’re under arrest for offensive language.’ Wait what? That’s a fucking thing? Wtf are our laws
Alex - 3 timer siden
@fred bloggs nah but for real tho, I’m fittin to move to the US if this shit goes any further. Like they ain’t perfect, but at least you won’t get arrested for offensive language
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 14 timer siden
Sorry Alex, but I'm going to have to arrest you ;)
Chris Marquez
Chris Marquez - 19 timer siden
Why not just rent them lockers?? Wth
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 13 timer siden
That would require entrepreneurial savvy - a commodity sadly lacking among our venerable local councillors
No Surrender Yer Gran’s A Bender
“The Wee Fat One, That’s Scotland For You
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 13 timer siden
Lol - that accent is so lovely and she's so cute in how she's immediately apologetic for using the 'fat' word. I was pondering how one could be wee and fat simultaneously, but I guess wee relates more to height than girth?
Jenny Bradley
Jenny Bradley - 19 timer siden
I've never seen more beautiful lifeguards in my life, until I saw this show..
Ken - 19 timer siden
lol arrested for "Offensive Language" is, in other words, The Language Police. How do weird ass laws like that pass adult muster? Notwithstanding, he was making threats while locked in the paddy, that's for sure.
Gagan Rehill
Gagan Rehill - 19 timer siden
You can get arrested for offensive language?
J Vega
J Vega - 20 timer siden
It's sad that people steal but also stupid that people just leave anything valuable unattended
David Spriggs
David Spriggs - 20 timer siden
Just as we have Life Guards on the beach to keep swimmers safe, I think there should be Police stationed at Bondi to catch thieves, perverts and deal with the general public law the Life Guards can do what they are trained to do. Just saying, but I think the NSW Government ought to look into better solutions rather than relying on Life Guards to do detective and Police work
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 13 timer siden
Hear, hear. What happens if someone gets in trouble in the water while they're all peeling it up the strip? Cops should be permanently present (if just a two-person kiosk) so lifesavers can, you know, save lives.
Elinor Lowe
Elinor Lowe - 20 timer siden
When they all ran at the beginning 😂😂
Luyolo Daba
Luyolo Daba - 20 timer siden
Dangggg there a lot of snitches in this vid

*is a joke😘
Alexa Desposito
Alexa Desposito - 21 time siden
the reason why I put a Thumbs down was because of the thieves stealing things from innocent people. But I like the heroes that give the stuff back to the people that were the owner and took away the stuff from the thieves.
daniel genuino
daniel genuino - 21 time siden
I know its a shot in the dark.but i really wanna join your team and help out
Jm S
Jm S - 21 time siden
If I'm gonna swin on this beach I'm gonna bury my things on the sand.
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 13 timer siden
Yes but you will not foil my metal detector shoes ;)
Na Andersn
Na Andersn - 22 timer siden
I like how they say mate instead of friend
Neo John Castro
Neo John Castro - 22 timer siden
im more interested into how they’re running so fast in the sand- i take one to three steps and i just trip and fall-
Nathaniel Cowan Hart
Nathaniel Cowan Hart - 22 timer siden
You must be stupid leaving your wallet passport and cash in a bag on a beach alone
Wang Wang
Wang Wang - 22 timer siden
1 in hundreds not bad boysssss
cece - Dag siden
Thieves are the worst! But come on who would leave their bag full of expensive possessions and wallet on the beach!!
Bereket Kearns
Bereket Kearns - Dag siden
Some of these people are not being smart at all. Like really? You just leave your stuff lying on a beach with all your stuff inside ? What do you think is gonna happen ?
daniel alves
daniel alves - Dag siden
Note to anyone who didn't grow up in a high crime beach area like me in Rio.
the number one thing Thieves love more is an american passport since they sell for thousands on black market and also y'all have MONEY you have a HOTEL to go BACK to so DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THAT WITH YOU.
Gia Maré
Gia Maré - Dag siden
But why are you taking your passport to the beach...
K 3 1 R A K L A R K
K 3 1 R A K L A R K - Dag siden
Dammmnnn you better not mess with the Bondi lifeguards
K 3 1 R A K L A R K
K 3 1 R A K L A R K - Dag siden
To any Australians out there what does “pinched” mean?
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 13 timer siden
nicked, flogged, blagged, purloined, misappropriated or stolen. Gotta love English.
Robbie Curran
Robbie Curran - Dag siden
Dylan Rees
Dylan Rees - Dag siden
‘The wee fat one’ 😂😂
burbur durp
burbur durp - Dag siden
"You're breaking the laws of the land!"
Says the guy breaking the laws of the land...
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 13 timer siden
Irony is a dish best served while your face is in the asphalt;)
Hayden Bentley
Hayden Bentley - Dag siden
Arrested for offensive language that’s why I love America
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 13 timer siden
Where you don't even get done for looting the capitol ;)
Devin Brown
Devin Brown - Dag siden
You can get arrested for offensive language?
