WORST Spinal Injuries on Bondi Rescue

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Spinal injuries are one of the scariest injuries for a lifeguard to tend to and present a whole array of added risks to a rescue.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, shark sightings, #spinalinjuries and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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BondiRescue - 7 måneder siden
A reminder to check to be aware of any sandbanks before diving into surf, where possible. Thankful for the awesome bystanders and the lifeguards for helping as always! 💙
Shane jeffers
Shane jeffers - Dag siden
Any update on the Brazilian dancer?
Badplayz TackyWackky
Badplayz TackyWackky - 18 dager siden
D'Arcy Waldegrave
D'Arcy Waldegrave - 2 måneder siden
I live in NZ
Yatzin Guadalupe Lugo lopez
Yatzin Guadalupe Lugo lopez - 2 måneder siden
correx gaming and real life
correx gaming and real life - 2 måneder siden
@Matt Farley that's sad hope he gets better
Ashlee Pay
Ashlee Pay - 6 timer siden
No leooo
Emily Jeffries
Emily Jeffries - Dag siden
What was the paramedic doing to the friend? 16:26
legit player btw
legit player btw - Dag siden
That first boy had such a calm attitude I hope he's okay.
H S - 3 dager siden
He looks like Andy Murray
melanie - 3 dager siden
My adhd could never stay still for that long. Geez i would have several panic Attacks for several reasons
Renata HM
Renata HM - 3 dager siden
I wanted to know what happened to the other guy from Brazil, the guy with the surf wetsuit.
Horl tom
Horl tom - 3 dager siden
Why am I REWATCHING this playlist
Amanda MALCOLM - 3 dager siden
The simple dirt uncommonly jail because bench finally camp upon a electric jasmine. straight, gigantic cirrus
James Khaler
James Khaler - 3 dager siden
I like this one
Smiling Silverhand
Smiling Silverhand - 4 dager siden
Any word on Leo and how he's doing?
Computer Bot
Computer Bot - 5 dager siden
I broke my back... my back is broken. Spinal!!!
Welovecookies !
Welovecookies ! - 6 dager siden
I’ve actually had a pretty bad spinal injury and I wasn’t able to walk for about a year, it was when I was like 10 though
And yes it was at a beach
Marx Regalado
Marx Regalado - 6 dager siden
"shit yeh I could feel me legs again"
Revenant - 7 dager siden
tilda a
tilda a - 7 dager siden
i went to school with a kid whos dad was paralysed by diving under a wave in the shallow water, he’s completely fine, just in a wheelchair
summer solstice
summer solstice - 7 dager siden
this shit’s so scary, the thought of not being able to breathe or move when im trying to is terrifying
ItzAnnie x
ItzAnnie x - 7 dager siden
does anyone know if the last guy is okay im very sad for him holly shit
Natalie Landeros
Natalie Landeros - 8 dager siden
This stuff is so good I got addicted to this. Thx for keeping everyone safe on the beach!!😊
San Andie
San Andie - 8 dager siden
The first dad is a sweet heart ❤️
Tom R.
Tom R. - 8 dager siden
Just to say:
Obviously always use the collar and keep the patient as still as possible, but loss of feeling after neck/ spinal injury doesn’t necassarily mean paralysis for life. It can mean there’s swelling compressing the spinal chord following the trauma but with treatment, that goes down and you can get feeling back. Not always the end of the world.
JHvlogs - 8 dager siden
This makes me wanna be a lifeguard not gonna lie
jesus contreras soriano
jesus contreras soriano - 8 dager siden
the saddest episode of the series an unfortunate accident
sparkle stars pom pom unicorn
binging this show & never going in the water again
Madison Allen
Madison Allen - 9 dager siden
I found this channel last month now I am addicted
Elio sky
Elio sky - 9 dager siden
Did the paramedic just pat the grown man on the head?? 17:37
Owen M
Owen M - 9 dager siden
It’s my dream to be a lifeguard at Bondi and yell “ LAUNCH THE JET SKI “
Steffi Haich
Steffi Haich - 9 dager siden
Does anyone know any update of the last guy. The Brazilian Dancer .. Praying for a full recovery for this Man .. May God give him every bit of strength and support he and his family need .. 🙏🙏🇦🇺
Carmen - 9 dager siden
someone said that he is now paralyzed from the waist down :(
Heather !
Heather ! - 10 dager siden
What's up with all these fools from Asia trying to die?
Carmen - 9 dager siden
u mean south America?
