What happens when people DON'T LISTEN to lifeguards?

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Ignore warnings...get a scorning. When saving lives is their job being ignored can be beyond frustrating for Bondi's lifeguards.
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Runtime: 12:14


BondiRescue - Måned siden
Lesson learnt. We hope. What's the biggest lesson you've learnt from Bondi Rescue?
Leo 10
Leo 10 - 12 timer siden
Listen to them they know
Leo 10
Leo 10 - 12 timer siden
Itsa dangerous back really or ?????????
Mr nice dice
Mr nice dice - 15 timer siden
Dont be an idiot like most tourist
sare joy
sare joy - Dag siden
Life guards are really amazing people who care about others safety.
dawn J
dawn J - Dag siden
How to tell where a rip is and what the flags mean. I live far away from any place that has riptides, so its nice to know.
Liam - Time siden
H is a legend
sailing 360
sailing 360 - 2 timer siden
Some people are beyond help mate
Deborah Allen
Deborah Allen - 2 timer siden
Damn! Have a little respect for the ones trying to keep your ars safe! These guys are very special people!
Little T
Little T - 2 timer siden
hey that first guy was a lieing asshole
HeyIts Dyeyms
HeyIts Dyeyms - 10 timer siden
I dont see myself as a lifeguard.. if i encounter stupid and stubborn people. Ill just leave them drowning 🤣🤣🤣
PaDdy D
PaDdy D - 10 timer siden
All I can think is coronavirus
Johnny Gavin
Johnny Gavin - 12 timer siden
Just get an electronic fin and they will move their ass!
Arthur Alexandre
Arthur Alexandre - 13 timer siden
Lifeguard:I told you not to swim here!
Idiots: But we just moved 5m from there, I thought here was safe.
Kandice Jasso
Kandice Jasso - 13 timer siden
It’a a culture shock to me how easy going they all are even though they’re dealing with difficult people here in the US people would’ve been arrested or banned lol.
Kandice Jasso
Kandice Jasso - 13 timer siden
It’a a culture shock to me how easy going they all are even though they’re dealing with difficult people here in the US people would’ve been arrested or banned lol.
Reece Georgens
Reece Georgens - 14 timer siden
Sometimes it’s hard to understand what the lifeguards are telling you. I had it happen to me a couple of times when I visited California for the first time and it’s a lot different from my native Texas waters. I guess I had gotten too close to some dangerous areas but I was having no problem getting back in and I wasn’t getting stuck in anything. I guess I look young and they don’t know I’m a good swimmer but you see here they yell at full grown adults. I had to be warned twice and I guess I wasn’t paying attention I kept on drifting into the same spot. I didn’t think I was in any danger but I couldn’t see whatever they were seeing I guess probably a riptide.
Bananá Milkō
Bananá Milkō - 14 timer siden
9:20 Robert Pattinson lil bro
Technoduck - 14 timer siden
Why are there kind of people who want to steal a lifeguard team's vehicle. Someone could be literally drowning, and they can't help them since they don't have the equipment. I hope they go to hell, and suffer.
KyleRB Playz
KyleRB Playz - 15 timer siden
5:15 you can tell he’s drunk
Wolf 16
Wolf 16 - 16 timer siden
You don’t call yourself idiot because you don’t have beach in your place? Stupid! These lifeguards has all the reasons to get angry because they save lots of lives of Stupid people!
Music with Tom
Music with Tom - 18 timer siden
You have to respect lifeguards like you would respect police, firefighters an ambulances cause one day they could save your life.
Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson - 18 timer siden
I feel like some of these lifeguards think they have a lot of power and authority like calm down mate, you're just a life saver...😒
Lillyheart 23
Lillyheart 23 - 16 timer siden
uh. Is this sarcasm? if it’s not then you know how they save so many people a day. maybe one day they could save you. Plus they basically have power over the beach.