Meredith Rollins
Meredith Rollins - Dag siden
I love the way he rips the hat off him
Jamie Santoro
Jamie Santoro - Dag siden
Don’t bring your passports to the beach lmao
fred bloggs
fred bloggs - 13 timer siden
No please do. (especially USA - I get top dollar for them ;)
Richie Oliver
Richie Oliver - Dag siden
“Under arrest for offensive language”
Maduwa Sinera
Maduwa Sinera - Dag siden
Why would you bring your passport to the beach
Billy Walendom
Billy Walendom - Dag siden
9:13 by all means arrest thieves but its the first time I heard arrest for offensive language
Jimbob Jicckup
Jimbob Jicckup - Dag siden
Ur under arrest for offensive language? Wtf
Matyas Pechar
Matyas Pechar - Dag siden
I just found this channel and this is getting me through lockdowns! good job lads
Benshii Vibes
Benshii Vibes - Dag siden
"Green hat white and the really fat one!"
Ivy - Dag siden
Everyone who steals bags: ‘I thought it was mine’ ‘It’s my mates’
GraffitiTurtle - Dag siden
It was kind of startling to hear an American/Canadian accent after binging a bunch of these videos lol
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - Dag siden
You can get arrested for offensive language 😂
Dennis Shields
Dennis Shields - Dag siden
Bondi should tell some friends to hook up a business like a coat check but instead a beach bag check couple a bucks or a day or maybe a wrist band for a month
Reynaldo Tyler
Reynaldo Tyler - Dag siden
“Under arrest for offensive language.” Forgive my ignorance but is the legal in Australia? My American side thinks this is crazy. F that thief though, at least she found a reason to arrest him.
Chuck G
Chuck G - Dag siden
3:23 why would you bring your passport with you to the beach? You leave that in the hotel safe.
The lifeguards do a good job. However they are being taken away from their actual duties of saving lives. Beach might need actual security
games mydude
games mydude - Dag siden
Dude just watched one like this the guy that took the bag was being detained by like 7 people just like this one
moska21 - Dag siden
why is this on my recommended and why is it so entertained
Paul Stepansky
Paul Stepansky - Dag siden
Just remember Baywatch
“Sand Grifters? What are sand grifters”
jon prou
jon prou - Dag siden
So why the hell wouldn’t the beach put up a crap load of lockers??? If it’s that bad figure it out.
Scott - Dag siden
Good channel!
Rabbit TeaPot
Rabbit TeaPot - Dag siden
Er...why would you put your passports in a bag & then leave the bag to go for a swim? I genuinely do not understand some people.
Jivy Dremsa
Jivy Dremsa - Dag siden
I like when someone who breaks the law tells others that they are the ones breaking the law 😂
Norm Simpson
Norm Simpson - Dag siden
This is a really cool show. But I can't watch it. The fact that they can't and don't beat the shit out of every thief just upsets me too much. A fine? Shit....whatever.
KFC Waifu
KFC Waifu - Dag siden
Why would u even steal things when Bondi is literally the guard there
He has EYES OF A HAWK and people still think they can get away with stealing
Frenzal Rhomb
Frenzal Rhomb - Dag siden
life guards can not legally detain anyone...
they are not police
Norm Simpson
Norm Simpson - Dag siden
Years ago, at a large local supermarket, the stupid people didn't know they Store hired the local High School Football Team to work there in the Summers...11 High School Football Players...the Shoplifters NEVER was very funny to watch them try and run...
Andre Aflallo
Andre Aflallo - Dag siden
Wait what u can get arrested for offensive language in AUSTRALIA?!?!?
Kyah Morris
Kyah Morris - Dag siden
Cal B
Cal B - Dag siden
Lil Australian kids are the funniest 😂😂
Literally nothing intimidating 😂
Easton Kennedy
Easton Kennedy - Dag siden
0:07 The Dude walking in the background tho
when ever i see it, it makes me laugh
Lucy Vlogs
Lucy Vlogs - Dag siden
The last guy was peng idc if he’s a thief
Rifty army
Rifty army - 2 dager siden
im sorry but it the "wee fat 1, sorry" for me
Soviet Union
Soviet Union - 2 dager siden
Ngl Harrison is kinda cute🤔🤔😘😘
Mike Lenhardt
Mike Lenhardt - 2 dager siden
*Steals a bunch of shit from the beach*
Australian police:...
*says “fuck you”*
S A - 2 dager siden
If you have your life in your bag, why do you leave it unattended to go take a swim????
The Angry Cub
The Angry Cub - 2 dager siden
Why do all these ppl leave their shit on the beach??? Because theres an ocean its okay to walk away from all your valuables? Smh
John Sjouke Dalstra
John Sjouke Dalstra - 2 dager siden
Setup manned rental lockers.
Em 123
Em 123 - 2 dager siden
Wait with the second one incident they didn’t get their bag’s back
Keng Ang
Keng Ang - 2 dager siden
The woman is way fiercer than the mens
Max Moore
Max Moore - 2 dager siden
Imagine getting arrested for language. Love America. Sadly we’re not gonna be there long
kennedy grace
kennedy grace - Dag siden
that’s not america
Josh Salyers
Josh Salyers - 2 dager siden
Seems like some lockers installed close to beach would be a great idea, probably prevent you guys having to watch for thieves and focus on other stuff.
Cool_Dog 88
Cool_Dog 88 - 2 dager siden
2021 how yall going