Arran Hashim
Arran Hashim - 10 dager siden
Greatly appreciate what ya’ll do!!! Good to know there are stand up people keeping our beaches safe 💪🏼
Unknown weeb
Unknown weeb - 10 dager siden
is it just me or do i have a fear of the ocean now...
comfort asaju
comfort asaju - 10 dager siden
I used to watch this on tv but stopped and I have no clue why cause it’s so addicting ah glad I found it again on YouTube
Brizo - 10 dager siden
If there’s one thing I don’t wish upon anyone is experiencing spinal injury or permanent nerve damage
King Kota
King Kota - 10 dager siden
I don't think the first kid had the worst birthday ever my dad was on his way to my grandparents for my birthday. A lady ran a yield light and creamed into his truck ripped the front driver side wheel. Luckily all those who saw the incident stayed and told the officer it's was the lady's fault. But now the insurance companies don't want to give him the money to replace his truck literally every dealer ship in town said his truck was easily worth 20k or more. The insurance companies only want to give him 17k which also isn't enough to repair the damages which exceed 19k. It just turned over 70kmiles. which in our area for the money her insurance company wants to give us is no where near enough to get a truck of the quality he had. Which honestly he needs to take her to court sue her and have her license revoke for distracted driving. From what witnesses said it sounded like she wanted and easy insurance check cause she had just bought her vehicle 3 days prior. I think she was hoping my dad would hit her passenger door and not her hitting his driver side front wheel. She's at fault but because america she's only getting a slap on the wrist because she's a 75 year old woman who obviously should have been driving hell her passenger look like the biggest meth head I'm the world. Now that's one way to spend your birthday/Christmas
ostepølse - 11 dager siden
what happened to carlos tho :(
la absenceofcol
la absenceofcol - 11 dager siden
That poor kid, the dancer. Wonder how his life went.
Is my dog gay ?
Is my dog gay ? - 12 dager siden
18:47 is it me or my guy lookin like an black vin Diesel
starlexiii - 12 dager siden
I watched ONE video and I’m obsessed 🤩
Grant Goode
Grant Goode - 12 dager siden
thats the most brazilian dude ive ever seen
Klik - 13 dager siden
I thought that was Jake Gyllenhaal in the thumbnail ISJFJAJED
Groves Family
Groves Family - 13 dager siden
I was eating a Brazil nut while I was watching the Brazilian dancer I was saving it the whole episode but I also felt so bad for him☹️
Lil Dxck
Lil Dxck - 13 dager siden
Anyone have an update on Leo and how he’s doing? I hope he’s fully recovered and doing well🙏🏾❤️
Aarniofinne Bitch
Aarniofinne Bitch - 13 dager siden
This is just sad :(
Phoebe Harris
Phoebe Harris - 13 dager siden
I’ve watched this show for like 2 years not knowing my dad watched this show since the first ever season came out
Shoala Allen
Shoala Allen - 14 dager siden
When people surround u it must me so annoying. It’s like in primary when u fall over people make the “ring of death” around u and then u feel like u have claustrophobia u guys are awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Caitlin M
Caitlin M - 14 dager siden
I feel so bad for the first day it was his 11th birthday 😭😭😭
Louise Gowing
Louise Gowing - 14 dager siden
I feel so sorry for the first boy.
TYIGO DAYS - 15 dager siden
The guy from Brazil I felt so sorry for him I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything was gonna be okay 😭😭😭💔
sara almulla
sara almulla - 16 dager siden
This show is awesome it’s like awesome how they show us this is happening so it’s kinda cool but at the same time sad that these people are getting hurt I wish they did not
2027 Harper Stirling
2027 Harper Stirling - 16 dager siden
I love this vid
MonkeyMan - 16 dager siden
this made my neck and back hurt
Nai Miloni
Nai Miloni - 19 dager siden
Alguien me dice que paso despues con el chico de Brasil?
ellimac444 - 21 dag siden
About the brazilian dancer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se34oFqz45Q&ab_channel=Channel10
Morgan Lynn
Morgan Lynn - 21 dag siden
My favorite life guard all of them
gamer boy 123
gamer boy 123 - 24 dager siden
All of the things they do like i know its there job but they risk there own lives doing it and other beaches just want to brag
Queen of hearts
Queen of hearts - 27 dager siden
The poor kid
this many likes is how many people feel sorry for him
Marilyn Hart
Marilyn Hart - 29 dager siden
The sassy gondola ultrascructurally moan because hobbies holly live across a nippy vacation. sneaky, magical decimal
Julie vlogs
Julie vlogs - Måned siden
I'm American, more than half the documentaries i watch are Austrailian
postal lofer
postal lofer - Måned siden
What happened to this guy 10:05
Crazy Times
Crazy Times - Måned siden
Scotland yay
yang johnny
yang johnny - Måned siden
The whimsical promotion dewailly stop because college generically open amongst a ugly temper. terrific, dry dash
Alexander Franco
Alexander Franco - Måned siden
1:45 is kid is chill as hell
TableTopHobbies. Terrain Technician
As a former sea rescue crew member, i absolutely hate it when people fake injuries for the attention on social media. Some of these injuries were serious yes but when people fake it 😡 not on because you taking the attention of the lifeguards away from the water.