Artistia - 19 timer siden
damn these australians are patient af
likoniq - 19 timer siden
6:51 in his hand, is that what I think it is
Depressed OG
Depressed OG - 19 timer siden
The girls who stole the vehicle are insane! What if someone drowned? They were threatening many lives, should have called the police on them
Nick Schaible
Nick Schaible - 19 timer siden
Australian accents make me laugh
Clare Crombie
Clare Crombie - 19 timer siden
h your cool
Jayden Madden
Jayden Madden - 20 timer siden
I love how he said “You ain’t going to find em’” while smiling LOL
Jbone Philly
Jbone Philly - 21 time siden
I would of pulled those broads out by their hair for stealing the buggy!!!
Waterbaby - 22 timer siden
6:05 Stupid and irresponsible taking emergency vehicles as a joke. You know these two would p!ss and moan if it was them needing a rescue. Charges should definitely be filed.
Roblox ASAP
Roblox ASAP - 22 timer siden
penncakes - 22 timer siden
I know I can’t be a lifeguard when I thought I’d just leave them to death if they don’t listen
Peter Selie
Peter Selie - Dag siden
People who had soft parents always make a fuss about everything when they're older. They only understand fists and boots.
Ghost gaming
Ghost gaming - Dag siden
Even tho i khow how to swim i listen to lifeguards
Froppy Tsuyu
Froppy Tsuyu - Dag siden
Honestly I always listen, I’m never in the water anyways but like-
I always listen ✨👌
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez - Dag siden
Bro There are so many stupid people and if something happens to them thats when they blame the lifeguards , its such a pain being a lifeguard with stupid people on the beach
RegularGuyReacts - Dag siden
I was going to defend the lifeguard until I saw his awful tattoos
SOUTHERN Romeo - 18 timer siden
What tat
motov80 - Dag siden
seems like this was completely an issue of ego with that guy on the ski
evildragon196 - Dag siden
What about corona virus ?
Lillyheart 23
Lillyheart 23 - 16 timer siden
in australia it isn’t as bad anymore so you can go to the beach
Mr. Irrelevant
Mr. Irrelevant - Dag siden
When i hear the whistle:
😯 R U N
Technolog1 - Dag siden
The real question is why be on the beach during covid
Aaliyah Jamila
Aaliyah Jamila - Dag siden
I don't go in to the ocean but if a lifeguard tells me to leave the water.. I'LL TURN IN TO MICHAEL PEHLPS
ItzAnnie x
ItzAnnie x - Dag siden
Her: I Wouldn’t call myself an idiot.
But you are. If you have no oceans like this then just listen to the fucking lifeguards it’s not that hard. You’re getting yourself and the lifeguards in danger
Ken - Dag siden
In America those two girls would be arrested for vehicle theft. Also, failing to obey a lifeguard is illegal here. Surely you have something similar in Australia for both.
Mateo - Dag siden
My grandpa always told me to never put your back to the beach and to always respect it no matter what
Alan Daeyeon Kim
Alan Daeyeon Kim - Dag siden
me whos korean and cant understand the korean swimmers speaking: it seems like language has developed
Jim McCabe
Jim McCabe - Dag siden
"H" is a bad ass. Let them have it. Stupidity is their job security.
Johnny Muamua
Johnny Muamua - Dag siden
if people kept being idiots and constantly not listening to the lifeguards then it's best to just let them drown!
jabjabgrab123 - Dag siden
hardly 200mph lol
rocritz - Dag siden
"they're a real unpredictable bunch.." shows guy helping them dig holes and friends cheering him on
Steve - Dag siden
Bondi rescue is such a cringeworthy crock. And Bondi is an ugly tourist trap shitehole that I havent visited for decades and have no desire to. I grew up and swam on Sydney beaches and have continued to swim outside the flags for over 40 years. I don’t need or want lifeguards policing my behaviour and have always and will always ignore them especially the weekend blow in volunteers. The beach is the last bastion of freedom in Australia not another nanny state institution. Look after the stupid helpless tourists and leave the locals alone ya dumb annoying clubbys.