Shlich horse lover 100
Shlich horse lover 100 - Måned siden
Is this all in one day 🧐🧐
Yee Yee Ass Haircut
Yee Yee Ass Haircut - Måned siden
How are you guys still in quarantine
Rachel Simpson
Rachel Simpson - Måned siden
Nap don't think so
Rachel Simpson
Rachel Simpson - Måned siden
湊崎ミナ - Måned siden
the kid was so chill LMAO
Admin Isic
Admin Isic - Måned siden
Kris Bustamante
Kris Bustamante - Måned siden
Say mermaid five times, repost this, then touch water
-*- Penquin UwU-*-
-*- Penquin UwU-*- - Måned siden
I love how the child smiles while saying worst birthday ever
Lamis Ouenassa Berhail
Lamis Ouenassa Berhail - Måned siden
I felt so bad for that brazilian dancer he seems like a very nice person 😢
Liam Guy
Liam Guy - Måned siden
That dad of the boogey board kid deserves an award. Proper beast
Charles Dongon
Charles Dongon - Måned siden
Let's request for this show to be on Netflix. To request a TV show or movie, go to https://help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest
amber sedgwick
amber sedgwick - Måned siden
Love this channel ❤️ I'm addicted lol
Runé Eloff
Runé Eloff - Måned siden
I know how it feels I broke my back when I was 8 but I can still walk.
KiraWasNotHere - Måned siden
My dude in the beginning kinda looked like the kid from home alone sometimes 😶😶😶
summer cannon
summer cannon - Måned siden
3 min in and I’m tearing up
Sarah Horter
Sarah Horter - Måned siden
If anyone gets a bad injury, God will always be with them. - _ -
vlakeks - Måned siden
fuck newer surfing only on bondy beach
niko sosa
niko sosa - Måned siden
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Alicia Martinez
Alicia Martinez - Måned siden
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sxdchild - Måned siden
on my 11th birthday I got paralyzed for life from the waist down that was a good day so im happy hes fine and doesn't have to deal with what I have to
Khadiijah m
Khadiijah m - Måned siden
How are you doing?
Michael Stark
Michael Stark - Måned siden
The abandoned difference commonly park because adult laterally attend outside a rapid correspondent. needy, robust nest
Family Of 5
Family Of 5 - Måned siden
Some of the videos are from 2009/2010 but posted on 2020
Ryans Beats
Ryans Beats - Måned siden
Dude why isn't there a freaking firedepartment at bondi Mate
niko sosa
niko sosa - Måned siden
“Did you get a birthday present ?”
Kid: ”yes, spinal surgery.”
Robot 24
Robot 24 - Måned siden
I love how bystanders automatically just go in and help them.
taespacito - Måned siden
I just found this out during covid now I’m addicted I love this
Polsehorn20 - Måned siden
He moved his toe at 16:35
Cameron Russell
Cameron Russell - Måned siden
Yass mon the scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Rachel Beninato
Rachel Beninato - Måned siden
I feel bad for the first kidbecause it was his birthday and he got her look how bad he got hurt
Moomin games
Moomin games - Måned siden
I used to watch this show then stopped but now I’ve started watching it, god I’m addicted AGAIN😂😂🥲
durable charls
durable charls - 16 dager siden
I just started re-watching this show a week ago-
durable charls
durable charls - 16 dager siden
WHITE N0TE - Måned siden
when my siboings say they had the worst birthday ever imma show the video of this kid. he is a warrior
Michelle Andrusyszyn
Michelle Andrusyszyn - Måned siden
so sad
Subhan Ahmad
Subhan Ahmad - Måned siden
The first person just wanted a happy birthday 😭
This Bird Has Flown
This Bird Has Flown - Måned siden
Thank God that girl's okay. Spinals are no fun.
Nik P
Nik P - 2 måneder siden
My brother and I used to watch this show all the time during our summer break back in like 2010-2012 on like Discovery and just remembered it today. Glad y’all are posting clips on here
LINDSAY CLOROX - 2 måneder siden
4:29 OH NO, HE'S HOT
Laura - 2 måneder siden
on 3, 1, 2...
Lighting_ OG
Lighting_ OG - 2 måneder siden
6:30 Scotland forever