xXLoNeWoLfXx - Dag siden
6:30 my fucking nephews behave better than that...god
SSNIPEZ - Dag siden
That was 15 mph lmao 6:00
Jordan Bel
Jordan Bel - Dag siden
He was actually having so much fun with the drunks
Orcaben1 - Dag siden
I'd love to work on that beach, especially on the jetski saving people, sod moving to a different country to do it though!🤣🤣
Rampage1623 - Dag siden
"I wouldn't call myself an idiot"
You don't have to but we'll know you are
Juan Myburgh
Juan Myburgh - Dag siden
Just shout shark. Bet you will have silence for a while.
Walter Maxime
Walter Maxime - Dag siden
Merci les touristes français, vous êtes trop cons!
Prasun - 2 dager siden
Why didn't they punch those drunk idiots.. I'd go full Tyson on them
Blazery inthedark
Blazery inthedark - 2 dager siden
The people who disliked the video are the ones who go back
Orlando Serpa
Orlando Serpa - 2 dager siden
“As a result of this we’ve actually put kill switches in the buggies, and you ain’t gonna find them” he seemed so happy about that lol
The Independent Millennial
The Independent Millennial - 2 dager siden
"You can't be here cAuSe iTLL maKe oTheRs wAnNa bE tHeRe" . . This is definitely Australia. A never- evolved-prison-colony at its finest.
Vann Holmes
Vann Holmes - 2 dager siden
Oooooooh I would have slapped those girls for taking the buggy.
inBloo -
inBloo - - 2 dager siden
Dumb bitches
TMROCHA - 2 dager siden
Many people owe their lives to lifeguards, however there are points that call attention. You cannot stop someone who knows how to swim from training at sea. Will you remove the surfers too? Did surfers encourage others to go to the bottom? About the people who "stole" the lifeguard's car, the lifeguard was thinking it was funny.
Muhammad Rafli
Muhammad Rafli - 2 dager siden
The Karens: Tropical Edition
Haruka Purple
Haruka Purple - 2 dager siden
If i was in his position with those drunks i would have lost my mind. Id do everything in my power to get them arrested or atleast in bad trouble. Because during that time someone could need saving and he needs the car
Shubham - 2 dager siden
They shoupd.be allowed to punch people on the face... Some of these SMART people need that smack...
NoLivingNL [Alcoholic]
NoLivingNL [Alcoholic] - 2 dager siden
2:49 My man hella stoned lmao
2112Nightshift - 2 dager siden
I can not believe how polite they here to the dip shits that stole the buggy.
KING OPP - 2 dager siden
If u get drunk and decide to go swimming. Your out of your damn mind!!
forever hungry
forever hungry - 2 dager siden
Meanwhile here in Florida its swim at your own risk lifeguards only help if you can find them to ask for help and half of them are highschoolers
Patrice Singh
Patrice Singh - 2 dager siden
Hongthong Tyas
Hongthong Tyas - 2 dager siden
Those girl really made me mad idk why
Deathshot 2985
Deathshot 2985 - 2 dager siden
Its always the chinese
Rod Ritchie
Rod Ritchie - 2 dager siden
Feel sorry for these lifeguards, they're just trying to make sure no one leaves in a body bag, and swimmers just ignore em. Lifeguards are there for a f"*king good reason, to GUARD LIFE.
buccali is coming
buccali is coming - 18 timer siden
They ignore their warnings to the point where the lifeguards burst out in anger (or just start yelling), making it look like the lifeguards have a bad temper leading to ‘bad reviews’... Oh well... then listen to what you’ve been told!!
abhijith abhijith
abhijith abhijith - 2 dager siden
Bean bag guns 😅
Cran Berry
Cran Berry - 2 dager siden
No one has to listen to these punks!
Joel Koh
Joel Koh - 2 dager siden
They don't have to give customer service when it comes to a safety breach. After being asked to get out of water, they should just jolly well get out. Also, stealing a buggy doesnt matter if they are drunk or not is a crime. Just shout at them ask them to get off and leave. They can knock into kids and be fatal
santa - 2 dager siden
Wait. Why are there so many people. Was this recorded before covid?
DJF 2525
DJF 2525 - 2 dager siden
100 miles per hour down the beach ⛱ 😂😂😂 bruh they were going 5 miles per hour lol
laces ascanio
laces ascanio - 2 dager siden
If usa why talk like that
Piet van Loveren
Piet van Loveren - 2 dager siden
Life Guards, they really are people who haven't achieved much in life and then flex their little authority on the beach...I mean some people are ankle deep. These so-called "rescues" are nothing more than playing up to the camera and the people on the beach. I suppose everyone needs their time to shine...
Shelby - 19 timer siden
Are you actually being serious lmao. Do you not understand how many peoples lives they save constantly
Jessie Sanchez
Jessie Sanchez - 2 dager siden
Wow ignorant ass people.... taking time away from them is devastating.
Takoyaki - 2 dager siden
I've accidentally done that before, I was surprised when a lifeguard come at me. I apologise because I really don't know and I can't read the warning signs because I'm not wearing my eyeglasses.😔
Aryana Peralta
Aryana Peralta - 2 dager siden
H-man loses his cool
Me: this is not a job for me I would beat people with no mercy which is not a good thing at all
another lifegaurd: I would've ripped a hole through those guys
Me: on second thought
Yasha Yzabelle Angelino
Yasha Yzabelle Angelino - 2 dager siden
If I were one of the life guard I let those idiot to drawn !!! They're so hard headed. Who they think they are to make fun of the lifeguards.
-frm. Philippines
Yasha Yzabelle Angelino
Yasha Yzabelle Angelino - 2 dager siden
Some people died because their so idiot
Jake Kramer
Jake Kramer - 2 dager siden
Why the hell didn’t they call the cops when they stole the buggy??
eleanor dixon
eleanor dixon - 2 dager siden
I can't remember seeing a life guard at a beach in the UK, the swimming pools yeah but not the beach. I know there will be some but I don't remember any 🤷
Ieuan Edwards
Ieuan Edwards - 2 dager siden
Free country? anywhere? JESUS. Like if people want to fucking die let us swim out xoxox
birdofpreyproductions - 2 dager siden
Wouldn't call yourself an idiot really? I'm a bit scared of the guy shouting a bit but a life threatening situation nothing hmmmm, damn fools 😑 🤣🤣🤣
OFF ROAD - 2 dager siden
That is a lot of people in one area that be one reason I don’t go to beaches
Hustlewise - 2 dager siden
These lifeguards are awesome
Spore Hux
Spore Hux - 2 dager siden
that quad theft was as scripted as Pawn Stars.
jojo w
jojo w - 2 dager siden
I could NEVER be a lifeguard. I’d let them drown to teach them a lesson smh
Justin Wiseman
Justin Wiseman - 2 dager siden
Bunch of parasites eating up the world!
ripperduck - 2 dager siden
I thought Asians were smart...
Pointless Comment
Pointless Comment - 2 dager siden
I wouldve dragged that woman out the buggy
Antasia Gibson
Antasia Gibson - 2 dager siden
They should type into google translate and put it up to the speaker maybe that would help with foreigners its just a matter of getting the write language
Chiquicat - 2 dager siden
There should seriously be a policy that after two warnings, you just let them drown. Too stupid to pass their genes to future generations anyways. Amazing patience and work lifesavers!
bart man
bart man - 2 dager siden
The calculating curtain adventitiously flood because laborer principally occur to a unequaled south africa. utopian, drunk process
Chiquicat - 2 dager siden
Watching these careless, disrespectful and rude people I lose faith in humanity. The teacher should be fired immediately for letting the kids under his watch swim in dangerous currents several times...
xAFBx Moto
xAFBx Moto - 2 dager siden
Just put up signs that say swim at your own risk. Problem solved 😎